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~ The latest music video by Travis Scott had me spit out my drink. It is a malevolent sensory barrage of Illuminati, MK Ultra, Apocalyptic and Satanic symbolism. Nothing is out of bounds, not even a video that is practically a replication of the monarch mind control process. Let me make it clearer: he may as well say point-blank that he’s a satanist, he sides with the antichrist, and is very much a part of Hollywood’s elite agenda. His song “The Butterfly Effect” is said to be about the concept of the “butterfly effect” i.e. a small action in one place can have a massive effect somewhere else. It stems originally from chaos theory, which posits that we just can’t predict either all the causes, or all the effects, of any event—so, the theory goes, a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico eventually causes a hurricane in China. Or to put it more scientifically, small changes in initial conditions lead to big changes in results.

Popular opinion is that his song is about his sudden rise to fame, and some people are even trying to make it about his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. However a closer look at the video shows that it is just some MK Ultra monarch mind control shit. I mean how did you miss that?

Travis Scott—sometimes spelled Travi$ Scott—was born Jacques Webster outside of Houston in 1992. He’s considered a rapper, but doesn’t describe himself that way—if you ask him, he’s a singer and producer. We just think he’s a Satanist. He appeared on the hip-hop scene in 2012, out of apparently nowhere (yeah go figure, nobody appears out of nowhere and just happens to be an illuminati satanist lover in his videos), and started producing songs for big names such as Drake, Rihanna, T.I., and Kanye West. But although he was the lead vocalist on several songs, he hadn’t made much of an impact in the world of hip-hop.

But after a few years of this low-level notoriety, Scott’s popularity suddenly exploded in one single day. He’d released two albums by that point, which got a lot of hype but failed to impress. Then on May 22, 2017, both of his previous albums were certified platinum—even though the first one was released in 2015, almost 2 years earlier, and the second less than a year after that. They were already old news, and fans were waiting for him to announce the release date of his new album.

Since then, one of the songs from those early albums has gone triple platinum, one of them has gone double platinum, and one was certified platinum. Strangely, the double platinum was also certified on May 22, 2017, meaning that Scott received three platinum certifications on the same day—from albums and singles.

That happened even though these albums are universally acknowledged to be both disappointing and derivative, leaving many hip-hop lovers wondering how in the world this particular artist managed to go platinum even once, much less three times.

The Butterfly Effect video offers significant clues to how this could have happened. The video is a symbolic affirmation by Travis Scott that he sides with Satan. It is MK ULTRA programming and Satanism, working hand in hand in broad daylight

Butterflies are used as symbolism for Monarch Mind Control. Also flashbacks occur from heavy usage of LSD. For those who don’t know, here’s a thorough primer on MK ULTRA mind control, but in a nutshell, the CIA made extensive use of LSD, torture, and sleep deprivation in their MK ULTRA projects in the 50s-70s.

All them drugs, satanism, monarch butterflies, sure is tiring for an illuminati pawn

The video shows Travis Scott starting off barely conscious – a subtle allusion to sleep deprivation that is part of the MK ULTRA process – living in the fast lane, with bling galore… all the perks of siding with Satan in the grand plan to purge the mass of undesirables. You just have to obey your Satanic masters, that’s all. I mean look at how many celebrities we have openly saying they sold their soul to Satan.

Exhaustion, sleep deprivation – all part of the monarch mind control process… he’s passed out
We then have a quick but awkward close up of his chain. It’s almost stuck in artificially, with a cut to it and then away, clearly telling viewers, “Hey, look at this chain!” It looks like a Cactus Jack chain, however the links of the chain resemble the ram’s head ubiquitously used in Satanism. The medallion, also, appears at first glance to be a cross, but a closer look will show that it is not. He appears to be a Satanist, not unlike his fellow celebrities, including his mentors Kanye and Rihanna.

For much of the video, the chain occupies the center or near-center space on the screen. It is a self-aware symbol of Satan, and the way everything in the video revolves around it makes clear that both singer and song revolve around Satan. In fact, it could be said to be a symbol of his bondage, of chains more powerful than iron now enslaving him to Satan.

