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September 12, 2021
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~ “Donald Trump on 9/11: ‘You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center’,” Real Clear Politics, 17 February 2018. ~

It is VERY PAINFUL to imagine how 9/11 could have happened……….

But then….it is VERY PAINFUL to imagine CHILDREN being used for rape, murder, snuff films, organ harvesting, compromising politicians and celebrities, their meat sold to McDonalds, and their body remains turned into diamonds. (Yes….THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE)

As is, the TRUTH of 9/11…..


The painting of George Bush, found at Jeffrey Epstein’s, has TOO REALLY ANGER YOU, LIKE IT DOES ME………

~ 9/11 is a classic example of what’s happened on our planet time and time again for over one hundred years. I am referring to ‘false flag‘ events that are created by the same ‘powers that be’ who then in-turn use these events to justify actions that they desire to take. In this case, the invasion of Iraq after 9/11. Some still believe this is a conspiracy theory, but leaked documents, examination from physicists and engineers, whistle-blower testimony from high ranking individuals, the connections, creation, arming and funding of various terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda to and by western governments, and much more make it quite clear for others.

That being said, a massive amount of propaganda was created after this event, and patriotism was used to glorify military heroes. These were soldiers not knowing what they were being sent to do. They themselves believed they were actually protecting their country, when in reality the invasion of Iraq and the entire Middle East over the years had absolutely nothing to do with that.

The global elite have always captured the minds and the hearts of the masses. This is how their actions are able to move forward, under the guise of good will. It’s not just with the “war on terror” but with many other subjects as well.

The important thing to recognize is that like 9/11, Pearl Harbour, Vietnam, the chemical gas attacks in Syria and many more examples all carry with them one common theme, and that’s and the manipulation of human consciousness. Our consciousness is manipulated so much by powerful people, and mainstream media is their main tool. 9/11 was one of the best examples of this, but it also served as a strong catalyst that ‘woke up’ millions of people to facts about our world that were, and still are hard for many to acknowledge.

Are we experiencing the same with the novel coronavirus?

The lack of empathy, morals, benevolence and ethics this small group of global powerful individuals would have to have to pull something like 9/11 off, or to drop an atomic bomb etc is quite telling, and perhaps that’s why it’s so hard to believe. What type of human being would do something like this?

It’s the same thing with elite level pedophilia, in order to engage in sex trafficking, abuse and the murder of innocent children one has to lack empathy, ethics and morals as well. They also have to have been hurt or have suffered some type of extreme physical or mental trauma themselves growing up. Is our world simply a reflection of the ‘leaders’ we continue to give our power away to? We do this by voting every four years. Is it really a surprise that our leaders would be engaging in and orchestrating such events like 9/11 when they are engaged in child sex trafficking and ritual abuse? Who is controlling them?

What about Jeffrey Epstein, who was he really? A few things not covered by Netflix or the mainstream media is that fact that there is reason to believe that Epstein’s his job was actually to entice powerful people within politics to have sex with young women and then ultimately entrap them, whether it’s with photographs or hidden cameras or through other methods. For example, in an interview with Zev Shalev, former CBS News executive producer and award-winning investigative journalist for Narativ, the former senior executive for Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, Ari Ben-Menashe, claimed not only to have met Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged Madame Ghislaine Maxwell, back in the 1980s, but that both Epstein and Maxwell were already working with Israeli intelligence during that time period.

There are multiple allegations that Epstein was not only a pedophile involved in the trafficking of children, but actually an intelligence agent as well. This isn’t the only time “Defense” organizations have been implicated in this type of activity. In the recent past, multiple military personnel have been arrested, hundreds of Pentagon employees were found to be involved with child porn. ~


I do have some great news….. as President Trump has not been wrong yet…..and UP TIL NOW, HAS TAUGHT US….








As you lived HIGHLY OFF OF THIS DEMON AND PURE EVIL SYSTEM, in the wealthy suburbs of Philadelphia…..


