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August 17, 2021
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August 18, 2021
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Nothing is as it seems…..

Was Mike Pompeo/CIA just another, paraded, out by PRESIDENT TRUMP….IS HE EVIL BEYOND WORDS?


As we know…..the CIA was just roque, criminals, and assassins, protecting worldwide child slavery and drug trafficking…..and worse…



~ Mike Pompeo’s rise from obscurity to run the C.I.A., and now the State Department, illustrates perfectly how much the British Pilgrims Society (“Deep State”) is still in control of the U.S. government, even with President Trump in the White House.

These Pilgrims foment endless wars (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, Kosovo, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, terrorism, false flags like 911, embassy bombings, Kansas City federal building, Sandy Hook, etc.) to seize property and power for an imperial corporate class, while hiding their agenda with propaganda, censorship, mind control, medical tyranny and ultimately depopulation of We the People. ~

~ Sound too good to be true? Mike was groomed by the British Pilgrims Society, who sealed the deal with their officer, Caspar Weinberger, someone who they made Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE) after his graduation from West Point.

Pompeo’s too-good-to-be-true grooming started upon graduation from Los Amigos High School in Fountain Valley, California.

Pompeo’s grooming is classical Pilgrims Society recruitment

Sexual Promiscuity
Military & Intelligence Education
Legal & Law Enforcement
Defense Contracting
Religious Affiliation
Oil & Gas
Awards, Honours & Memberships
Substitute Spouse
C.I.A. Director
Media Propaganda
Secretary of State
Insider Trading & Nepotism

~ It is certain that Jeffrey Epstein-level sexual promiscuity is exploited within the C.I.A. circles that Pompeo directs. For example, British SERCO’s CEO is listed in Epstein’s Black Book, as is Henry Kissinger, Pompeo’s predecessor and Pilgrims Society vice president. ~

~ In his 1997 life-change makeover, Pompeo dumped his first wife, Leslie Cain Libert from Islip, NY, whom he had married the same day (May 28, 1986) that he graduated from West Point in 1986. They had no children in their 11-year marriage, including their five years allegedly patrolling the East German border—a post infamously known for spying and intelligence. Leslie has dropped off the radar screen.

On the rebound in 1997, Pompeo met twice-divorced Susan Elaine Justice Mostrous while he was working at the Clinton Foundation’s law firm Williams & Connolly LLP in Washington, D.C. Williams & Connolly was involved in a massive coverup of evidence while also working with James P. Chandler III in creating a string of Acts on Oct. 11, 1996 that dramatically sacrificed American sovereignty: Economic Espionage Act, Trade Secrets Act and the False Statements Accountability Act (think the opposite when interpreting these statute titles). And, in the first prosecution of these Acts in US. v. Hsu, Aug. 28, 1998. Chandler later stole social networking inventor Leader Technologies’ source code and gave it to the IBM Eclipse Foundation for global “open source” distribution, relabeled with IBM copyrights.

No marriage certificate, or even news paper wedding announcement, has been found. Pompeo says he married Susan in 2000.

Susan Justice Mostrous had a son Nicholas from her second marriage), so Pompeo was her third marriage.

Is Karen a gold digger? At both the C.I.A. and State Department, some employees have complained about Susan’s odd, activist spouse role, dubbing her “the first lady of the C.I.A.” –unprecedented spouse involvement, we are told, especially for a spouse new to the position.

Mike and Susan are childless. She has many variants to her name, including Susan Pompeo, Susan E. Justice, Susan Mostrous, Susan E. Monstrous, Susan J. Pompeo, Susan Justice and more.

We do know that Susan was the senior vice president of Emprise Bank, a Wichita Bank that helped facilitate loans to Pompeo’s dubious Thayer Aerospace business.

These loans for contracts well into the $100s of millions (involved J.P. Morgan Chase, Bain Capital (Mitt Romney), the Koch Brothers and several obscure “venture” firms with no prior history, and that have subsequently ceased operation.

~ Given this dubious pedigree alone, if Pompeo was not directly involved in the normal sexual grooming of the Pilgrims Society’s “card board cutout CEO school,” he certainly knows about it, yet he remains silent, to the public’s detriment.

Pompeo claims to be an evangelical, Sunday School teacher and a Tea Party advocate, but beyond the labels, his actions appear made for TV.