This is the sigil of Baphomet, used by the Church of Satan
The changes in the colors are a clear representation of an LSD trip. LSD was used by the CIA in the 50s and 60s, well before it had any street cred, to influence, break down, and reprogram subjects’ minds in the MK ULTRA project. LSD creates the dissociative effects that the MK ULTRA program has always relied on—those under its influence don’t know what’s real and what’s not, and must rely on a guide or “handler” to tell them what to do.

LSD use reduces a person to slavery, which is the whole purpose of the MK ULTRA program.

Altered colors and reality are experiences typically reported by users of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD
We’ve been conditioned to think that these colors and this visual distortion is just creative license, interpretation, or artistry. This is dangerous thinking! Reality is what it is—so anyone who wants us to get used to not trusting our own eyes or our other senses, who wants to tell us that some other drug-addled perception of reality is also okay, has a hidden agenda. That’s not artistry—real art helps us see reality more clearly. The kind of distortion in this video, masquerading as art, is trying to get us used to letting someone else tell us what reality is.

If we need someone to tell us what’s real, then we’ve already lost the battle for our freedom, and maybe even for our souls.

The video then almost shows the entire process of torture that MK ULTRA recipients go through, including a torture method known as head dunking. This is water torture, but it’s not to get information from someone. It’s dunking people’s heads in tanks of water, so that they are completely deprived of sensory stimulation, and oxygen (did I forget to mention that?), so that they are desperate for air, and survival instincts kick in. This is also an important part of the MK ULTRA process, as it allows their handler to then command their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The torture, sensory overload (also induced via deprivation), and control by the handler is what these celebrities have to go through. Selling your soul doesn’t come cheap (never mind most artists don’t even get a shot at it).

This is made even more clear by Travis Scott’s demeanor through the whole video—and, indeed, in every photograph and video clip available of him. He doesn’t look sharp, aware, awake, excited, or in control. He looks exhausted, stoned, confused, and well…stupid. His eyes are half closed, his mouth hanging half open. Sure, he’s got the golden calf—er, car—the (literal) sex slaves, and the shiny silver chains around his neck.

Satan always comes through with money and fame. But it’s clear just by watching him in almost any situation that Travis Scott is not the entity in control of Travis Scott’s life. He is drugged, controlled, and enslaved by Satan, working through the still-existing MK ULTRA program—and working successfully, since MK ULTRA techniques are powerful and thorough.

He appears to be shifting between flashbacks, and the present. The present being all the bling he’s got, and the flashbacks are MK ULTRA.

There is ample butterfly symbolism. Normal people think it’s part of the song being about the butterfly effect, but these are symbolic of monarch mind control. The butterfly you see is the monarch butterfly. In the opening seconds of the video, it’s dark, and the glowing butterfly attacks Travis. We then see him lolling half-awake out the window of the golden car, completely under the butterfly’s spell.

This indicates that he has been taken in by MK ULTRA and it is putting him through the program. If we had any doubt about that, he then tries to cover himself with his open shirt and turns his body away—a clear indication that he has been sexually abused and possibly enslaved, a common technique used by MK ULTRA for breaking people down.

More butterflies appear when the woman in the video is biting the apple, which is a clear allusion to the forbidden fruit in the Genesis story. In the story, and in the video, the woman chooses the fruit even though it will cause her harm, but here we see the blue butterfly on the forbidden fruit. The fruit is simply the bait to get access to the woman to capture her for enslavement. The real power is the butterfly, which, as soon as she takes the bait, takes over, possessing her inside and out. Butterflies fly in and out of the women’s mouths, indicating complete control over every aspect of their bodies, minds, and actions.

The forbidden fruit with a blue monarch butterfly
Later in the video, what appears to be a home movie clip shows the date as January 1, 1990, and the time as 12:23 p.m. In the Chinese zodiac, this date falls within the year of the Horse, which itself is trapped between the year of the Snake and the year of the Goat—both of them symbols of Satan. By claiming a date within this year, Scott may be claiming that Satan goes behind and before him, and that Satan stands between him and everyone else. And he might be right about that—how else can the success of this absurd song be explained?

The video also offers notable tributes to Baphomet. For those who don’t know, Baphomet is an ancient figure usually rendered as a goat-man surrounded by Satanic symbols. You know that pentagram with the ram head you see everywhere (including the cactus jack chain)? Well that’s the sigil of Baphomet used by the Church of Satan. Baphomet has taken many forms over history, but in this well-known incarnation, Baphomet suggests roots as both Osiris, the Egyptian goat-headed god of the dead, and Pan, the Greek goat-headed god of self-indulgence and debauchery (both of those are functions of the entity we know as Satan). Baphomet sits with one arm raised, signifying the separation of all things, and one arm lowered, signifying the joining together of all things.

