Happy Weekend! I Saw A Glimpse of the Upcoming Golden Age……..

John Paul DeJoria, FRAUD HERPES CREAM, JAILED/DEAD PARTNERS, George Bush Sr., and Gov. Gregg Abbot and the C.I.A
October 2, 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell, Harvey Weinstein…..More Rapes, and More EVIL!
October 5, 2020
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Happy Weekend! I Saw A Glimpse of the Upcoming Golden Age……..

Last night!!!

I did…..it was beautiful. We laughed. We appreciated. We felt grateful. To be ALIVE!

We danced, we hugged, without masks, we were compassionate to one another………….

Kind, respectful, giving, and EVEN PROUD!

It was evident, the light was SHINING THROUGH the world’s tunnel of HELL we all experienced during our own journeys.

Life altering PAIN and ABUSE, BUT WE SURVIVED………




ABUSE IS CONTROL OVER YOUR HEART AND SOUL………… (be it physical or mental)

I hope and wish the WORLD will come with me into the GOLDEN AGE!:)

More clean up is to come….but I saw a glimpse of a beautiful era ahead.


See you Monday with some left over, has been, CRUD!


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Love you too tracy

  2. John Allen says:

    Dear Tracy,
    I was just hipped to your blog referencing the MONSTER judge Sullivan. I’ve read the two posts you have up and then I wound up reading about John Paul DeJoria in your blog somewhere which them led me to trying to find ANYTHING on the internet about him and his criminality. Suffice it to say, I was unsuccessful in finding anything but him making like he’s a great philanthropist who, in one excerpt, he was talking about one of his children and giving them an allowance of 13 dollars when they were 13, 8 dollars when they were 8 etc, and then he had to up it because of the times, so he increased it to 20 dollars. Trying to make like he’s some kind of normal person, frugal even. Then he took some wide eyed reporter for a ride on his motorcycle in a sidecar. He seems sooooooo “nice” but I see through that, he looks, to me, like a person who’s TRYING to make himself look a certain way. This is how they ALL do it, all the elitist satanist pedophiles or criminals, the corrupt ones…. believe what I TELL you to believe, but don’t try investigating me.
    I am so happy that you got to see the beautiful side of the way things CAN be without all this evil in the world. I’ve been cognizant of the overwhelming amount of evil and corruption probably about 5 years ago. I can FEEL the negative energies and they have been getting stronger and stronger….I don’t tell people that I can feel the energies because they’ll think I’m certifiable, at least most people would anyway. However, I’m hoping and praying this will change! I believe everything I’ve read that you’ve posted and I’ll continue to read. I’m subscribing to your blog. I’m sorry you had to endure all that you’ve had to. You were probably so frustrated every day, sad, angry, maybe depressed even. I know how I’ve felt when speaking truths and no one believes when you are telling TRUTHS and others are lying.
    I wanted to thank you for being so brave, for your writings, your blog, and exposing these things. So many people believe only what the large media outlets report on, hopefully that’s changing, which I DO believe it is, thanks to people like you. Hopefully all the evil will begin to be brought down, the corruption exposed, as well as all the REAL criminals who’ve been lying to us for so long.
    Keep up your fantastic work. I wish you all the best. Keep looking at the bright future, that feeling of love that comes with it. That light is AWESOME isn’t it !!! May God bless you and keep you safe, fulfilled, and happy healthy.
    Thank you so much again !!!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Your email means the WORLD to me! Thank you…..I would have it no other way BUT to be in the LIGHT. Truthfully, my life is beautiful….because no one owns my soul. And that Sir, bothers John Paul DeJoria’s CRIMINAL GANG the most! LOVE TO YOU! P.S. I would NEVER think your certifiable, just honest, real, and you know the TRUTH. Thank you for your goodness. We need to bring that BACK in this world…..

