Did Jamie Foxx SELL OUT HIS OWN DAUGHTERS For a Nefarious Agenda?

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June 11, 2020
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June 16, 2020
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Did Jamie Foxx SELL OUT HIS OWN DAUGHTERS For a Nefarious Agenda?

We have been educated as of late on the horrific acts celebrities perform to succeed in Hollywood and win Oscars.

It is getting old watching Jamie Foxx RUN OUT to be a spokesperson for every black crisis.

Jamie could have used his celebrity to bring the world together….but instead he divides.

Is Jamie Foxx just another FLYING MONKEY PUPPET? Sadly, I think so.

If you do your research on Trayvon Martin you find Trayvon’s father to have questionable connections?

Hmmm…. do they raise money for these tragic black events?

So now, George Floyd, and as someone who focuses on abuse and humanitarian issues I question Jamie’s fatherhood for his two young daughters. I do!

Did Jamie SELL OUT his daughters so he can keep his POOR, VICTIMIZED, black man’s MANSION for an agenda?

~ Jamie Foxx is opening up about the conversations he’s having with his children about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Oscar winner, who is father to Corinne Foxx, 26, and Annalise Bishop, 10, took to Instagram to reflect on his recent experience at a protest with his kids while also calling for change.

“Passing it along. Having my kids with me at the protest was bitter sweet,” Foxx told his fans. “Having them watch the world come together was beautiful… But having to explain to them why we were all there was heartbreaking.”

The actor continued, “Let’s change the world so they don’t have to live in it the way we have been.” Foxx also added the hashtags #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #swipeleft. ~

Let’s think about that………………..

Jamie Foxx took his two daughters to a protest for George Floyd, a man that violently held a woman at gunpoint.

Jamie Foxx took his two daughters to a protest for a man that held A PREGNANT WOMAN AT GUNPOINT!

With ABUSE ON HUMANITY being exposed like never before………..

Jamie Foxx condoned abuse of woman and criminals to his daughters…………

I’d like to know if Jamie Foxx gets paid to show up for VIOLENT CRIMINALS……?

Ya, I think he sold his two daughters OUT!

#ALLLIVESMATTER and Aracely Hernandez, the woman George Floyd held at gunpoint, and her unborn child, endured TRAUMA at the GROTESQUE MAN HANDS OF GEORGE FLOYD, before the baby was even born……….

We have lived through a CULTURE OF ACCEPTED ABUSE, and Jamie Foxx taught his daughters abuse is ignored because George Floyd is a black man.

Our society is SICK!

P.S. Jamie Foxx LOVES HIS OPRAH! The two became quite close about the time he won an Oscar for RAY.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Those eyes say it all.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Can you imagine? He takes his daughters to support a MAN that held a woman at gunpoint. A pregnant woman.
      Basically teaching his daughters that VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMAN IS O.K. if it is an over glorified CRIMINAL black man. Something tells me it is for a nefarious cause or BIG MONEY! Did you see how much George Floyd’s family made from FUND ME? I wonder how much Trayvon Martin’s family made?

  2. Olivia B. says:

    SHUT UP…And I DONT Agree with All the Crime You Say George Floyd did, if true, but did he deserve to be killed that day? The Answer is NO…And All BLACKS DON’T Except Abuse , So STOPP LYING….and I feel the ONLY time Jamie Foxx SOLDOUT …, Is When he started Dating White Women…DERANGO 👉🏾Need to “GETOUT”

    • Tracy Zona says:

      No…I will not SHUT UP. Ever. I never said he deserved to die that day. However he WAS/IS A VIOLENT CRIMINAL. Holding a pregnant woman at gun point is EVIL. Honestly, I have no proof he died that day, just like Jussie Smollet lied about being attacked, and it never happened. I do not TRUST the NEWS. And Jamie should be ashamed of himself putting young women, his own blood, in a position to herald a man that treated women violently. My opinions have NOTHING to do with anyone being black or white. I look at the character of their being. And my desire is FOR ALL to treat one another with care. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your always welcome here even if your opinion is different than mine. And I will always treat you with respect. I expect the same.

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