General Mattis, CRIMINAL FRAUD – THERANOS – Is He DUMB!? A General?

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June 5, 2020
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June 8, 2020
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General Mattis, CRIMINAL FRAUD – THERANOS – Is He DUMB!? A General?


He is either a liar, a complete fraud, a DUMMY, EVIL, OR ALL OF THOSE COMBINED.

I will BET he isn’t sleeping. Look at his BAGS!

One thing is for SURE…..he lies when his lips move.

I did a past blog on THE FRAUD, THERANOS, that General Mattis was paid a high fee to sit on the board.

Theranos was a GIGANTIC STOCK FRAUD, similar to CMKM Diamonds, and was eerily similar to many of FRAUD billionaire John Paul DeJoria’s stock frauds. (PAST BLOG)

Theranos was downright CREEPY and General Mattis was trying his damndest to bring it to the military so he could PROFIT EVEN MORE.

I was thoroughly CREEPED OUT doing my research on EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH THERANOS.

We all know what General Mattis had to say about Elizabeth Holmes as he sat on the board of THERANOS.

~ Mattis on .
Holmes: “She has probably one of the most mature and well-honed sense of ethics – personal ethics, managerial ethics, business ethics, medical ethics that I’ve ever heard articulated.” .~


~ Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, who promised to revolutionize blood testing, has been charged by the SEC with a “massive fraud” involving more than $700 million.~

I can not believe he has the nerve to open his mouth and attempt to divide THE WORLD and LIE just like he did about Elizabeth Holmes.

I can not believe he was in the U.S. military and involved with an enormous CRIMINAL FRAUD.

And I can not believe he has not been brutally questioned about his involvement in THERANOS, AN EPIC CRIMINAL FRAUD.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    I knew this guy was not clean and I can say the same for the rest of the board members.

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