17383 Sunset Blvd. #RoKIT #JohnPaulDeJoria #JonathanKendrick #MichaelJones #FBI

Don’t Let Jonathan Kendrick and John Paul DeJoria Bury You! (MICHAEL JONES TOO) ROKIT
July 29, 2020
Life’s A Beach – What a Week!
July 31, 2020
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17383 Sunset Blvd. #RoKIT #JohnPaulDeJoria #JonathanKendrick #MichaelJones #FBI

That’s all these three are – MONKEYS ON SUNSET BLVD!

I truly hope this is the last mention of these three, it didn’t have to be….


I had some very bad people to write about tonight but the monkeys, John Paul DeJoria, Jonathan Kendrick, and Michael Jones STOLE THE SPOTLIGHT ON SUNSET………………….

You see, I did more research, barely any at all, and you MUST FINE TUNE YOUR SEARCHES because GOOGLE has been shielding the FRAUD John Paul DeJoria for a very long time. WE ALL KNOW GOOGLE DOES THIS….

But lo and behold I found many postings of ROKIT being called a scam! Many…..

HOWEVER, will Michael Jones, SCUMBAG FROM HELL, silence us ALL!? (I posted his picture on my twitter account, just in case)

No one likes to be threatened and BAD THINGS HAPPEN when you are affiliated with John Paul DeJoria. (PAST BLOGS)

A few I have found on Redditt…..they have done their homework!

~ [Semi-OT]Shady backgrounder about RoKiT

Seeing as the season is about to start and I am looking for a new cheap android I decided to look into what RoKiT is actually about to see if I could buy one of their upcoming devices

After seeing that their website pretty much has zero details about the actual devices I decided to look elsewhere online. The beginning signs were encouraging, there are actual device filings and photos on the FCC website showing that at the very least they did actually submit some devices for approval. Apparently they were at CES but reviewers from there noted they were also vague about the device details and even the launch itself. After more searching the closest thing online that brings an actual breakdown of the devices is a demonstration to a Youtube tech reviewerat an Indian press event 4 months but again this was highly superficial.

So that encouraged me to look deeper. Looking further back at Rokit’s involvement in the cell phone space I noticed that it did actually run a cell phone service at some point in the US where they paid Verizon,Sprint,ATT to provide the last mile infrastructore. At the same time they were also selling the same services(( pharmacy discounts, family legal services etc))[https://web.archive.org/web/20180102012127/https://rokmobile.com/life/] that they are claiming to want to sell with these new devices. The shady part of it is that they suddenly shut it down in Aug 2018 leaving all their customers stranded without cell service.

They also attempted to ghost the users who had already prepaid for their services forcing many to go through their financial institutions to chargeback their fees. The rumor in the cell related forums is that their cell network providers cut them off because they weren’t getting paid and RoKiT was still taking people’s money without telling this despite them knowing the end date months in advance.

To me its weird that a company that only a few month ago who could not afford to keep running as just a mobile service reseller would suddenly be able to become a service provider and phone manufacturer (especially in the lower end android market where margins are thin) as well as sell insurance products. Not only that,just weeks after shutting down their US service they suddenly have money to sponsor an NBA (Houston Rockets) and NFL team (LA Chargers). Then they now have money to be the title sponsor of Williams despite missing all the launch dates they claimed to have. First they claimed they would start selling in last year’s holiday season, then they switched to March 2019 which is a goal they are definitely going to miss.

The cynical guy in me feels that this is just a lead up into a bigger scam after that they already cheated a bunch of people out of their money.

All I hope is Williams cashed their sponsorship check in advance.

~ The Rockets have seemingly not done their due diligence in selecting the sponsor for their jersey: ROKiT (ROK group)

The main part of the Group ROK Stars (and the only bit that actually makes sales as far as I can tell in the ABK beer and other beverages) being massively loss making, having fairly small sales of c. £12m and being listed on the Stuttgart stock exchange at a whole €0.01 per share and a total market cap of €1m, probably less than 5% of their annual sponsorship payment to Williams… https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/RKS:GR

Many many parts of the Group being basically websites only but having very few products available:

Inexplicably inferior basis android phones that basically no one has and are largely purchased on Amazon or on the website with such promotions as “you choose what you pay” ,

