October 4, 2020

Happy Weekend! I Saw A Glimpse of the Upcoming Golden Age……..

Last night!!! I did…..it was beautiful. We laughed. We appreciated. We felt grateful. To be ALIVE! We danced, we hugged, without masks, we were compassionate to […]
October 2, 2020

John Paul DeJoria, FRAUD HERPES CREAM, JAILED/DEAD PARTNERS, George Bush Sr., and Gov. Gregg Abbot and the C.I.A

UPDATE: I could NOT SLEEP last night wondering WHY IN THE HELL the C.I.A. would call in a SHAMPOO SALESMAN, John Paul DeJoria, within weeks of […]
October 1, 2020

Clare Bronfman – A Wretched Woman – BOOM – PRISON! Longer than Expected :)

Have you ever noticed how M I S E R A B L E the elite look? The Seagrams heiress…… Clare Bronfman. I have family that […]