I Love Cotton Candy and I AM NOT ONE, IN A FLOCK OF SHEEP!

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May 11, 2020
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May 14, 2020
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I Love Cotton Candy and I AM NOT ONE, IN A FLOCK OF SHEEP!

Honest to goodness, I just went through HELL on TWITTER.

Because I have my OWN MIND and NO ONE OWNS me I had dozens of tweets come at me from those in MASKS!

It’s as if the identities of these strange entities do NOT EXIST…..

You’ve got MONKEY PUPPETS, JOHN PAUL DEJORIA and celebs, making videos, wear masks, do this and do that…..

Most of those in MASKS ARE NOT DOCTORS! And even if they were……...

You would be INTELLIGENT to get MANY OPINIONS and then do your OWN research…………….

Follow in a FLOCK OF SHEEP? NO way… (wear this, stand here, don’t go in there, wait in line)…….WTF?

Let me tell you my favorite Doctor story………………..

I once lived in Laguna Beach, in an affluent community, high on a hill, in a multi-million dollar home, within a home of domestic abuse.

The Village of Laguna Beach WAS DARK, women I knew, were beaten and abused by their husbands. FRAUDS and CRIMINALS resided in the multi million dollar homes down the street from me. (John and Stacy Gavin come to mind, as Stacy was also beaten by FELON John) And a pedophile moving priest, Monsignor John Urell was frolicking with my abusive ex husband, Richard Zona Jr., OFTEN.

But these WEALTHY, SOLD THEIR SOUL, KNOW IT ALLS, in Laguna Beach always said what Doctor to see, who did your plastic surgery(?), don’t eat this, eat that, don’t drink this, drink that.

You had to be one of the SHEEP TO SURVIVE LAGUNA BEACH…….I am happy to say….I DIDN’T SURVIVE LAGUNA BEACH!

I made my own world, filled with LOVE, CARE, COMPASSION, JOY, and BEAUTY…..

But back to the DOCTOR, THIS INCREDIBLE DOCTOR, they all said, who also lived high on a hill in a multi- million dollar home in Laguna, Dr. Kramer!

I took someone I love very much to Dr. Kramer with a broken arm. Dr. Kramer put a cast, THIS INCREDIBLE DOCTOR (puke), so they said, the flock of sheep, on the elbow which he said he believed to have a fracture. After four weeks the cast was removed. The arm was not right. Panic set in…this isn’t right? I trusted the flock of SHEEP who said DR. KRAMER was a savior.

Another x-ray…..and now “OH THE FRACTURE IS NEAR THE SHOULDER” we must immediately do surgery and withdraw bone marrow into my loved ones fracture, by the flock of SHEEPS, favorite DOCTOR.

But wait…. I am not following the SHEEP……….. you made an incorrect diagnosis the FIRST TIME UNROYAL DOCTOR….NO…. YOUR DIAGNOSIS WRONG, JUST LIKE THE MODELS WERE WRONG….(DR. FAUCI, DR. BIRX)



That’s what your supposed to do? GET OPINIONS THEN DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU…..SHEEP NO MORE!!!

So to all those masked twitter NON ENTITIES that came in dozens at me……………

You got the WRONG GIRL……… You don’t stand a chance………..

While your hunkered down because of a KNOW IT ALL DOCTOR that got it WRONG………….

I will be LIVING and doing what the woman of LAGUNA BEACH wouldn’t dare do…………..(the ones I knew)

I might even have a COTTON CANDY, or a HAWAIIAN SHAVED ICE!!!!!

I am here to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Vyom SM says:

    I can’t say how much is true of that covid 19 chaos going on around the world but I can this is being exaggerated by the media.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Dr. Fauci, with a forty year history of FRAUD behind him, seems to be getting it quite wrong. Of course he has been connected to BILL AND MEL GATES, so it raises BIG doubts, when the numbers keep changing and declining, and the models of prediction were ALL wrong. Dr. Fauci is not to be TRUSTED. And then…add in the DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR’S extension of the lockdown when states like Florida, and Georgia, and Texas are OPEN. It is fairly evident it was a political hit to ruin lives and economies before a U.S. Presidential election. And those masked entities on Twitter that come after me, by the dozens, all have the Obama/Biden politics all over their tweets…….trying to silence me again it sure feels like!!

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