Family Court : Corruption, Neal David Sutz, Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Judge Kira Klatchko, Bill Gates.

Atty. Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, Hayley Rosen, Ann Kim/ CA State Bar all COMPLICIT
May 29, 2020
Crazy, Chaotic, DESPERATE LOST Acts for Power and Control. STAY CALM.
May 31, 2020
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Family Court : Corruption, Neal David Sutz, Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Judge Kira Klatchko, Bill Gates.

I signed a petition today.

So many of us have lost the children we are supposed to LOVE, for corruption sake and pure evil.

I never could have imagined, after a loving healthy, childhood, I would HAVE TO ACCEPT DAILY ABUSE AT THE HANDS OF MY EX-HUSBAND Richard Zona Jr., OR lose my children to a corrupt family court.

I knew it years ago as I have been in a courtroom THREE TIMES and the EVIL corruption was in FRONT OF MY EYES.

Nearly two years ago I was in Judge Kira Klatchko’s courtroom, I told her PROFESSIONAL WEALTHY CRIMINALS WERE AFTER ME, and she said “IS THAT BLOG DOWN?”

Judge Kira Klatchko wanted me silenced………. but I am still here:)

And I NOW recognize I am FAR FROM ALONE. Parents around the WORLD have suffered the worst EVIL imaginable.

All of us that lost our children in a system filled with evil, nefarious, corruptness have now joined hands, and are exposing it ALL.

It’s sinister, it is EVIL, it is unimaginable……….and TRUE.

Neal David Sutz’s story below is believable, and horrific, many of us have lived it, and lost to a sick, sick, system.

And OMG! Within his story are Judge Amy Berman Jackson who gagged and lead a corrupt corrupt courtroom against Roger Stone.

And you guessed it……..LOSER, he is a LOSER, Bill Gates.

I was told by a family member, my children are GONE. However I will stand TALL for anyone in the midst of this PURE EVIL CORRUPTION.

My heart goes out to all our hearts broken, BUT NEVER OUR SOULS.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    I don’t care if people call me a conspiracy theorist but I do believe something is very wrong and I do believe David’s story!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      You do know what an abuser calls his victim, “CRAZY.” It is the same with “CONSPIRACY THEORIST.” To many dots connect to ALL the corruption. I know his story is REAL. And tragic. I have been in three CORRUPT courtrooms. You don’t gag a lady, like me, for calling a 3x felon a felon. There has been a thirty year long cover up.

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