There are multiple suggestions of Baphomet in the video for “The Butterfly Effect,” usually through symbols and physical poses. In the first suggestion of Baphomet, Travis Scott stands in front of his golden car, recently inducted into MK ULTRA, and as he begins to sing, one arm goes up, bent at the elbow, and one stays down, straightened. He changes quickly, bringing the lower arm up again, but not before the pose has been hinted at.

A little bit later, Travis Scott is on the stairs (a pyramid shape) in the water, and the lady, who looks more like a sex doll than a person, is lying on the stairs in a classic Baphomet pose. It’s worth noting that throughout the video, you see the ladies crawling or lying on their backs, indicating that they are in the MK ULTRA program as sex kittens and/or Illuminati puppets. Throughout the video, Travis and the ladies continue to strike the Baphomet poses in clear worship of the goat-headed demon.

Sometimes this is followed up with the one-eye symbol, the all-seeing eye representing the Illuminati, or the Dajjal (i.e. the Antichrist in Islam). Dajjal is one-eyed, and it’s clear these satanists have a thing for the antichrist. it could also represent Satan. There’s no getting away from these powers, and if you give yourself to them, like Travis Scott has done, you won’t be getting yourself back. You belong to them now.

The lightning strike happens right at his chest, coursing through his Satanic chain. Lightning is also a symbol for Satanism, and this just further proves that Travis Scott is a Satanist, and a pawn of the elite. It takes over his body, shocks and almost kills him, and then the butterflies are inside him too. They have him. I hope he enjoys his wealth and success while he can.

…“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”…(Luke 10:18-19)

In conclusion, the video ends exactly the way it started. The only difference being that the process is now complete, and Travis Scott gets his rewards. Not only is the process of undergoing it sinister, the butterfly effect of the symbolism, and the music industry, is just as sinister. Artists that make it are ultimately pawns to the elite. In so doing, not only do their videos further the cause, it makes elite stronger.



~ Possessed’ Travis Scott Performed Mass Satanic Ritual, Human Sacrifice at Concert?

A bizarre conspiracy theory claiming that Rapper Travis Scott’s concert, which led to the death of eight people, was a mass satanic ritual has gone viral on social media. Following the deaths both Scott and Drake have been sued for having “incited mayhem” during concert held in Texas.

Eight people were confirmed dead, and hundreds were injured following a huge crowd surge on the opening night of Scott’s concert at Astroworld Festival in Houston.

Though the cause behind the fatal accident at the concert is still not clear, a new conspiracy theory has emerged on social media suggesting that it was mass satanic ritual.

There were many social media users who were seen discussing the same. “Something made me think the concert theme for Travis Scott feels eerily like a ritual setup and those people were his sacrifice dude has bad vibes,” tweeted a user.

“I heard about the music frequencies and the graphene oxide in the jab. Do you think what happened at Travis Scott’s concert was a Satanic ritual? Seem like it could be.

It was creepy how he was singing and staring in the same direction as someone going into cardiac arrest,” read another tweet.

“People are asking why Travis Scott continued the concert despite seeing audience members in clear distress. The imagery is very disturbing. Reminiscent of a satanic ritual. Could this possibly be a modern day human sacrifice or are people out of line for suggesting?” wrote another.

The lawsuit has been filed by Kristian Paredes, who was one of the attendees at the concert, against rappers Scott and Drake, Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation of account of negligence.

The 23-year-old Austin residence is claiming over a million dollars after claiming that the rappers incited the crowd leading to the death of eight and severely injuring him and several others.

The Daily Mail reported that the complaint states that special guest Drake ‘came on stage alongside Travis Scott and helped incite the crowd.’ Paredes also claimed in the complaint that Drake continued to perform alongside Scott, even ‘as the crowd became out of control’ and ‘while the crowd mayhem continued.’ The complainant also claimed that some of his injuries, sustained during the mayhem, are permanent.

