JONBENET RAMSEY….WHO DID IT? “The Last Bulb of the Christmas Tree”

June 9, 2021
June 10, 2021
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JONBENET RAMSEY….WHO DID IT? “The Last Bulb of the Christmas Tree”



NO FAMILY LOVE…like I was gifted by GOD (love you Mom and Dad). EVIL PARENTS EQUAL EVIL CHILDREN…..and that is how the cycle continues……

I can not imagine this HORROR, but to understand it, we MUST. TO END IT, WE MUST.

I FOUND INTERESTING INFORMATION, that supported my THOUGHTS, after all the research, I have done….. and with the nudge of a knowledgeable reader…….


John Ramsey…connected to the CIA in his line of work….. Patsy Ramsey, a MK ULTRA SEX SLAVE…..

~ The father was a connected to the CIA and the price you pay for entree onto the higher rungs of the satanic Illuminati cult ladder is to sacrifice your child in a satanic ritual. And that’s exactly what he did. This is the standard practice when inside the Illuminati club. John Ramsey was likely sexually abusing the girl and farming her out to his Illuminated pals prior to her death, as her autopsy revealed chronic tears and scaring in both the vaginal and anal areas. This too is standard operating procedures for Illuminati families. ..

The John Mark Karr (note the use of three names) ‘confession’ is false, a hoax. He was in Alabama with his second wife and children on the night of JonBenet’s murder. In fact, both of Karr’s ex-wives have stated that he was always home at Christmas, never gone. JonBenet was not drugged the day of her murder and was not in school that day. Her death was not an ‘accident’ – it was a horribly brutal, planned murder. The ‘powers that be’ are so eager to convict someone, anyone to point the finger of blame away from the real perpetrators of this heinous crime, (especially someone whom has previously had ‘relationships’ inside FBI Div.#5 from which the plot to murder JonBenet originated and whom had fled Colorado after hearing elements of this plot), that they wined and dined him with the BEST of food and drink to ensure he would stick to his fairytale and not deviate! He is yet another in a very long line of ‘patsies’, no pun intended. He has wanted to be ‘famous’, or infamous, his entire life, just as Ted Bundy did, and now has finally succeeded. The timing of his arrest and ‘confession’ is extremely suspect, yet one more diversion. In fact, the JonBenet Ramsey arrest was orchestrated as the Bush-Blair London terrorism ruse collapsed for lack of evidence for just that purpose – to divert attention.

Melody Stanton, one of the Ramsey’s neighbors (living less than 100 feet away), awoke abruptly from a deep sleep – the prior stillness of the Boulder night has been pierced by the harrowing scream of a child (for her brother Burke, now 12, to save her from being killed, experts say. When a child is attacked by a parent, she has to turn to an ally she can trust. And we know JonBenét was close to Burke and trusted him. Patsy has told police that JonBenét had a habit of going into her brother’s room during the night, but according to the book Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Burke admitted that he pretended to be asleep that morning about the time his mother called 911). She assumed it was somewhere between midnight and 2:00 a.m., but didn’t look at the alarm clock. The scream lasted three to five seconds (it was a little girl screaming,” recalls Stanton, 52. It was the longest, most horrible scream I have ever heard in my entire life. It sent shivers down my spine. I could tell the sound was coming from the Ramsey house and I knew instantly it had to be their little girl, JonBenét”. The next morning, while police still thought the 6-year-old beauty queen had been kidnapped, Stanton told them about the heart-rending cry that rang through the Ramsey house and stopped as abruptly as it started. (Melody momentarily had at the time wondered what to do, but thought that surely the parents would hear and come to the child’s rescue. Although still bothered by the scream and the thought that a child had been injured, she stayed awake and listened for any other noises for five to ten minutes, but heard absolutely nothing after that – no cars, no voices, no footsteps, so she eventually went back to sleep). This time has since been corroborated as the app. time of the skull fracture suffered by JonBenet, a skull fracture so severe that it would have ended the little girl’s life had she not been strangled. Three neighbors have gone on-record giving depositions of hearing this scream at app. midnight. The Ramsey’s have always claimed they heard no such (scream). How could this possibly be?

Was it because of the ritual, sexual abuse being perpetrated upon her – was it because of the child-porn ring being run out of Denver in which child ‘Models’ were being used for sexual favors and of which Jonbenet was one of those ‘Models’.