  3. John Allen says:

    Thank you for your kind words Tracy. I am very happy my message reached you. To hear that your life is beautiful actually makes me happy as well. You’ve beat them all. One doesn’t need a magnitude of money to be happy, honestly I think those that have enormous amounts of money are truly miserable. I don’t know why this is. I know if I had sums of money, I’d think it’d make those around me happier, I could give to people who need, to ease their tension and worry. I’d derive my own happiness from making others happy, which is pretty much how I live my life now anyway. It’d just be a matter of degrees.
    I am in an abusive relationship, not physical, although once I was hit with a blunt object in the face. Mostly it’s mental abuse. I’m constantly being lied to and made like I’m wrong when I KNOW I’m correct. This person lies, little things it could be, but they have to seemingly exaggerate or flat out lie, fibs, white lies. When bringing them up, a confrontation will occur, then I’ll stop asking questions because they will never admit the truth even when caught red handed. I don’t understand it. I’ve been trying to sever ties, but it seems like an impossibility. Logic and reason do not apply.
    I can’t just throw them out, my conscience will not allow me to do that. Part of this is because I put others first, and I endure the trauma of it, while they walk all over me. Mentally I’ve given it until after the election, thinking that the craziness out there will calm down. I’ll help them find somewhere to live and help them move their possessions. Heck, I’ll help pay for the rent, the security deposit etc, to make sure they’re ok. If I had no heart this could be easier but I cannot be responsible for causing pain or hurt to anyone. It would effect/affect me. I don’t understand the lies, how does someone do that to someone they supposedly love. Doesn’t make sense to me.
    I do know they posses very negative ways of thinking, I’m the complete opposite. I’d say they are toxic.
    I started this message with the intention of informing you that I’m happy my last message made you feel good. I think I may’ve went off on an unexpected tangent. Possibly because this feels anonymous, so it’s easier to simply write down.
    My apologies for my tangent.
    Again I’d like to thank you for all the work you do. I know it must be difficult. Much love from me to you. Stay well, be well, stay safe and sane ā¤ļøšŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ™šŸ™.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      As I stated in my blog I went online with my abuse by my ex husband Richard Zona Jr., because it was the only way to explain the horrific abuse without the chaos and crazy that goes hand in hand. It gave me a balance that I could write about it for a few minutes a day, then carry on normally to crawl my way out of a hole abuse can leave you in when you leave it. However, I found, my abuse story was a grain of sand in the world. The EVIL has trickled into ALL OUR LIVES. We have all been affected by it. Some, lost their soul to it, I DID NOT.:) In fact, I came back to myself. I did not want to be a sacrificial lamb to ABUSE. Your words to me ” Iā€™m constantly being lied to and made like Iā€™m wrong when I KNOW Iā€™m correct “, are the DEFINITION OF GASLIGHTING. No apologies are necessary as I LOVE hearing from everyone. These are tough times, strange times……..and the small tokens of kindness that got me through the dark, were the SIMPLE KIND WORDS OF STRANGERS, just like your email yesterday:) Everyone, including you DESERVES PEACE, and PURE LOVE in their lives…..I am not settling for less and I hope you do not either. Love hearing from you…….Tracy

  4. John Allen says:

    Thank you for your sharing Tracy. I’m going to look up that term, gaslighting. I am certain we’ve all had some form of evil push on our lives in one way or another. I really enjoy your wording of when you say that you haven’t lost you SOUL to it !!! I haven’t either, if anything, it has, along with all the other craziness going on in the world, brought me closer to God, in a fantastic way. When I’m alone and can be away from the toxicity, I feel the peace and revel in it. I listen to the birds, I watch them. I just absorb all the beauty around me, for it is everywhere. Throughout my life, I’ve ALWAYS said to people I’m friendly with our connected to, that they should STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. So many people do not. It’s terrible. They’re on a path to go go go go, but where are they rushing to?? I don’t get it, and I’ve never understood how people do not stop and appreciate life. Look around, commune with nature. I thought maybe it was because I lost my family very young, so I’ve been aware of my mortality since the age of 12 maybe? But I remember before that, I had the same feelings of appreciation. Always with love in my heart.
    Thanks for being my pen pal, lol, over the past few days. You’ve given me positivity, and have shown compassion and love to a complete and total stranger. I consider myself blessed by this kindness. Thank you Tracy !! You are an awesomely amazing person ! I am lucky. God bless.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I read this today..” ~ Vibe so high that toxic people in your life disappear, because they no longer know how to approach you ~ ”
      Give yourself SOME CREDIT…..your the KIND STRANGER that sent a perfect email at the perfect time. How did you know to do that? Right before you, I received several toxic messages, as many can not understand or believe that people not tied to money and possessions are ACTUALLY HAPPY! SOUL FREE. One said “Why don’t you stop wasting your time blogging…. NO ONE CARES.” And then your “PERFECT” email arrived at the “PERFECT” time. You are the ONE THAT CARED. PERFECT TIMING. I am GRATEFUL.