Detailing the events that unfolded at the concert, the complainant said that he was at the front of the general admission section when he felt an ‘immediate push’. The crowd became chaotic and a stampede began leaving eight dead and dozens including Kristian Paredes severely injured,’ the filing states.

‘Many begged security guards hired by Live Nation Entertainment for help, but were ignored,’ it says according to the outlet. ~





You may enjoy this video…..THIS IS A SPIRITUAL WAR…WE CAN NOT GET TIRED!


  1. Kingdom Warrior says:

    Information overload here!!!!! Man such deep dark stuff… these are bad bad spirits… all these people just getting taken over…blind and thoughtless. satan is so promoted and the little people are so uninformed and satan dishes it all out to them every single day with so much disinformation and people are CRIPPLED by this… everybody wants to say they their own boss and think with their own mind but dang! ..covid really brought out the weak and the sheep, like if the jab dont kill you, well, we will offer you these hideous concerts people call talent and we will simply turn the devilz frequencies on at an ear splitting literal mind numbing decibel, and have you trampled!!!! ……And finding your blog and so few like it, you would think people would notice that the truth defends itself and it’s what we ARE NOT hearing in all this spiritual chaos that tells us what it really happening!! God ALWAYS USES THE LITTLE PEOPLE… the ones society gave up on, turned their back on, said they’d never get it anywhere… it’s US… we have a story to tell… it may be ugly but it becomes beautiful!!!…and it’s here to set other people free!!… dang God only EVER needed ONE PERSON… Pfft, Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Daniel…Samuels in there somewhere..!!.. satan been trynuh shut me up for years and the blood covers me so he’s blind as a dam bat outta hell🤷‍♀️…. I stomp his neck daily, and you do, and Michael does, and Trump does and thats a whole lotta people then those dudes had back in the Bible times!! And the Bible SAYS, “where two or more are gathered in my name agreeing on anything, it is done.” THAT IS HOW I KNOW YOU’RE REAL… cuz their aint many of us!!! I told my clients a year ago (speaking prophetically and half of them prolly thought I was crazy but I dont care because it’s been proven) to watch for a HUGE rise in Witchcraft… and satanism… and to this day they send me anything that they find that lookz “off”… bringing me around to say my phone lit up like Christmas this weekend… over lil skanky satan scott… AND satan always tipz his hand in the game… dum dum dummy….like every single time..cuz the last thing he wants is a buncha Believers coming against him or his wicked agenda for America….satan lost his authority, not his power…but aint nobody gotta be led around by the nose by him… travis made his…and paid the ulitmate price… thanks for all your great work Tracy….

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Kingdom warrior….YOU ARE SO REAL. And I love you so much. I was blown away when I began researching THAT CONCERT, as to what I found. “Information Overload” is SPOT ON. You are so correct as to the RISE in witchcraft and satanism. From July until early October, I was dealing with demons head on. I have not shared this on my blog….it hurts my heart….but during those months…I LOST MY BEST FRIEND TO DEMONS. She changed literally overnight into someone that appeared possessed. I KNEW DEMONS TOOK HER FROM ME AND SHE WAS A DANGER TO ME. In all my life I have never seen anything like what I have witnessed with my friend. SHE WAS GOTTEN TO. I do not have an answer how to bring her back. Her body is here but my friend is gone. THE DEMONS, WITCHCRAFT, AND SATANISM is at a ramped up level…..LIKE NO OTHER. But that tells me……WE ARE WINNING! GOD, LOVE, PEACE, KINDNESS, CARE, and COMPASSION will be left when all this EVIL ENERGY IS GONE. I feel that you…..would understand the loss of my friend due to this evil energy. THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE. I AM SO GRATEFUL. LOVE YOU! MY REAL, TRUE, KINGDOM WARRIOR.

  2. Joseph in Alaska says:

    I believe you were right about Trump, I just do not trust Anyone, too much Evil running around! You were right and I was Wrong!
    You are an Amazing and incredibly strong woman Tracy and I pray to Father to Warm your heart and Heal your Soul!💗🌺💜
    It’s going to be over with soon, it will be Biblical!
    Great work as Always!

  3. Laur says:

    It is amazing how people are blind.
    You have a giant skull to walk into the mouth – speaks to me of cannibalism and death. Then you tell them it is Satanic and people yell nooooooooo.

