Gavin Newsom’s EVIL AND UGLY, IN PRISON! Horrifying Pedophilia Details….

December 30, 2021
December 31, 2021
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Gavin Newsom’s EVIL AND UGLY, IN PRISON! Horrifying Pedophilia Details….

Gavin Newsom’s UGLY is getting worse in prison.

We now have some solid details to the horror “THE DEVIL’S GOVERNOR” has committed….


Gavin Newsom is going down with the same entitled, arrogant, EVIL, demeanor as DICK CHENEY! Imagine that!!

Not a smidget of remorse, JUST FILLED WITH THE DEVIL…..

~ After another delay, Gavin Newsom’s tribunal began on Tuesday morning.

Gavin Newsom wasn’t flashing his ubiquitous pearly smile when he set foot in Guantanamo Bay’s south courtroom and found himself the subject of derisive stares from both Rear Adm. Crandall and the 3-officer panel tasked with weighing the military’s case against him. The man known for spending three hours in makeup and wardrobe prior to public appearances arrived in court wearing a white detainee jumpsuit instead of his preferred button-up shirt, blazer, slacks, and Cole Haan shoes. Unkempt and unshaven, Newsom told the commission he had not hired a defense attorney because to do so would “validate an illegal military justice system.”

“I am here against my will unlawfully and illegally, kidnapped from my home, separated from my beloved wife and children, based on nothing but spurious allegations and baseless evidence. I know this bias court, and I’m loathed to give it that credit, has already found me guilty. Nothing I say will make a difference. So, I choose to invoke my 5th Amendment right to remain silent,” Newsom said.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Mr. Newsom,” Rear Adm. Crandall quipped, and at once played for the tribunal an intentionally blurred clip of Newsom raping a young girl in the underground dungeon of what was his Fair Oakes, California, mansion. Although the female was deliberately obscured, Newsom was clearly visible, his mouth agape as he, bug-eyed and crazy, molested the clearly underage girl.

“Regardless of what he says or doesn’t say now, during an initial deposition he admitted he was high on Adrenochrome, and encouraged others to take it, when this video was made. The child in this video, who was 13 when it was made, is still a minor, and so we are not disclosing her identity. But this is only one example, and we’ve seized a dozen such videos, that show Newsom engaged in sex with underage females,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

Newsome betrayed his vow of silence, claiming the girl had told him she was 18 and that the sex was consensual.

In response, Rear Adm. Crandall showed the panel sworn written testimony in which the girl described how Newsom, while holding diplomatic parties at his residence, tried to discretely grope and fondle the daughters of his political friends.

“I’d accompanied my parents to a few of his functions saw him brushing up against other girls, sliding his hand over their buttocks, playing with their hair, holding their hips, kissing their shoulders. When I told my father that he was creepy, he said ‘Oh, that’s just how Gavin is—friendly.’ And when I said I didn’t want to attend any more of his parties, I was told that he—Gavin Newsom—would be very disappointed if I was absent. It was the third visit that it happened, and I can’t remember everything, because I don’t want to. I assume he somehow drugged me, took me to that room of his and raped me. My parents seemed so in love with him I didn’t say anything, but I ran away from home. I know that others, like me, were used as party favors,” part of her statement read.

It’s eerie that Gavin Newsom and Hunter Biden seemed to draw criminal inspiration from the same playbook.

Over the next four hours, the panel heard six other young women—some appearing on ZOOM—give testimony supporting the assertion that Gavin Newsom abused his political authority to coerce constituents into prostituting their children or outright ignoring his advances towards them. One girl, identified only as Lauren, who was 16 when she met Newsom, said under oath that the depraved governor began preying on children almost immediately after he’d been elected to office. On January 12, 2019, she met Newsom while flying from California to D.C. aboard a chartered flight filled with political donors—and in some cases, their children—who had helped fund Newsom’s gubernatorial campaign.

“Yeah, I met that bastard,” she said on a ZOOM call. “My parents were in Washington and I was going there to meet them, and they got me on his plane. He sat next to me and kept telling me how pretty I was. He said he wished his daughter was as hot as me. What kind of fucked up person says that? He asked me if I was a virgin and suggested we spend time together. I told him to fuck off and get the hell away from me, and he said that he’d ruin my parents if I told anyone we’d spoken. But I told anyone who’d listen, which was no one. Went to the media, but they ignored me. I hope he rots in hell,” Lauren finished.

Of all the young women who testified, Lauren alone escaped Newsom’s clutches. The others had in some fashion been molested or raped.

After their testimony concluded, Rear Adm. Crandall put the tribunal in recess until Thursday morning, saying he would then focus on evidence detailing Newsom’s Covid crimes. ~ Michael Baxter

Yes…that is THE CULT…Sacrificing your own children for abuse, and rape.


And Gavin Newsom took full advantage of his position as the appointed “DEVIL’S GOVERNOR.”

Anyday……NOW….I had hoped before Christmas…..



  1. Shoshone H says:

    Hallelujah and a huge THANK YOU to ALL the victims that put themselves out there to expose the truth.. Very brave… just by seeing him in the media, I would expect arrogance and defiance from him. The result of big egos.

  2. Karen says:

    Christmas is January 6 according to the Julian calendar!
    Don’t give up too soon!

  3. Leo says:

    Can u tell the difference between the real gruesome and current one?

  4. Deb says:

    Stand him up in a firing squad with 5 AK-47’s All going off at once. Pray for All the victims. It’s said Pelosi died 12/30/2021! I hope it’s true. What evil.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Yes…I read that too about Pelosi. Although she was arrested some time ago. As for Gavin Newsom he deserves what he is going to get. PRAY FOR THE VICTIMS…their lives forever changed!

  5. Kristin says:

    I’ve been researching and awake since 2006 and hoping and praying for disclosure and justice for these evil, satanic, sick ITZ. I’m just so tired of seeing many different people out there saying something will happen on a certain date as the date passes and nothing happens. Telling other truth seekers that certain events and things have happened without any evidence or any way to verify their “inside information”. How do we know what is really going on behind the scenes if it’s not brought out in the open and shown to the people? Evil hides in the dark with their secrets and dirty deeds. They don’t want anything out in the open…they don’t want us awake and aware of them and what they have done to us. Humanity needs public disclosure, truth and evidence out there for the entire world to see!
    If the military is “in control”, why would they promote and require people around the world to get a vaccination that we’ve heard is deadly and killing people? Wouldn’t they have already taken down the mainstream media and be broadcasting truth? Why hasn’t the election fraud been exposed and righted? There are so many things that don’t make sense to me. I’m at the point where I will believe it when I see it!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I understand….it is frustrating….but this is war. I see acts happening everyday that confirm it for me. It takes a tremendous amount of faith and discernment. It is moving faster, hopefully we will be at public disclosure soon.

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