AND YOU TRIED TO STOP ME FROM MY JOURNEY OF TRUTH…. (with threats, terror, legal abuse, harassment, gang stalking, blog hacking and even worse, MY SON.)






  1. Mary+Laffrey says:

    Tracy what a fantastic article this is today‼️‼️ thank you for sharing that painting of George Bush. that is horrendous and sickening!! thank you for exposing that he would actually think it’s funny, what he did blowing up those two towers and killing 2800 Americans, not to mention the 20,000 that were killed in Afghanistan in a 20-year war! Thank you for sharing the videos too.I shared it on Facebook. I’ve known the truth, it’s on YouTube if anyone would like to go there, I can’t remember the name of the video, but put 9/11 into YouTube and you’ll see a 2-hour very explicit explanation. Great research again Tracy God love you God bless you Sister 💝💘💯‼️🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Tracy Zona says:

      The bottom line Mary is…YOU SAID IT….GEORGE BUSH, 43, thought it was “FUNNY”. I may just LAUGH and find it “FUNNY” when we finally witness the video of the death by firing squad…..

      • Mary+Laffrey says:

        Tracy I look forward to that day of watching the tribunals or at least watching the executions. and I’m going to have a big pitcher of margaritas right next to me to celebrate. I hope they don’t take that Joy away from us when this all explodes,the truth ‼️‼️🤣🙏🇺🇸

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Sorry about the link….not being live. I tried. But copy and paste….HOURS OF INFORMATION.

      • Mary+Laffrey says:

        Tracy link is live when I press on it thank you it’s 10:40 here eastern time on Saturday night and I was on page 8 really digging in and somehow I hit a button and lost it so now I got to go back and find it again 🤣🤣👍💖💕

  2. Glenda says:

    LiIn Wood tellin’ like it is!!! ❤💙🙏Vomit to even look at W’s lying face? I ‘m with. In…don’t know where 43 is but not able to speak at Pentagon today!!! Barf😖

    BTW why did Cirsten W say John Jr and Carolyn Bessette are gone today??? Anybody know…said they were to come out today???

  3. JK says:

    I would love to see the results of the election decertified! A friend watched election night coverage with me and asked me who I thought would win, and at the time I said “Biden, by cheating.” I guess that turned out to be true! I don’t know about you, Tracy, but I’ve been telling friends and family that I think something world-changing happens before the end of this year. I don’t know if it’s a war, or a massive protest, a military coup, or what… but I just have that feeling. I also heard Trump was going to sue over these nonsense vaccine mandates. I wish him luck. My sister is pregnant now (less than a month) and trying to find a doctor who will sign a vaccine exemption. Many of them WANT to, but are told by their superiors if they do they will be fired, so they tell her they can’t. Most likely she will “voluntarily” lose her job by November 1st. What a world. Thanks for your work. Take care.

  4. Pork Wontons says:

    Occult again.

    After reading “My Pet Goat” to schoolchildren, Bush Jr smirks as they recite the incantation, “Kite Hit Steel Plane Must” .

    Twin Towers merging and rebirth ceremony. Bldg 1 slightly taller with antenna. Maintenance floors on both buildings had darkened windows to match human DNA strands. Destroyed in a burst of semen, “dust cloud” . Replaced with “Freedom Tower”‘ four triangles up and four down representing the fusion of the spirits and physical world (return of the Nephalim). It doesn’t take much basic physics knowledge or a degree in aeronautics to know that an aluminum plane cannot penetrate and travel through a building with 14″ wide columns of steel spaced 40” apart. Instead, the plane would crumple up the the wings and the rest would fall to the ground. Certain floors were sealed and work performed such as hammer drilling about a month earlier, so it’s quite obvious it was pre-wired with detonating charges. Wirt Walker III, a cousin of Bush and Bush’s brother Marvin were in security via SecurComm. No coincidences. Thermite in the detonating charges cause the steel melt not the laughable “jet fuel” story. Then it was all conveniently disposed of quickly and shipped off to China supposedly rather than thoroughly examined. Also. Destroyed were the records and transactions of many key companies and players such as AIG, Cantor Fitzgerald, United Airlines, etc. So much for computer backups and disaster recovery. Last but not least, the gold was stolen from the basement.

