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I’ve spent SINCE 2004 being ONE OF MANY targeted persons/mothers in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA…..(At times scary)

Honestly, so many told me to give up….”YOU’LL NEVER WIN.” “NO ONE CARES.”

Don’t tell that to a mother that lost years with her children to a corrupt evil system that GAVIN NEWSOM BROUGHT, EVEN MORE, HORRIFIC EVIL TOO….


And his wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom, something tells me she is not laughing anymore, as she OVERLOOKED, her psycho husband having sex with children underneath, their very own house....

OH BOY! AND THE COVID/FEAR FRAUD….YES! I still see the SHEEP driving in their cars alone…MASKED IN CALIFORNIA..



~ On Thursday afternoon a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found Gavin Newsom guilty of child sex crimes and treason and sentenced him to death.

For nearly six hours, the three officers chosen to hear the case against Newsom listened intently as Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall systematically and meticulously described what he called Newsom’s “Covid Crimes,” a nexus of egregious felonies that began shortly after the disgraced governor received from the NIH/CDC a letter instructing him to lockdown the State of California.

“We need all sympathetic parties onboard with the program immediately. You must take all steps possible to enforce mandatory lockdowns and mask mandates, especially in your most densely populated cities. The people must believe that Covid-19 is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, and they must be convinced to follow our mandates with the belief that they will become gravely ill or die if they refuse. The mechanisms for enforcing this change have been in place for years, and now we act. It’s equally important to inflate the Covid-19 mortality rate, however you see fit, to instill dread and fear among an already frightened public…Your compliance is appreciated, and expected,” part of the letter read.

The letter was dated March 16, 2020, three days before Newsom issued a statewide shelter-in-place order, and was digitally signed by former NIH and CDC honchos Drs. Francis Collins and Robert Redfield, respectively. At the time, the California Dept. of Public Health had attributed 31 deaths to Covid-19.

After showing the authenticated letter to the panel, Rear Adm. Crandall introduced a witness for the prosecution, Dr. Grady Armando, a former E.R. doctor at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, who appeared on ZOOM to discuss the causes of death for 5 patients who died on 17 March.

“It was a rough night for us working trauma. Three young men were brought to us with multiple gunshot wounds. In layman’s terms, they were in bad shape, and I knew right out saving them would be an uphill battle. We did our best, but all three expired,” Dr. Armando said.

Rear Adm. Crandall showed the panel copies of the death certificates. The primary cause of death on each was given as Covid-19.

“These are your signatures, Dr. Armando, on the certificates, attesting to the fact that Covid-19 killed these men—and each took between two and five gunshot wounds?”

“It is my signature. It’s the responsibility of the doctor who last treated a patient to sign a death certificate within 15 hours, listing the date, time, and cause of death,” Dr. Armando said.

“Looking at these, comparing the times of death against the time you signed them—it seems like you signed them within minutes,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

“I did,” Dr. Armando said.

“Forgive my naivety here, but perhaps you can explain something. So, you took in 3 gunshot victims, were desperately fighting to save their lives, they died, and you had an opportunity to list their causes of death as Covid-19 before you had a chance, it seems, to even wash your hands of their blood,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

Dr. Armando fell silent a moment, then said, “We were instructed to put Covid-19 on death certificates.”

“Instructed by whom?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

“California Dept. of Health and hospital administration,” Dr. Armando said.

“Was there any evidence the gunshot victims had Covid-19? A PCR test, for example,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

“Not really,” Dr. Armando replied.

“Explain not really, please, if you would,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

“We were instructed to list Covid-19 as a primary cause of death if a patient presented symptoms of respiratory distress—coughing, sneezing, gasping for air, shortness of breath,” Dr. Armando said.

“Is it not likely, Dr. Armando, that a person with a gunshot would be coughing—coughing up blood, or gasping for air?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

“That would be probable,” Dr. Armando replied.