“bundled” phone packages where phones are apparently sold with access to a doctor AND a lawyer 24/7, plus life insurance, plus a breakdown service despite no evidence of these services being available,unbuyable water purification product that failed (http://rokstars.com/rok-water-technologies-develop-game-changing-water-purification-breakthrough/)

unbuyable even more ridiculous “all in one water filtration and cooking system” http://www.purerokit.com/?page_id=155 & https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rok-stars-announce-revolutionary-solar-powered-water-purifying-and-cooking-system-pure-rok-300386353.html

“Marula oil” that is completely out of stock http://www.marula.com/shop-products/

“game changing” water product that is unavailable and fairly ridiculous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho6t-Ri74hY

Key director Jonathan Kendrick being director on a large list of companies that went into formal liquidation/administration including









Key director and founder Jonathan Kendrick claiming the following at Rokit launch in India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybSrD4VZvE “Rok was the first to invent apps…before Steve Jobs”, “We invented streaming services, which we patented”, “One of our partners is NASA… Our technology is NASA engineered technology”. And also claiming in regard to Marula Oil that : “”We’ve employed 7,000 ladies to make this oil. We help 100,000 family members. We could go to 20,000 women by the end of this year. https://www.allwirelessnews.com/features/5-minutes-with-jonathan-kendrick.html

Key director and founder JohnPaul Dejoria who appears to have similar truthtelling abilities, stated each of the following, none of which I can find any evidence for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udPq_B–1dw

“We gave away the phones for free to homeless veterans”,

we have telemedicine 24/7″

“we’re working with NASA, that’s one of our partners,

“[rokit phones can] scan the body, do unbelievable health things”

“we’re wifi-ing the entire country of India, to help lower classes become higher classes”

Previous mega loss making company ROKIT entertainment listed in US which per prospectus: “On a combined basis, ROK together with RCL have generated £3,721,669 (approximately $7,852,722) in revenue from inception through June 2007, and have incurred a combined operating loss of £24,072,257 (approximately $50,792,462) during that period. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/863139/000114420407063517/v095158_8k.htm

Can you find any evidence whatsoever of a ROKIT group company (one of the 300 or so) having made any major sales, let alone made a profit?

Can you think of any reason why this company has hundreds of entities, hundreds of separate websites and hundreds of products, none of which appear to have any sales or profit?

Does anyone actually know anyone who works at a ROKIT company other than ABK brewery?

TLDR: ROKiT is pretty much a big scam.~

*****MANY MORE ARE QUESTIONING RoKIT BESIDES ME? I could have posted countless more……*******


I have a bad feeling about what they are really selling……………………….


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Monkeys need to go down

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Wow! This guy Michael Jones from RoKIT hit me this week. He is just HORRIBLE. He thinks the HOLLYWOOD ELITE STILL EXISTS and no one can stand up to abuse, harassment, terror, and threats all of which he has committed. And what’s so crazy is, I never knew the stupido existed until he began threatening and harassing me. The reason my blog began was to out the secrecy of abuse. Michael Jones thinks he can keep harassing me and I’m not going to tell anybody. The John Paul DeJoria GOON way! I’ve been through it with the first John Paul DeJoria GOON that was sent to prison. One of the purposes of my blog is to be there for silent assault. This is a perfect example. Thank you for reading and being supportive. Now he is HARASSING my web hosts. But I reported it to the DOJ and FBI. And my local police, like I had to do last year with the same Michael Jones. Now a history exists of this behavior. Along with a train of emails. With threats such as “This is your last warning” I take it seriously.

  2. Vyom SM says:

    I pray that your call for action is finally answered.

  3. Trevon murray says:

    Why the racist comments about Mr. Jones. Calling a black person a monkey is racist. You know he is black Be care babes hostile subject you talking. If Steve knew he would be pissex

    • Tracy Zona says:

      The token being called a “RACIST.” The end all, be all manipulation, gaslighting, bullshit, that is over in 2020! I am for ALL OF MANKIND. And have no idea about Michael Jones, and never want to know. He was called a “monkey” because he sold his SOUL and does what EVIL asks of him to do. I called Jonathan Kendrick, and John Paul DeJoria monkeys too………… RACIST BULLSHIT! Nullified! Another THREAT! IP

  4. Tiffany Woolley says:

    Another scam!!! Wonder what it is really covering up for!? How much will the system be abused by the monkeys this time?

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