Recent investigations are discovering hundreds of years of occult activity are at the foundation of the Pilgrims Society.

The last time we checked, the occult and evangelicalism are oil and water.

No evidence appears to be available on Mostrous’ previous two marriages. In our experience, such disappearance of normally available background is intentional, and able to be accomplished through data censors who roam the Internet deleting information deemed unhelpful to the Pilgrims agenda. They can do that because they control Big Tech. ~


Pompeo’s Thayer Aerospace (later named Nex-Tech Aerospace) immediately secured major contracts with Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, Cessna, Gulfstream and BAE Systems (British Aerospace).

Needless to say, such lucrative sales for a start-up telegraph graft and insider trading, especially when one considers that Pompeo had no prior experience starting and running a business, and no experience in aerospace.

~ In 1982, Pompeo graduated from his experimental high school watching Pilgrim Society and his Knights of Malta Prince Charles ravish Princess Diana Spencer (1981).

British corporate imperialists have controlled American Secretaries of State/War since Pilgrims Society co-founder Elihu Root (1899).

British MI6 Pilgrims have controlled OSS/C.I.A. directors since Bill Donovan and Allan Dulles (1940)—the men who killed President Kennedy for his plans to dismantle the CIA after the Bay of Pigs debacle. ~

~ Pompeo’s alleged “evangelical” convictions appear tepid. Touting that one is a Sunday School teacher is nice human nature propaganda, whether true or not.

Pompeo says he is pro-life, but did not sponsor a single bill in Congress to stop it.

Pompeo says he is anti-gay marriage, but puts up no practical proposals.

Pompeo’s faith words appear to be more political rhetoric than conviction. ~

BAIN CAPITAL…..Gosh go back and read my horrific blog on the ROMNEY’S!

The dots are sure connecting!

I’m going to call it….I THINK HE IS GONE!





  1. Robin says:

    If I remember correctly, Pompeo was one of the first, and very vocal anti-Trumper’s to speak out after President Trump announced he was running for President. My assumption was he had a change of heart, but more likely, he put on a great facade. I am beginning to wonder if there are any good guys left.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      You know…I did not know that, an anti-Trumper, of course. Since he was trained to lie so well, he finds it funny, he started lying to PRESIDENT TRUMP! How’d that work out for him? GOOD GUYS! I doubt it….less than a handful? WOW! WHAT HEROES!

      • Robin says:

        I think you’re right about the handful. If it turns out Dan Scavino is a black hat, I think I’ll have to sit down and cry. Thankful for the good guys (and girls)! I’m so glad I found your blog, since you are definitely one of the good ones. Love the truth you bring,

        • Tracy Zona says:

          If Dan goes down we will cry together! PLEASE! Can’t happen. (PRAYING) Thank you for visiting my site and being part of it!

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Just did some research…Dan won’t go down:)

        • Terri says:

          I’ve never felt comfortable with
          Pompeo. I could never put my finger on WHY I didn’t trust him. You know, that pit in your stomach? I felt that President Trump gave Pompeo too much leeway.

          If Dan ends up being a black hat, i will handle it like an adult! (I might pass out!)

          • Robin says:

            I have always loved Dan Scavino, but I’m with you on Pompeo, just don’t have a good gut feeling about him. These bad actors know how to play their “parts”, don’t they? It looks like one Pompeo is plumper than the other Pompeo. The heavier one smiles more than the thinner one. ????????? Yikes, it’s all crazy making. LOL

          • Tracy Zona says:

            Spot on….You’ve got the GLASSES to see the DEMONS!

          • Tracy Zona says:

            I researched Dan….whom NEVER worked in government. I think we are SAFE! He has always worked for PRESIDENT TRUMP. My guess….LOYAL, LOYAL, LOYAL.

      • Terri says:

        There seems to be some good guys in the
        Here is a better look at the Q explanation. Honestly, there are more good guys that not. We’ve just got to get the GOOD guys ELECTED!! 😀
        (Tracy, I was really concerned when I stopped seeing posts from you. Was trying to figure out who to report it to. Was certain that the DEMONS finally came after you.)😅
        I’m so glad to know you are okay!!


        • Tracy Zona says:

          THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The demons tried…after two weeks of HELL….I took a weekend vaca! And I do believe at the END we will have a few surprises and MORE GOOD! I just do not have verified information on that quite yet. As always…THANK YOU FOR YOUR INFORMATION. LOVE TO YOU!

