Darkest Moments and The Getty Museum?

September 19, 2020
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September 22, 2020
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Darkest Moments and The Getty Museum?

I have had a long personal journey down my own rabbit hole since 2016 as nothing in my years in Laguna Beach felt right.

My blog has survived again and again and again while heathens and criminals have tried to take it down.

Unfortunately I have seen darkness, I never could imagine EVIL so dark, but through it all I focused on the light.

Today A MOUNTAIN OF INFORMATION poured out………….

I am not a journalist and the New York Times hasn’t hired me…..I don’t have the financial ability to go as deep as I would like too.

Ask questions, that for the life of me, I can not believe, journalists are not asking….? What the HELL?

The world now knows pedophiles and child sex trafficking are being taken down daily….

The MONSTERS are in our FACE everyday…………

I usually write a blog with research and intuition which has worked 100 percent for me. I AM SPOT ON.

Let’s think about HOLLYWOOD for a moment. Arrests galore, rapes galore, and abuse of underage children galore.


Our biggest stars accused of EVIL. Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, Steven Tyler, Cher, and many, many more, are throughout my blog.

When I came across this on TWITTER today it was not research but intuition that propelled me to share it with you..

The EVIL unthinkable as the Getty Museum was a museum I frequented, and with my children.

Probably just a “CONSPIRACY THEORY” but my mind wandered……putting the pieces together.

HOLLYWOOD, where do they keep the children?

And then, the GETTY’S and the research I did on the GETTY’S, will blow you away……..

And then, our California Governor Gavin Newsom, was all but adopted by the Getty’s. Hmmmm…..

I think he SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE GETTY’s. Myself!

Think about it FOLKS, remember the two military ships that pulled into the Ports in L.A. and N.Y.C.?


My mind is RACING CONSPIRACY, but was it for CHILDREN or COVID?

And YES I CARE, SO MUCH, MY HEART ACHES, that’s why I could NEVER EVER not stop writing…………


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Would you mind naming some things you researched on the Getty’s?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Maybe many of those Hollywood stars and even politicians, judges too who knows, were the trafficked “adopted” (however they get them) kids, and they know more than anyone what awaits them if they speak out. They made it out of the basement where some of their peers didn’t. Who knows, but it is strange how they play a role so completely either seemingly brainwashed or afraid and it shows and it looks unnatural.

    There are some good ones out there who fight against this corruption and protect as many people as they can but they are becoming fewer and further inbetween it seems like.

  3. Gracy Anoz says:

    Finally someone willing to speak the TRUTH. Your bravery, intelligence, style…with just a touch of sass. I cant get enough. All this should earn you an award someday. jk can you believe yourself? This is your life. Goodness. Quit all of this. Nobody is this dumb, you’re doing it for attention. Try aging gracefully for a change.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Attention….not. I wrote about my own abuse so the abusers would NOT get away with it, which unexpectedly, sent me down a rabbit hole of EVIL. More victims need to do that so the pattern of abuse of humanity is STOPPED COLD. I couldn’t be someone to look away from EVIL. I expect zero awards, instead all I have received is THREATS, HARASSMENT, corruption, and legal abuse to stop the TRUTH. Your either in complete denial, which equates to ignorance, or COMPLICIT. Which one are you? MY LIFE IS FANTASTIC! By the way I am batting 100 percent! Your insults without knowing my heart are telling. Mission Viejo, huh…..not sorry I rattled your nerves!

      P.S. I’d be curious to know EXACTLY what and why about revealing TRUTH and the abuse of humanity bothers you so much? You’d prefer it continue?

  4. Sharon Clark says:

    Thank you.

    I’ve been researching for months, almost all day. This whole state is nothing but sink holes, tunnels, and underground storage shafts.

    Then, lets talk about the desert communities, like Palm Springs, Palm Desert and through the woods where its safe to hold satanic sacrifices and rituals.

    I just discovered your blog tonight and shared the “two Gross Fat Monsters” and , by the way, still laughing. Same since of humor.

    Thank you. Enjoy your work.

    ?? Was this Hefty a new information or after their rescues?


    • Tracy Zona says:

      WOW! I’d love to know what your research shows…. That’s news to me about the desert communities:( So much information is being dropped everyday and it explains my OWN rabbit hole. I hope to hear from you more….please, do tell! THANK YOU!

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