Lennar Corp., Kamala Harris, Jonathon Jaffe and Karen Jaffe – Mr. and Mrs. (EX) Potatoe Head!
August 1, 2020
August 4, 2020
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#BILLCLINTONWASAPEDO was TRENDING on twitter this morning………….

As we now have more accuracy on BILL CLINTON being a FREQUENT VISITOR.

So let’s take a Sunday, remember when, through Girlonfireca.com blog……………….

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria visited the Clinton Whitehouse and the GIANT FRAUD Maghreb Petroleum materialized.

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria went fishing with now known pedophile George Bush Sr.

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria and skanky wife eloise flaunted their friendship with Epstein visitor and pedophile Steven Tyler, just recently? Where is Steven Tyler?

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria hung out with Chris Milam, who purportedly exposed his DICK to a little girl, and RAPED a woman while attempting to suffocate her with plastic………..

Remember WHEN? I was terrorized, harassed, threatened, corruptly gagged and worse, legally abused, and blog hacked for nine months in 2017 – 2018. (By John Paul DeJoria’s FELONS)

Remember WHEN? My abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr, whom participated and engineered the SABOTAGE OF MY LIFE…but yet had abnormally close relationships with CONNECTIONS TO PEDOPHILES. Monsignor John Urell and Rick Warren Saddleback Church/BILLGATES.

Remember WHEN? Michael Jones, ROKIT, threatened, harassed, and DESPERATELY TRIED to get my blog down as recent as last week, and he shares the same address with John Paul DeJoria, and Jonathan Kendrick.

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria met with the Dalai LLama (NXVIM). Branding of women sex cult.

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria met with Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt, and Richard Branson. And I received a phone call from England asking me if “I had protection?”)

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria tried HARD to build a runway on Barbuda and develop it with Robert DeNiro, arrested sex trafficker, and Mike Meldman of tequila fame……………another developer like LENNAR?

Remember WHEN? John Paul DeJoria became an ambassador to Antiqua and Oprah Winfrey ALSO has a home there….who touted SICK FUCK JOHN OF GOD, Harvey Weinstein, and Peter Nygard. (with George Bush)

Remember WHEN? Bill Gates , who was also on Epstein’s jet, lived on top of apparently compromised, Bill Hornbuckle’s, MGM RESORT, along with Prince Al-Walleed.

Remember WHEN? Sadly the Raiders signed up with John Paul DeJoria, and Jonathan Kendrick in Vegas…….ROKIT.

Remember WHEN? Paula, Bill Hornbuckles, ex wife raised funds LIKE CRAZY, for the Laguna Beach Boy’s and Girl’s Club now tied to WAYFAIR and sex trafficking allegations. You gotta be smart enough to KNOW WHY YOUR RAISING MONEY. That’s why I STOPPED raising money for the Catholic Church and their support of pedophilia. Trust me, Paula is SMART.

Remember WHEN? Paula became BFF’s with the Jaffe’s/LENNAR who apparently pilfered a Ca. pension fund, and did some very strange things to build a multi million dollar home in Laguna beach, connected to Calpers, and Kamala Harris, who SCREAMS THE LOUDEST for all these PEDOS. And invited my ex abuser Richard Zona Jr. into their home.

Remember WHEN? JUST LAST WEEK when Michael Jone’s ROKIT, John Paul DeJoria’s and Jonathan Kendrick’s GOON, connected to some sort of Asian movie market, and Harvey Weinstein TRIED TO SILENCE ME…………..

Remember WHEN? I was unconstitutionally GAGGED in a Palm Springs courthouse with five attorneys after me from Arkansas, Los Angeles, and Arkansas………… (many articles on how they violated my First Amendment Right exists.)

Remember WHEN? A family court Judge, Judge Kira Klatchko, appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, who has a lengthly record of taking children from their abused mothers said in court “DID YOU GET HER BLOG DOWN?”

Remember WHEN? I was abused and MY OWN CHILDREN taken from me and given to my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr., with a LONG RECORD of the same by Attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rosen and Judge Michael Naughton in the O.C. These two should be in prison for LIFE! A woman recently committed suicide because of Bonnie Zeldin Rosen. And another one of the children taken by her, from a loving mother, like I was, is now five, and says “he wants to kill himself.”



  1. Vyom SM says:

    Do you think Branson and Mandela were pedophiles too?

  2. Tiffany Woolley says:

    Look at how much you have uncovered!!! The world is finally catching on!
    Never be silenced.

  3. Lady Ace says:

    Joe Rogan was asking Ron White If he thinks JP would go on his show 😱 noooooooo it’s gotta be stopped he’ll spread more bullshit Rehtoric about peace love and happiness

    • Tracy Zona says:

      He’s so FULL OF SHIT. Every WORD SPOKEN IS A LIE. He personifies EVIL, is a satanic priest, hangs with pedophiles, and has robbed, stolen, conned, and money laundered to become A FRAUD BILLIONAIRE. Just one of many. He is a skinny RAT WITH NOW A BIG PUFFED UP FACE.

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