The crime scene was intentionally (allowed) to be contaminated by the Boulder Police department. Literally more than a dozen people, including the Ramsey’s neighbors and friends were allowed in the house and permitted to go anywhere they chose.

After the Police arrived, John Ramsey went directly to the location of JonBenet’s body (without searching in any other location). The only way this is possible is if he already had knowledge of it’s (location). He was then allowed to remove the tape from the mouth of the child, untie her hands and move the body (up) to the first floor, again completely contaminating the crime scene. It was later reported by the Police that his crying, while bent over his dead daughter’s body, appeared contrived, and there were no tears.

The Ramsey’s friend, Fleet, diagramed the position of the body in the wine cellar. This positioning was inconsistent with John’s description when he found JonBenet. “What was interesting was when Ramsey brought the body upstairs he never cried. But when he laid her down, he started to moan, while peering around to see who was looking at him.” Patsy then collapsed on top of JonBenét and began praying to Jesus. The net affect of their actions was to hinder the investigation by further contaminating the crime scene. John Ramsey then left his beautiful, dead daughter lying alone under a Christmas tree. He didn’t even see her safely to the morgue. She would make that trip alone.

Three voices were distinctly heard on the 911 call – John’s, Patsy’s and a third, and unknown male. This was confirmed by the 911 dispatcher and the Police. The unknown male was heard speaking during the call. When questioned about this, the Ramsey’s become extremely evasive and refused to answer anymore questions
Evidence has emerged that not only points to this person as a possible murderer of JonBenet, while her parents looked on, but to having made a ‘snuff’ film of the hideous event, as well. There have always been rumors of this film in the porn ‘underground’, uncovered during the investigation, but never fully substantiated.

A black light helped reveal that her body had been wiped clean but that a residue of blood was left on her thighs. Dr. Robert Kirschner of the University of Chicago’s pathology department went even further, pointing out that her vaginal opening was twice the normal size for six-year-olds. He stated, “The genital injuries indicate penetration, not only (previously) by a penis, but by another instrument and are evidence of molestation that night as well as previous molestation. If she had been taken to a hospital emergency room, and doctors had seen the genital evidence, her father would have been arrested.” There was also blood and urine stains on JonBenét’s underpants, a cleaned-up crime scene and body, and evidence that the child had been “re-dressed” after the murders, with the cords around her neck and wrist loose as though it was staged.

John Ramsey’s daughter (from his first marriage), Elizabeth, had uncovered several vivid memories of Satanic, ritual sexual abuse after a failed suicide attempt (during the ensuing therapy sessions) in which her Father apparently played a major role in the rituals. Within several months of uncovering the memories and going ‘public’ with them (talking to friends and family members) she was dead – killed in a ‘freak’ car accident the manner in which has never been fully resolved to investigators satisfaction.

Both Denver and Boulder, Colorado, are major Satanic centers whose activities have, at various times been under investigation by Jefferson and Denver county authorities as well as the FBI and others. The Satanic ring centered in Denver connects into Boulder and Sedalia, Colorado as well as other communities such as Sedona, Ariz., Omaha Neb. and many others.

JonBenet was murdered on Christmas Eve and Josef Mengele created a sacrificial ritual for this date called “The Last Bulb of the Christmas Tree”. Mengele’s pseudonym, Greenbaum, means green tree and relates to the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

The William Morris Agency has close ties to NBC News. This Agency is responsible for placing the likes of stooges Tom Brokow and Brian Williams at NBC News. It was NBC which broke the current JonBenet Ramsey story.

The William Morris Agency also represents up and coming child models and had solicited a contract from the Ramsey’s for the ‘services’ of JonBenet. It should also be noted that in early 1996 the Denver Police had been investigating a Denver Child-Porno Protection ring linked to and run by none other than the Wm. Morris Agency and FBI Div. #5.

John Ramsey ran a company called Access Graphics with offices in the Philippines, Amsterdam, Holland and Denver, Colorado. Access Graphics did business with the Wm. Morris Agency and had service contracts directly with what is commonly known as Iran Contra. Access Graphics major bank accounts were parked at the noted Iran Contra money-laundry Silverado Savings and Loan and administered by none other than Director of Silverado, Neil Bush, George W. Bush’s brother. Ramsey was also on a list of witnesses never subpoenaed by former Iran Contra Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh. It can now be reported that Ramsey had either knowingly, or unknowingly, pimped his daughter out as a prostitute to the Wm. Morris Agency who were taking these child ‘Models’ and using them to provide sexual services for pedophile’s in Government, Industry and so on in addition to their Modeling shows (shows often displayed in video footage in the many news specials on JonBenet’s murder).

