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Take a GOOD LOOK folks, as frauds and psychopath abusers, can look like the guy next door!

Does he look o.k? Dressed up in a suit and tie, with Momma. (Barbara LoRusso Zona).

The perpetuated FRAUDS NEVER END with Richard Zona Jr..

This MAN forced sex on me nightly, punched holes in walls, stole my marital home, stole my jewelry, stole my car, cheated throughout our marriage, with men and women, is in contempt of court in California, and told me I would have to “LICK HIS ASSHOLE” to get my legal money which is still owed to me today. (1,864,000 including interest, but THAT does not include what he STOLE)

Yeah, Richard Zona Jr., has a new website! And he wants you to know he is with his Momma!

This website with Momma is a FRAUD. Remember, he RAN from CALIFORNIA when his DRUG REHAB (FAITH BY THE SEA) was unsuccessful, as I was on his trail and he could not commit the FRAUD he wanted to! He had lawsuits for not paying rent, which Richard Zona Jr., has a 40 year history of, and is his typical FRAUD move. Of course there is no mention of FAITH BY THE SEA in his bio. LOL.

Some other FRAUDS in his BIO that purposely skim over the TRUTH…

– No mention of being the Quaalude DRUG dealer at University of Massachusetts.
– No mention of committing FRAUD on not only his wife of eighteen years (me) but committing FRAUD on TWO BLOOD BROTHERS. One moved to Colorado to get away from him and the GYPSY FAMILY.
– No mention of the LIFE TIME friends that are FELONS. And presently, in PRISON, after they came after me for TELLING THE TRUTH.
-No mention of more than dozens of lawsuits just to get payment from him on articles he purchased and never paid for.
– No mention of being a cross between Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and Charlie Manson.
– No mention of how many people he has signed their name, including mine, family members, and others.
– He did NOT graduate CUM LAUDE.
– And I doubt, highly doubt, he was named REALTOR of the YEAR, by Berkshire Hathaway, although WARREN BUFFET does reward his SCUMBAGS. Someone call OMAHA, NEBRASKA and confirm, PLEASE!!! LOL! I would, but Warren Buffet doesn’t like me…….(AND I DON’T CARE:)


~ Based in Jupiter, Florida, Richard Zona is a Realtor with over a decade of experience in the industry, during which time he has worked with a variety of organizations. Alongside this, Richard Zona has founded several companies, including Main Beach Realty, which he owned from 2009 to 2013.

He also owned Rocky Mt. Water, where he served as president and grew the business to have over 1,600 accounts over several years. Mr. Zona also has experience with Berkshire Hathaway, where he was named Realtor of the Year while selling over $15 million in property in his first two years with the firm.

Richard Zona serves as a broker at Illustrated Properties, which he joined in 2018. In the role, he is responsible for the sales and rentals of various properties in Palm Beach. Before beginning his career in real estate, Mr. Zona studied at the University of Massachusetts, where he graduated cum laude with a degree in finance.~

Let’s talk about Momma, Barbara Zona, that taught him ALL ABOUT BEING A FRAUD!

Barbara Zona is complicit in this FRAUDULANT BIO. She gets $$$ through her son’s frauds and always has……!

She was pregnant with baby, Richard Zona Jr., before marriage.

She originates from a family of cons and FRAUDS.

Tony LoRusso/brother would pretend to hurt his back and then SUE UMass Medical. And then laugh about it with the rest of the family.

Barbara Zona steals salt and pepper shakers from restaurants, or ANYTHING, she can get her FAT PUFFED UP FINGERS around. (We had to hide everything from her)

Like Momma, like Son, with a FULL MOUTH OF FAKE CHEAP TEETH!!!

Oh and brother Peter LoRusso, who managed a hotel near Disneyland, was caught STEALING from the til and remodeling his house and yard with stolen monies.

WATCH OUT FOR MOMMA, (Barbara Zona) and son, Richard Zona Jr. the TWO OF THEM are complicit in FRAUD, ABUSE, AND THEFT, as it is OBVIOUS the family dynamic has continued since ROBBING ME BLIND!

It’s almost pschopathically unimaginable that for all the flying monkeys, that helped him, that he left in the dust, and in PRISON, that he would enable a website called RICHARDZONA.COM.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Yep, note taken! Baby face looking shitheads can be a fraud.

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