    The above is supported by The Great Rite at the Pentagon. This is when a woman is stretched out over a pentagram and penetrated. A missile was used at that spot on the Pentagon/Pentagram. Also conveniently a day after Rumsfeld announced the missing 2.3 trillion dollars, the area where the audit and auditors is destroyed and one died in a “plane crash” a week later. No coincidences. The depth of their evil knows no bounds.

    Flight 93? No wreckage, no bodies, just a hole. Right.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Pork Wonton’s SPOT ON! EVERY DETAIL. Who would have thought this kind of EVIL “knows no bounds.” But “ALL LIES ARE BEING REVEALED.” Very, very. grateful for you! BIG LOVE!

      • Tracy Zona says:

        If you read through my link what are your thoughts on Guilliani?

        • Pork Wontons says:

          Hi Tracy:

          Thanks for pointing out that link. Since it wasn’t in blue, I didn’t see it the first time. WOW-FULL OF INFO-GREAT FIND!!!!

          Not sure. It says he was aware of the building’s deterioration but never questioned. Not sure where the responsibility lies as far as required removal and safety of the buildings and imagine it a complicated maze of city planners, permits, inspectors, etc. where delays and finger-pointing can be played for quite some time. If he was complicit, then President Trump brilliantly kept him in the spotlight as a friend. Earlier this summer, he lost law license.

    • Mary+Laffrey says:

      Deer Pork that’s my only question I know all about the bushes rumsfield and Cheney bringing down the towers it was Tower number 7 that had the gold and the paperwork that proved where the trillions of dollars went according to something I saw on TV today. the military documents were in building 7,also and the gold. so they stole the gold, wasn’t destroyed until they brought it down, which they did,but it wasn’t destroyed in the two twin tower blasts it was destroyed later but that is where all of our gold was that they were supposed to give out on 9/11 as Nesara from what I understand.

      I’m sorry my question, I got away from it was, what about flight 93?
      I’ve never heard any of the conspiracy explanations for what happened to flight 93? obviously people were killed and they always said that there was no plane found, it was just a hole, so what is the explanation for that please? Anybody know? And I know that the Pentagon was a bomb there were no plane parts found there either. immediately after they said there were no bits and pieces of metal whatsoever.
      Thanks for your help 🇺🇸🙏💗

      • Tracy Zona says:

        Flight 93….NOTHING WAS FOUND? But Mary, I wondered if you and Pork Wonton’s read through that link? What’s your thoughts on Guilliani?

        • Mary+Laffrey says:

          Yes Tracy I’m slowly going through the link I’m only on about page 20 I started late last night and I only read a couple pages today but I’m going to get back into it later on but as I was thinking taking my nap this afternoon it’s Sunday I do recall reading about false flags and they talked about Sandy Hook and Vegas and Orlando and one other so I’m kind of confused about false flags. but from what I understand false flags really happen like 9/11 was a false flag but it happened in a different way than was presented to us? so does that mean there was no flight 93 whatsoever they just exploded a field in shanksville Pennsylvania? With no plane no people? I’m sure it’s going to take me while to get through 101 pages of that link but it’s excellent

      • Pork Wontons says:

        Hi Mary:

        My guess about flight 93 (9+3 = 12 one of God’s numbers) and 77 (another one of God’s numbers) is that they needed those numbers for their ritual something along the lines of destroying God’s creation and good while elevating and replacing it with evil. A friend I’m speaking with recalls something about an occult group named Cult 93. A town with a population of 237, Shanksville, PA in the middle of nowhere would be a good place to pull a fake. Now, there is a memorial there which I can’t imagine many tourists would make an effort to visit. Maybe they needed it for an underground tunnel stop as the area was used for farming and strip mining.

        According to a research paper a friend wrote, there was an explosion in the basement of the towers prior to the upper floors. Maintenance vehicles that run on rails and armored cars hauled off the gold in the basement.