~ As a six-year-old beauty queen, JonBenet was publicly sexualized by her parents, dressed provocatively, and coached to saunter like a seductress. This is a blatant indication of sexual abuse perpetrated upon the child.

Both Patsy and her sister were CIA sex slaves, ‘turned over’ to the (CIA) by their Father and programmed via a major trauma-based mind-control program known as MKultra.
MK Ultra programmed multiples are often used as assassins, information carriers or ‘mules’, sex slaves or to perform various other tasks for the Illuminati.

Many children are programmed to serve as sex slaves for pedophile politicians and heads of State (Johnny Gosch, Alex Constantine, Cathy O’Brien whose claims include, and many state verified, that George Bush Sr. molested her and her daughter while strung out on heroin – curiously, Bush Sr. was a regular at many of Larry King’s, the International Banker, parties in Franklin, and that she was gang-banged by the Bennett Brothers, William, ‘finger-wagging Book of Virtues’ writer and former commander of our phony drug war, Dick Cheny, Hillary Clinton and Robert Bird – Patsy and sister Pam were certainly two of these ‘slaves’, servicing many politicians and high-ranking industrialists, in constant demand because of their beauty, re-programmed several years after they each won their respective pageants to ‘forget the whole thing’, something their behavior latter on in life clearly shows they did not.

John was known to have had quite a few ‘affairs’ while married to Patsy, who also had many sexual ‘suitors’ on the side, both male and female. Their marriage was an arraigned one, and distant) as the JonBenet Ramsey investigative team was well aware of, the case including aspects of possible mind-control and cult activity.

The name “JonBenet” is very similar to an Illuminati term for the Devil – “Jonbet”.

Both Patsy and her younger sister Pam were crowned Miss West Virginia – 1977 and 1980.

Due to Patsy’s programmed, controlled manner, famed-sportswriter and 1977 Miss America judge Frank Deford wrote in his notes that Patsy was “a little automaton – on automatic pilot.”

The same was later said of her sister Pam’s performance. JonBenét was particularly noted for her ability to freeze all motion and hold a pose, an incredible feat considering she was only six years old.

It is commonplace for the Illuminati/CIA to create mother/daughter mind-controlled teams of sex slaves for the purpose of entrapping public figures and thereafter holding them hostage.

Patsy Ramsey exhibited symptoms of alter/multiple personality switching during media interviews on more than one occasion. It is more than possible that Mrs. Ramsey and her daughter were both mind-controlled sex slaves. If you examine family photographs around 1993 JonBenet is clearly programmed, under mind-control – her eyes are glassy and her body limp. ~

I have held off on this story, because it goes deeper into the rabbit hole…….

A LOT to research for yourself if you choose to…..


UNFORTUNATELY…this leaves me with unsettling questions……..

WHERE DOES THIS LEAVE, NATALIE HOLLAWAY, and her mother, as the mother dated JOHN RAMSEY, after Patsy died?

Talk about STRANGE…..Or is it? When you know, you know….

And, I actually, hate to go here, BUT WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE, LIN WOOD? Whom once represented the RAMSEY’S?

**** I have past blogs on the Govt. snuff films/ Romney Family
**** I have past blogs on the DENVER LAW OFFICE HADDON, MORGAN, and FREEMAN that as well represented the Ramsey’s, with connections to BILL CLINTON. TIED TO ENORMOUS SATANIC CORRUPTION.


  1. Prayer Warrior USA says:

    Like the horrible events of November 22nd 1963 that I followed since day 1…even though I was a child…I have followed the Jon Benet case as well. I concur with all that you have said. In both cases I have prayed for all these years that the truth would be revealed. Lin Wood often quotes scripture including, every lie will be revealed. We are seeing God’s Glory and Justice is coming! An attorney’s job which I don’t totally agree with is simply to present case assuming innocence. Lin does that well…anx maybe just maybe he was tapped on the shoulder to be put in a unique position to see. This remains to be seen… However I believe that Lin Wood is sincere at this moment in time.. He could not have taken this cabal out alone in1996.🙏🙏🙏

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I, hopefully, agree with you. Sometimes we are placed around EVIL to do GOOD WILL. I believe that about PRESIDENT TRUMP, for those, that say he ran in those circles. LOOK WHAT HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED WITH SACRIFICE! And I believe that about Lin Wood. And I believe that about MYSELF, as for some reason, I was surrounded by EVIL, but chose, with sacrifice, to do the right thing. It took me years to untangle myself from that mess. Lin Wood has outed the pedophilia……for certain. As for John Ramsey…how many men do you know that had TWO YOUNG DAUGHTERS DIE?