  5. John Allen says:

    That’s a great quote you read !! I love it.
    Wowee wow wow !!!! Lol. Sounded like the old cartoon The Flintstones or The Jetsons. Ha.
    THAT just made my entire day, possibly week, or longer !!!!!! That makes me very happy to hear. Very happy.
    I guess unbeknownst to us, we assist others, which is phenomenal. Maybe there is a plan, not our own, but one we’re guided to. Happenstance, I don’t think so. I DO think that we should always try to help others, even in our own times which may not be the best, but helping others is THE way to be. Albeit accidentally, MAYBE, lol in my timing to you.
    Don’t ever stop what you’re doing. Until you feel like stopping. Never let others influence what you do. You are great at what you do, your blog is AWESOME. I’ve had my eyes opened more thanks to you.
    I wish I had the knowledge to be able to help someone, like you being grateful to me. That would be a great gift. Thank you for telling me that story. Makes everything worthwhile!!
    Hope you have a lovely, joy filled day Tracy.
    I gather you’re in California, possibly. The weather is usually nice, right! I’m in crazy Noo Yawk. Oh boy. Cuomo is some piece of work. My uncle was personal friends with his father. Mario. Another corrupt family.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I LOVE hearing from someone that gets it, what is being fought for. H U M A N I T Y. And let me tell you something……THE CRIMINALS have tried to take my blog down repeatedly since CHRISTMAS EVE 2017 (they hacked it) and sent lawyers from Arkansas, San Diego, and LA. They have harassed me. They have threatened my life. They have corruptly gagged me and violated my first amendment right. I have to leave some of the SICK TRUTH out of my blog for that reason. For now! I WILL NEVER STOP….until the LAST EVIL PERSON ON EARTH IS EXPOSED. It’s been a journey that is unimaginable. Someday I will right about it all….but until then…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. XOXO (Yes I am living under another bad corrupt governor, such as yourself.) I don’t allow them to control me….I am going DANCING tonight! Happy Friday enjoy every second…..:)

      • John Allen says:

        Hi Tracy. I hope you had a wonderful night of getting your boogie down shoes on and you cut the rug up and tore it to shreds!! Woo hoo!
        I believe everything you’ve said in regards to what these evil corrupt people will do. I am very sorry that these injustices are being placed upon your being. It saddens me truly. I’m astounded by what they can do, have done, will continue to do, without being held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. This frustrates me beyond belief !!! I feel for you, really I do! I love your attitude of fight and FIRE and willingness to pursue exposing all these evils and injustices. I KNOW what they can do, I’m experiencing it first hand myself right now. Maybe another time I’ll share with you. I don’t think I should publicly post at this juncture, as it’s not concluded. I WILL share with you though, unquestionably. I understand the sick truths. People are s l o w l y waking up to some of the knowledge, and I try daily to wake up friends and family, but it’s proven to be quite the arduous task, which actually frightens me, as to how asleep a great majority of people are! I approach everything with truth and love in my heart.
        Yes, humanity, imagine, HUMANITY is hanging in the balance…. It’s unimaginable and when informing people of the TRUTH subjects one to, almost the scrutiny of one’s sanity, it makes it even more so frustrating! I wish I could help you in some way. I wish I could do more to help all those walking around asleep with blinders on.
        For whatever this is worth, I understand this is just writing, I completely comprehend what you’re going through, I am proud that you’re standing up for what is right and true, and also that I “have your back” in the universe. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
        Stay the course. Stay true… PONY BOY… Lol. You may not get that reference, it’s from a movie named “The Outsiders”, 1980’s I believe.
        Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday. Hoping that your feet are aching a tad from all the fun dancing last evening. Ha. Tata for now.

        • Tracy Zona says:

          I am blessed I have the MOST wonderful people in my life. Solid, good, true, loyal…yet very FUN. Have no doubt that TRACY can stop and “SMELL THE ROSES.”:) I am not aware of the reference but I will look into it. You help me…everyday, when I hear from ONE, NICE, human being that is enough for me! I will be very interested to hear your story…….it’s FREEING telling it. You have an AMAZING weekend yourself!

  6. John Allen says:

    Hi Tracy. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Seems like you are a daily check in for me now, lol. I like to read your positive remarks to what I’ve written to you, in commenting. I’ve found your positivity to assist, help me through my day. Thanks for that! Just writing something positive to someone makes me feel good. Brings me a little light.
    I am super glad that TRACY can STOP and smell those roses. Thank you for referring to me as “nice human being”. I take that as A GREAT compliment!!!!!!
    I told my dentist something similar last week, that I thought of him as a GOOD MAN. I meant the world with that seemingly small verbiage, when in fact it was the GREATEST compliment I could give him.
    Speak with you GREAT human being l8tr.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I had a wonderful weekend. I am surrounded with GOOD. Lotsa F U N too. I sure hope you did too! I am very happy you check in daily. Yes… I found during my difficult hell nice people came out of nowhere, they were blessings. And made the world a better place. JUST BE NICE. Why is that so hard for so many? It can change a LIFE. Although far away, it is nice to know your in the WORLD.

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