      • Terri says:

        As you probably very well know, Pompeo and the majority in government positions (especially CIA) have most of the traits involving “Antisocial Behavior”. Once you see the traits, those Demons will be even easier to spot. This behavior is very common in highly successful people. (Of course, chicken or the egg?)

        I get to use my Psychology Degree every now and then. 😁

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Very interesting…..THANK YOU! And EXACTLY…I feel I have special glasses on…I CAN SEE IT ALL. However, fantastic on your psychology degree, mine was earned in the school of hard knocks, being married to an abusive man.

          • Terri says:

            I find people that come up thru the school of hard knocks are actually BETTER prepared for life. This group had to work hard in life and are usually better equipped both mentally and emotionally.

            A college degree won’t help very much when all this crap starts hitting the fan. Lost jobs……many people don’t know survival skills, etc.or how to repair things around their home. My hubs just calls someone if something breaks, lol.

            My dad came from hard knocks and could repair ANYTHING. Our country is going to be hurting coming up. I’m going to befriend a Hard Knocks graduate! 😁

          • Tracy Zona says:

            My childhood was loving, kind, and very special. I didn’t graduate from the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS until I married an abusive man, and narcissist. When I left…I learned RAPIDLY how to survive this EVIL.

        • Terri says:

          Also called:

          “Antisocial Personality Disorder”

      • Judy says:

        Now I understand,Trump hired all the people he knew was bad so he could keep them close by .and keep up with them

  2. CuriousCat says:

    Omg!!! This just sealed the deal for me about you! I trusted you before but this….this is Tops in reporting. Mike Pompous Pompeo is a fraud. He has all the markings of a black hat with his Ivy League and military pedigree just like Desantis. Pompeo and Jared Kushner went the bilderberg meeting a few years ago. That was my red flag when I learned that and never trusted him since. You filled in a lot of gaps and confirmed my suspicions. Even had a contact in the WH during trumps time that said he witnessed Pompeo openly mocking Trump to his face in private meetings as well as speaking badly about him behind his back!

  3. Mary+Laffrey says:

    As I read Pompeo’s comments on telegram the other day and or Twitter telling Biden what an idiot he was as far as Afghanistan and promoting president Trump and what that administration would have done better I was just thinking wow at least one guy has been faithful to Trump, so this is a shocker Tracy with a capital S. I can hardly believe it like someone said in here is there any good guy left other than Trump? Your pictures certainly show two different men that is for sure and somehow I miss the Gina Haskell blog I wish I knew how to find it. I wish you had an alphabetical search on here LOL so we could look up people you have so many pages on here of blogs. I am just in shock right now. All right let me catch up with your next blog. Keep it coming, sweetheart, I don’t know where you get this stuff, but I love you Tracy, God bless you and cover you in a hedge of protection, amen.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Thank you Mary…. I research and research and sometimes it all comes to me in the middle of the night. I don’t sleep…..I have not been WRONG YET! I have to say…….IF I BECOME WRONG…you will hear it from me FIRST! Many of my past blogs tie into the present…TRUE. It is common sense…too many years in the CIA for Mike Pompeo to be a decent human being! I am GRATEFUL for you….LOVE!

  4. Terri says:

    I think President Trump knew all along. (Enemies closer?)

    I’ve been reading up on how everything started out, etc (including Judge Antonin Scalia – who was in the main circle of 10). Wow!!!
    ……… VERY INTERESTING! ……….
    Q (circle of 10)
    Inner Circle – 10
    Outer circle – 10
    Final Circle – 10
    Q Anon – 1


  5. Elaine says:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I’m sure President Trump knew as well, the same way with Pence. This was a fantastic post, but disappointed in Pompeo. The other day I actually said “Mike Pompeo”looks different , now that he’s not in the White House; and was wondering to myself if he had a lookalike. It’s a Crazy World. Am praying for you and your safety, and love all the info you bring.

  6. Mae K says:

    Tracy, blown away again at the evil. I’ve been wondering what happens to MK ultra mind control victims when their handlers are gone?

  7. Pork Wontons says:

    Cover wife, masked man, “Trust Kansas”, clowns, clowns and more clowns. This psyop gets freakier by the day!!!

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