      • BETTY says:

        ..MAJORITY !!!!!

        ..ON THE SIDELINES……
        FILLIN IN
        ..THE BLANKS !!
        LOVE YA TRACY GIRL !!!

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Betty I hear ya! Same thing is happening here….PASSWORDS, NEW FOR EVERYTHING, UGH….I take it as a sign of GOOD…things are changing over from DARK TO LIGHT! Your the best…….It will all work out:)

      • Glenda K Sharkey says:

        Thank you Tracy…Like Lin and President Trump you were granted God given strength within to survive and shine the light. Most of us were entangled with degrees of evil but with God’s Grace were given a spirit of discernment to navigate through it. Many Blessings to you!!!

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Nice words…so grateful. I was thinking about that today. The spider web of EVIL the world was caught in….unknowingly for the most part, as you only recognize it when you begin to leave the web. XOXOXO

    • Jeffy says:

      Prayer Warrior you are dead on.

  2. Sharron M. says:

    Oh the ties (lies) that bind. You are dead on Tracy and on FIRE. CIA operatives that procure children if not naturally then through adoption…pre-selecting them for their beauty AND their nature. Are they strong willed…are they Malable? Blondies are greatly sought out. Sold to the highest bidders and degenerates. JonBenet. Natalie and so many not-so-famous. The men (CIA) are the woo-ers and women (CIA) are the witches/bithches…daddy and mommy working in dasterdly UNharmony

    Thank you for your courage to splay light on the many many many filthy human cockroaches. Watch them run and scatter. If it looks like a circus show and sounds like a circus show…it’s a circus show. MK Ultra is everywhere…always hiding in PLANE (aero) sight. One wonders why we see What we are Chosen to see on the TV (aka Boob-Tube).

    Mr and Mrs MKUltra love to play GAMES with their children. Through your research Tracy are you familiar with the ‘slapping game?” A particular favorite game for little ones. Oh I could tell you stories…

    Rest in peace JonBenet. Natalie and the children who didn’t/haven’t made it. Bravo to you Tracy and all the ones who have…(made it out alive!)

    Carry on…

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Thank you for your email….I am certain to follow up with Beth Holloway. Looks to me that she could have been a BIRMINGHAM WITCH….I am not familiar with the “SLAPPING GAME.” But will look into it. I am grateful when others bring information to my blog! We are all working towards the TRUTH TOGETHER. And that is BEAUTIFUL! WE WELCOME YOUR STORIES……my email is [email protected].

  3. Glenda Sharkey says:

    Thank you Tracy. Even though I was a child on November 22, 1963 I have followed the case ever since never believing the Warren Report and lone gunman. So it is with JonBenet having read every article I could and watched everything. Wanted parents to be innocent but nothing made sense. The rest of us would have been jailed and our child taken from us to have child with repeated vaginal and anal injuries taken to emergency room.. Shame on the authorities in Boulder. I think the hospital did report however they should not have stopped. Blood on all their hands. Natalie Holloway story was always strange and I even wondered how Natalie’s mom could have begun a relationship with John Ramsey. Momentarily thought grieving parents who came together…just momentarily tho. The pieces are all coming together now. As Lin Wood often scripturally
    says “every lie will be revealed.” I am sure when all is said and done we will know the truth regarding his representation of the Ramseys. Really do believe he may have been divinely sent to represent them. Heaven
    knows why other than to gain knowledge.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      You are spot on…..ADD ANOTHER DAUGHTER THAT DIED, when she began speaking of her abuse. SHAME ON COLORADO! But as I found out in Southern California…. the entire system is infested with rats. At this point I don’t even believe Patsy Ramsey died of cancer…..

      • Jeffy says:

        Tracy you have knocked it out of the park this time. The Holloway blog will be one of your best. I’d you would make T shirts for your blog I ll buy the first one.🙂

      • Glenda Sharkey says:

        Now you have got me curious…allegedly lived so long with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Did she have access to med beds early?