“Let’s get to the meat of the matter: You declared patients dead of Covid-19 knowing it was not the actual cause of death,” Rear Adm. Crandall queried.

“I regret what I’ve done. I knew it was unethical and illegal. We were told to treat all such cases as presumptive positive, and told it was pointless to test for Covid-19 posthumously,” Dr. Armando said.

“And this was widespread, based on your conversation with your colleagues at the time,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

“It was endemic,” Dr. Armando said.

“This commission appreciates your candor. You’re excused, for now,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

The doctor’s testimony stirred Newsom to life. He arose from the chair in which he had been sitting and began chastising the commission for accepting testimony from a witness who had not once named him a party to the alleged crimes.

“This is absurd,” Newsom blurted. “Even if true, which it isn’t, what does it have to do with me? I’ve never heard any of these lies before today. Every action I took was to save the lives of people in my state and help protect a nation from a virulent disease. Dr. Armando is clearly delusional.”

The next witness, however, refuted Newsom’s claims of ignorance. Muntu Davis, MD, MPH, chief health officer for Los Angeles County, said under direct examination that Gavin Newsom had in March 2020 compelled him under threat of “ruining his career” to artificially exaggerate Covid-19 fatalities. He testified under oath that Newsom wanted “between 1,200-2,000 new cases and between 100-150 Covid fatalities per day,” enough to “monumentally strike enough fear in the public” so that every citizen of Los Angeles County would be clamoring to get vaccinated. Furthermore, Dr. Davis said Newsom had set quotas for each county in the state, a metric whereby health officials would face debasement and termination unless they “signed onto the program” and manufactured Covid-19 cases and fatalities.

“And you went along with this?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked him.

“We all did. It was our job, right or wrong. The entire health industry, across the state and the nation, went along with it and are still doing it today. Get people to wear masks, get them to take untested and unproven vaccines that might sicken or kill them, and get them dependent on government support. That has always been the agenda,” Dr. Munto said.

As Rear Adm. Crandall was about to introduce his next witness, Tam Ma, Deputy Legislative Secretary at Office of Governor Gavin Newsom, the 3-officer panel said it had heard sufficient evidence to declare a verdict of guilty.

It found Gavin Newsom guilty of treason and child sex crimes and recommended that he be executed for his transgressions.

“You can’t fucking do this to me,” Newsom screamed.

“You did this to yourself,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

Rear Adm. Crandall set a date of execution for January 24. ~ Michael Baxter




  1. Tiffany says:

    When do you think we will learn of his “death”?

    • Tracy Zona says:


      • Tiffany says:

        I’m prayerful.

        Also, when I heard of Betty’s death, I knew something was up.

        I held off researching her as I jumped from rabbit hole to another.

        I then searched: Betty White, satanist witch evil

        And your blog popped up. Lol

        I scanned the Walsh story. I suspected him in late 2020, but put him on hold also due to other urgent rabbit hole info.

        Dear God soooooooo much in these holes. The dark evil is just so grand.

        I was young when Adam Walsh story broke. It forever traumatized me. Whenever I see any kid baseball pic like Adams, I immediately think of him. Never left me nearly 40 years later.

        Did you see the movie documentary called PURGATORY where 3 young men were killed?

        I find myself going back to the tv shows or movies from the 70s & 80s to see what they told us then what’s happening now.

        Satan has been quite the “entertainer”.

        What’s sad is all that I lived through the 70s/80s were all lies and unnecessary pain.

        Vengeance is mine say it the Lord.

        They’ll ALL pay. Be it on earth or in the afterlife.

        We were led to believe that this is life. Just deal with it. All those souls that died in Africa and all the unnecessary genocides from every country- all for satan and greed.

        People are still asleep.

        So many souls still asleep.

        Thank you for your posts.