        Who can really say these flights really existed or people were really on board or what route the planes took? We don’t have access to that data; only what we are told and the cabal and media are experts at creating tall tales. The “cell phone calls” were impossible, so those stories start with a lie. It would be a convenient way to “disappear” some people, like Barbara Olson, wife of Solicitor General Ted. The rest are fodder and disposable and some can have new identities and live on.

        Same way I think of Sandy Hook (gun control). Word is the Freemason’s paid off the mortgages of those affected. Since we know these folks sell and even murder their own children (JonBenet Ramsey), it wouldn’t surprise me that they willingly partook in this sick display for their twisted idea of “the greater good”.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Pork Wonton’s….that is my guess as well….based on research and what we are privy too. I believe it was TALL, TALL, TALL, TALES. Nothing is as it seems…..THEY LOVED TO HURT OUR HEARTS.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Terrific information…Pork Wontons. Thank you.

        • Mary+Laffrey says:

          Hi Pork Wontons, thank you for your answer about false flags!!
          Tracy I want to let you know I’m now on page 78 of the revised POTUS 9/11 where they’re all begging him to tell the truth in 2018. Why didn’t he? He had all this information, he promised to tell us the truth.
          I love president Trump but why didn’t he bring it all out in 2018 when he had the opportunity or any other year since then? I don’t understand that the proof is so clear. I’m going to go back and watch a couple documentaries they mentioned in this 9/11 expose.
          but I take my time when I read this stuff I read it and reread it cuz I want to ingest it.
          You know all about the nuclear bombs or the different kinds of bombs used and of course building 7 was just a regular implosion. But it’s all so interesting. so thank you both.
          So I have a question Pork Wontons, about Sandy Hook. Then so were all those children and the teacher really murdered? But they sent in that kid with a gun to do it in order to get everybody up up and crazy about gun control? Is that it? I love that Marjorie lady the new congresswoman, but you know she had said a few years ago that Sandy Hook was a false flag and then she had to not really eat her words and not apologize, but she had to make good with a lot of people in order to keep her credibility this year in 2021. So if you guys could clear up Sandy Hook for me. I guess I’m just kind of a naive 65-year-old Michigan born and raised girl who lives in Florida now, but I kind of need a picture drawn for me to sometimes to grasp these things. So they sent in a kid who shot up an elementary school in order for the Democrats to push gun control. Is that correct? Thank you so much. Mary. Lots of love and kisses and gratefulness 💘💝🙏🙏❤️😍😭😭💔💔

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Mary….my answer to you is that a plan was followed. If Trump came into office just telling us what he already knew….THE PLAN was to show us. All the while this information is being dropped….FOR THOSE THAT RESEARCH TO SHARE. ALL PART OF THE PLAN! As for Sandy Hook…I will let Pork Wontons answer that. I have not looked into it that thoroughly…but I believe FALSE FLAGS are FALSE! MORE LOVE BACK AT YOU, MARY!

  5. Terri says:

    Ardmore, PA: Please go away. You’re stinking up the joint!
    I’ve been following another site for many years. That’s where I first heard the phrase “9/11 – Inside Job”. I also was introduced to the fact that Pearl Harbor was an inside job. I never told my sweet dad. He was on the tail end of WWII (he was almost 40 when “Moi” arrived on earth, lol. I know y’all were mentally doing the math. I’m still old, just not THAT old). If y’all have ever watched the old black/white movie “Sergeant York”, then you have a good idea about my dad and his very poor family (He always reminded me of Sergeant York!). My dad was drafted. Those young kids were ALL SCARED TO DEATH. To think what they witnessed firsthand with Pearl Harbor. My dad was my hero and I never told him about what I read about – the country they were literally fighting for. All these sick fucks will all go straight to Hell. (sorry for bad word).