        • Tracy Zona says:

          Probably….but they lie, lie, lie about everything. She could have been another sacrifice. All the death stories from Bill Cosby’s son to John Travolta son…all lies. Remember when they announced Kelly Preston died, John Travolta’s wife, of cancer. Kelly was executed but the deep state said, CANCER. Satan deceives and it is ALL A LIE.

          • Glenda Sharkey says:

            Based on learning how this bunch operates I thought immediately Kelly was executed…the more I learn the easier to see. Again thank you for your honesty and determination to awaken people

          • Tracy Zona says:

            WE HAVE TO….SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! I just wrote the most horrifying blog, a continuation on KATE SPADE. I AM SICK!
            Thank you! L O V E

  4. Mina says:

    Hallelujah and Amen!
    KEEP GOING!!! TRUTH is powerful!
    And the Love conquers ALL
    You have such a Love for your children that I don’t think you realize deep down you are doing this work out of Maternal instincts and unconditional Motherly Love. The work you are doing will have a turning point impact in the eyes of your children in the future

    Everything in God’s time. He is faithful and just to those that Love him

    MUCH LOVE ❤️

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I LOVE MY CHILDREN SO VERY MUCH. I knew it was all I had left, I was robbed of everything, to hopefully, impact their future, and their children’s. It is THE ONLY WAY TO STOP CYCLES OF ABUSE. Keeping it silent would have guaranteed future continuation of family, cyclical abuse. However…I may never know that impact. The future is untold. I know one thing…I LOVE YOU TOO!:)

    • Glenda Sharkey says:

      I agree Mina🙏❤

  5. Mina says:

    Betty do not change your phone 😊

  6. Ton Verblaauw says:

    OMG, Tracy, I’m so glad you said “where does that leave Lin Wood”. Ever since I saw a comparison of his pictures from before 2015 and current ones, I’m positive this is not the same person. Lin from 2015 looks completely different than Lin from 2020 and only the blind can’t see the difference. I don’t know what exactly is going on there, but Lin has made some disturbing statements that picked my interest to start doing some research on who this man really is. I find it really strange that he moved to the Carolinas just because he was upset with the Georgia Bar – something doesn’t add up at all. But I’ll keep digging. Thank you for your incredibly well sourced reporting.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I am hoping for the best…but the association is troubling. Interesting about the pictures. I will look into it. Many have been switched out so it is definitely wise to look out for it. Just yesterday a picture they said was Khloe Khardashian IS NOT KHLOE KHARDASHIAN. Thank you for your kind words and I am so happy you visited my blog. WE LOVE RECEIVING INFORMATION HERE!

  7. Joseph Watson Jr says:

    These People Are Sick and it is Far Worse than Your inner light is willing to take you!
    Thats a Fact!
    Praise Mother/Father as True Justice is in the works!
    They are Awakening humans, Father Arc, The 12 Elemental Dragons in the 2D Elemental Kingdom and King Arthur Himself in the 3D Enslavement Anu Matrix, They are Awakening humans out of their Deep Slumber during the Dark Ages, we are in the Dawn Now, before Direct Sunlight from the Central Sun located at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, They are Awakening and They are Not Happy with what the Dark Entities and the humans did to Mother! The humans will Suffer, the Humans will Pay in Blood and Suffering, I can Promise you that, its already happening around the Glob, Father is Awakening! The humans built the 3D Enslavement Matrix with their own hands for Power, Greed, Lust and All Kinds of Sick Egotistical Satanic Shit, They are the Prison Guards of this Sick Satanic Prison Planet, Humans will Pay in Blood and Suffering and they are so lucky the light workers came down to suffer and save them! They are so very lucky that Father is Saving them, many, many systems and Universes were not so fortunate! God loves His Precious Humans but You will learn your lesson the Hard Way Earth Humans, Thats A Promise!😋😋😋

  8. Linda says:

    I am under the impression from other reading, that Lin Wood was representing the Ramsey’s son, who was under suspicion of the murder of his sister for awhile.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      “Actually Wood represented all three Ramseys, Patsy, John and Burke. Which means that in order to be meaningfully represented each one has to be on the same page — at least publicly. I’m surprised that such an arrangement is even legal, given the possibility that one (or two) could be guilty and the third totally innocent.” RESEARCH! Thank you for visiting my site!

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