Governor Andrew Cuomo…..GOING? GOING? GONE?

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March 1, 2021
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March 4, 2021
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Governor Andrew Cuomo…..GOING? GOING? GONE?

What a freaking evil creep….GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO.

It’s an on slot this week of the CUOMO SLIME, that has wreaked, GROSSNESS ON THE WORLD.

His looks remind me of my best friends, more than once, comment on a date, here and there……….

My wonderful friend, would say……”HE LOOKS LIKE A DEAD MAN WALKING.”

We will have to wait and see? Is this the end for Governor Andrew Cuomo?

Will the world be free of a nursing home MURDERER and SEXUAL HARASSER, WITH NIPPLE RINGS!

Or, as someone said to me,…..he can CALL OUT A LOT OF CRIMINAL FAVORS for all the corruption he’s handed out?

We will have to see what the end result will be for THIS MESS OF A GOVERNOR. (A MESS OF A HUMAN BEING )

And just like PEDOPHILE JOE BIDEN, Governor Andrew Cuomo can not keep his hands to himself………….

These abusers of humanity, run in packs………I know.

~ “The pattern of sexual harassment and predatory behavior by Governor Cuomo is unacceptable, and I believe the women coming forward,” New York City Councilman Antonio Reynoso tweeted in comments echoed elsewhere. “Governor Cuomo must resign.”

The latest accusation follows sexual harassment allegations against the governor from two women who had worked for his administration, accounts that led New York’s independently elected attorney general to say she was moving ahead with an investigation of his conduct. ~

Psychopath, and accomplice of the GANG that came after me, John Paul DeJoria, Geraldo Rivera, said “Poor Andrew Cuomo is a lonely old man and he needed to sexually, harass, multiple, women, because living in Rochester is lonely!”

Just sayin…..maybe his nipple rings and his heathen behavior TURN OFF any class act lady……………


Let’s wait and see on Governor Andrew Cuomo and his destiny?

Going? Going? Gone? Dead man walking?


  1. Vyom SM says:

    He should have been gone by now.

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