    Btw, my dad was also hilarious to be around. He was full of the funniest stories about different moments in the army. 😂

    • Tracy Zona says:

      THANK YOU TERRI! I appreciate the support against these human cockroaches, in Ardmore, that tried to STOP my blog from happening. Just so they could continue money laundering and stock fraud, based on criminal activity. (Child sex trafficking and drug trafficking) Gosh, I so enjoy your personal stories and wish I met your father. And you met MY GREAT PARENTS. Always bringing JOY TO THE WORLD instead of misery. YOUR FATHER WAS A HERO! As far as the bad word…..the only place I use bad words is on my BLOG! And they a rightfully deserved, and it is HEALTHY to vent our feelings on what this EVIL has done. GO AT IT! LOL! Have a wonderful Saturday night. LOVE YOU!

    • Mary+Laffrey says:

      Terri, where do you get the explanations for Pearl harbor?I’ve never seen or heard that. I might have heard just a little bit of the conspiracy about that, but I have no information about it and would love to educate myself about Pearl harbor and what really happened. Thank you very much Mary

    • Glenda says:

      Terri I have been convinced more than 8 years ago Bushes were behind 9/11. Except for about a half dozen. friends most everyone else I know is still asleep at the wheel. My daddy was drafted into WWII at 10 years old. Thank God our daddies came home . Many did not. One of my friends whose daddy was malnourished by the time he got home. Conditions she was told caused permanent heat damage. Her father died with a massive heartache at 34 years old.. She was born 2 months later leaving her mother with 5 all children to raise on their own. Senseless wars😭💔

      • Glenda says:

        Autocorrect 🚫damn phone again…Terri …friend’s father was said to have come home from war with permanent heart damage and succumbed to a massive heart attack at age 34.

  6. Mary+Laffrey says:

    Also had you heard that that Bush’s cousin Marvin like you said, was in charge of security at the twin towers and on September 10th from what I understand all of security took the day off or were told to take the day off on September 10th and that’s when they wired the towers for the explosions. Anybody else hear that? I think that must have all been in the 911 YouTube 2-hour video that I’ve seen a couple of times I forget the title but if you search 9/11 on YouTube you would find it and it explained everything that they did!!

  7. K Bro says:

    But I’m confused.
    An airliner like the two that hit the towers “flew” into the Pentagon.
    but, the damage to it was minimal, with no evidence in the damage of any aircraft hitting it at 500 mph.
    The story of a cruise missile hitting, along with the surveillance camera footage that shows a missile hitting is real is fact.
    A trillion dollars vanishes and Rumsfeld says they have “no idea” where it is, and a missile passed off as an airliner takes out the accounting office wing in the pentagon.
    All an inside job, killing thousands of innocent people to cover the Democrats crimes.

  8. Glenda says:

    We were all programmed to assume all our news stations to be credible at the moment…and many still don’t accept anything unless some source of msm tells them it is so. Nothing about it was logical. People want easy answers. Really don’t want to look further or question the illogical. Complacent and lazy…what can I say? God Bless all on this blog who search for true answers rather than what the talking parrots have to say! I am growing more angry with Fox than the rest. A friend of mine got really agitated when I said that and lashed out that “it sounds like you have joined the democrats.” REALLY…I let her know that I am not much happier with the Republicans than the Democrats! Both sold our country out! She agreed that day😏but ended by saying “yeah Tucker is my man.”🙄 …and yesterday she let me know Bush was speaking at the Pentagon🙄
    Hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday💓

  9. Shannon says:

    Excellent Tracy!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸👏🏼👏🏼🇺🇸

  10. cindy mabe says:

    check out utube loose change

  11. Kevin Archer says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥SHES ON FIRE 🔥 FIRE 🔥 FIRE…..every time gets Better and better……that song in scar face film SHES ON FIRE…..Go CHICK 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  12. Laur says:

    Hello Tracy. I have been without internet for three weeks. Lots to catch up on here.
    I have noticed that there is always 3 objectives in these false flags. We know how they love the number 3. With 9/11 there were three actions that I could see. 1. more restrictions on us when on an airplane 2. get the public behind going to war 3. divert attention from previous headline
    All three were accomplished. The previous headline was about all the missing money of taxpayers. 11 BILLION I think it was.

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