    I told ladies at work that I thought Halloween was satanic and they looked at each other with a smirk. One replied that it is a holiday for kids to have fun.
    I said to her, if it is fun then why is it decorated with vampires that kill and suck blood, Frankenstein which is dead body parts stitched together, mummies which are dead that walk around, ghosts which are from dead people, and witches with witchcraft? Again… the smirk. Whatever.

  4. Laur says:

    Read the quote from Lady Gaga…

    It seems like some artists may not even know that they sold their soul. If you don’t know who a stranger is and you say of course I want to succeed in the music industry when they ask… SOLD soul right then and there. That seems sneaky to me.
    How many times have I stated something I want? It doesn’t mean that I would sell my soul for it. What am I missing then? Entertainment industry? I am sure the devil does deals with people outside that genre.
    Maybe it has to do with the person’s desperation.. amount of desire… lack of morality… lack of care of humanity?

  5. Laur says:

    Tracy, have you read this article? I don’t know if the “backlash” comments are real or not.
    I used to like this actor a long time ago, before I found out what they do in their leisure time.

  6. K Bro says:

    I heard that this was all to “celebrate” Kris Jenners 66th birthday.
    He wanted a sacrifice for her birthday, and he decided it would be the fools who went to his “concert”.
    This was a satanic event, not a “concert”.
    He killed as sacrifices to Kris Jenner.
    Remember, Kylie Jenners kid is his kid, he’s the “spawn” she used.

  7. Pork Wontons says:

    The only way this can be considered “entertainment” is if you are a hard-core Satanist. I find it repelling and deeply disturbing.

  8. renee says:

    I dont get flu waxx bc i go into CA. I was active duty every time yearly for 11 yrs. Since getting out I have had no NO flu, No waxx and have never gone into CA. Note: my heart has been ckd several ways and I have a very healthy heart.Just say NO to the C WAXX. and for me no any kind of waxx

  9. Marilyn McDonald says:

    This saddens me to the core that there are people that see nothing wrong with this kind of behavior..😥 And if the white hats are in charge why are things like this still happening? If the sheep haven’t woke up by now,will they ever?? I’m trying so hard to keep hope alive,but sometimes it feels like evil is winning..
    God bless you Tracy for bringing us the truth..I know you risk life and limb doing this..May God continue to keep your beautiful soul safe..🙏❤🙏

  10. shayne says:

    I saw what was going on, some of the photos and videos. I felt sick and it sad no one wants to believe and says I’m being crazy and delusional but what’s crazy is the people bringing their young children to this show just because it says all ages, doesn’t mean you should bring your children to it. The even weird part is this crowd crush thing – I do believe it was the cause I do believe they were stuck in demonic energy. its so DAMN OBVIOUS HE WAS DOING THE DEVILS WORK and it’s not the first time.

    I wasn’t so sure about Drake – He used to be such a great person, I met him before he got big in music and was on Degrassi. His music hasn’t been the same sense. I do believe Kanye is under the influence of MK ULTRA or that he didn’t choose to sacrifice and it made him snap. there’s so much, TOO MUCH!

    And there’s so many others who realized this was satanic and Demonic. I always feel that way when I see Travis Scott.

  11. Mystical1 says:

    I was living in Houston when this happened. I was driving for Lyft and often have to drive by the stadium. Often the passengers would ask about it, knowing his name and who is is linked too I already knew this was a sacrifice. Very demonic. One passenger I picked up, stated she would see Travis walking in the area I picked her up in, she felt he had no remorse.
    Coming from a Buddhist background I never knew such things truly existed, until I became a target of someone who dabbles in this and has become a multi-millionaire literally overnight. My thing is.. they have children of their own, why would they want to bring harm to others? No amount of money could ever make me even think of crap like this. PS. Tracy have you heard of Daisaku Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai? He too needs to be looked. In with the Club of Rome. Ugh! Being a Medium. I kept hearing I needed to find out where he is. I left the organization after 33. It just started to feel so wrong. Researched a lot and it’s all part of this elite bullshit!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Thank you for being here…and your information. You can’t have remorse without a soul….HE SOLD HIS SOUL. Thankfully no amount of money would interest you….BUT MANY SOLD THEIR SOULS FOR FORTUNE AND FAME. Their children are used as tools…whatever is needed. I will look into your request.. THANK YOU! XOXOXO

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