Come with ME – Peace and LOVE…..

Hunter Biden – Biden Crime Family – Star Criminal – NOT First Family Standards!
October 16, 2020
The Biden Family CRIME SPREE CONTINUES – Caroline Biden – CRIME FAMILY
October 18, 2020
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Come with ME – Peace and LOVE…..

I try to leave ALL the EVIL information and TRY to give my self a break on the weekends!

It works wonders to re-nourish my soul………

That and the fact I am surrounded by love, joy, fun, and peace and an amazing group of support….I am so very grateful.

I never thought after the first LOVE FILLED DAYS of my childhood I would spend ALL THE REST YEARS LEAVING ABUSE.

But we all are……..

WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, and sometimes the choices are very painful, and unimaginable.

The TEST is horrendous, and the worst sacrifices we have to make between good and evil ARE UNREAL.

Sometimes, even, we have to choose GOOD over family as we can see CRIME FAMILIES EXIST (BIDEN).

All indoctrinated into a world of abuse.

I chose GOOD over EVIL when I left my horrendous domestic abuse marriage to Richard Zona Jr.

I am being REAL saying, at that time I did not know just HOW EVIL THE WORLD WAS…… but I did know it felt EVIL and FALSE.

Thank you to all the visitors to my blog……worldwide, as I love hearing from you.

Just today CHALCIS, Greece…..hmmmm and ARDMORE, Pa., AGAIN, which should not be on my blog.

Ardmore, Pa. made choices long ago that do not FIT into my LOVING, GRATEFUL, LIFE.

Let’s enjoy the weekend….if I were in this field of daisies, I would run through it with a BIG HAPPY SMILE ON MY FACE!

And invite the WORLD OF GOOD to come with me…………..

See ya Monday, with more horrendous EVIL outed!

We certainly are finding out who sold their SOULS!


*I’ll leave you with two questions?

Where is Hunter Biden? Indoctrinated into a life of CRIME AND ABUSE by Daddy Joe?

Where is Richard Zona Jr.?

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