        • Tracy Zona says:

          Tiffany…THANK YOU! Your right soooo many are asleep. And not only are they asleep but they can be nasty trolls as well. I had a girlfriend, who is more asleep than most, clot shots, boosters, admits to doing no research, call me yesterday and say she read my blog. And unless I take down my research on Betty White she doesn’t want to be friends with me. TRYING TO CENSOR TRUTH!!! Guess what, I do not need a friend that believes they have authority over me and what I write. If one can’t HANDLE THE TRUTH, which it is, DON’T COME TO MY BLOG AND READ IT. No friend….I learned, sadly. Many do not want to wake up because then they have to look at them self in the mirror. Millions of children go missing every year to be raped, murdered, organ harvested, experimented on, and I have zero patience for someone concerned about Betty White, (shallow), and trying to tell me what I can and can’t write. On my OWN blog. Glad your awake and here. Eventually even those asleep will have to deal with the TRUTH!

          • Tiffany says:

            I wonder if the Jab makes them not open their eyes or they just don’t want to believe.

            I think the intuitive/empaths/ADHD/sensory processing folks are more aware of things.

            MSM & movies have successfully brainwashed everyone.

            Oh- and the music these last 20+ years. Forget about it.

            Satan full force of hypnotizing the youth.

            You’ll be my only source I’ll read. I need to keep my sanity extra low.

            The Rabbit Hole was dark & evil.

            I’ survived.

            I got all the fill now.

            Lord have Mercy on us all.

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Tiffany…I have had many friends tell me that they have had relatives and friends change after the clot shot. IT IS DARK AND EVIL and I am happy you survived.

      • Kathy says:

        I have just been introduced to your site, I too want the truth. May I ask where you obtained this Gitmo info? Also, the raping under the house info. I am trying to compile truth articles as I pray for a loved one’s eyes to be opened, and I know they will need more than one source. Gif Bless You

      • ShanO says:


  2. Deb says:

    California and We The People couldn’t be more happy at this news. What kind of woman, mother, wife, would live with a pedo raping young girls’ under her or her children’s feet?!! She’s just as guilty.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      JUST AS GUILTY! EQUALLY, IF NOT MORE…I once lived all around women in Laguna Beach like her. She could have saved those children in her basemen But she didn’t.

  3. Judith White says:

    Two nursing home killers down and more to go. I can’t wait until my own governor gets her turn…Gretchen ‘nitwit’ Whitmer!

  4. Ms B says:

    January 24 is too far, this type of people not supposed to live,they have messed up people’s lives and livelihoods. They have even messed up careers ,we don’t trust doctors anymore, we are even scares to go to the hospital for treatment.Shame on all the people that participated on this agenda.
    Thanks God for the military, you are all doing a good job.

  5. Kathie MC says:

    Thank God may this vile scumbag die a slow and painful death as a memory of all the pain he caused others.
    I dont think his wife is any Saint either, do you think she’ll escape punishment for aiding and abetting, also trying to bribe Rose McGowan anx other bad acts?

  6. Lois says:

    Thank you so much Tracy for all you do. I just recently found you and boy oh boy, I thought I was awake before, but I have learned so much through your website and I’m very grateful. I am also one of those who likes to do a little digging.

    I tried looking up Dr. Grady Armando and could not really find anything. Then I looked up Muntu Davis and found this:

    Then I figured I would look up LA county public health director and found this lady, Dr. Barbara Ferrer. According to this article she isn’t a doctor at all but she is a “social justice warrior”. I guess that’s important beings wasn’t Obama a social justice warrior?

    Then I said to myself who would hire such a person with no significant medical background (at least I don’t think community organizer has anything to do with medicine) as a health director. Then I find this article:

    This article lead me to Mark Ridley-Thomas who was on the board to hire said Ferrer. Through this research I find Mr. Ridley-Thomas could be in big trouble:

    The things you can find when you do a little digging.

  7. Stan says:

    News in NY is that all charges are dropped against A. Cuomo. That certainly makes sense if he has been executed. I would love confirmation of his absence.

  8. Sherrie rogge says:

    Glad that you are seeing justice😊🔥💥♥️🙏

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