March 11, 2020
OOPS! Who Has Bill Gates by the Balls!!!?
March 13, 2020
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Rotten Eggs!

Interestingly, Chappaqua, N.Y.(guess who lives there?), London, England, and Idstein, Germany were all on my blog at the same time today!

I was reading all day about the WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! Let’s see…

*Not surprisingly, strap-on, molesting minors, Ghislaine Maxwell is encouraging double, triple, chinned Prince Andrew NOT TO CO-OPERATE with the FBI.

Heidi Klum felt sick today as her association with Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, and photographed with young sex slaves along with the NIGHTMARE Naomi Campbell, has apparently got the best of her. TOO LATE HEIDI GLUM! Randomly, I googled Project Runway deaths and certainly quite a few exist.

Joy Behar (RUDE BITCH) who normally can not shut her trap and has a rude habit of just talking louder, faster, and over others has taken some time off? She has NOT SHUT HER TRAP FOR THREE YEARS….GOOD RIDDANCE. So many are dropping like flies….have you noticed??

Now remember she sits with Whoopi Goldberg on The View, who famously said Roman Polanski’s rape of a thirteen year old wasn’t really “RAPE, RAPE.”

OPRAH! Whom I do not like, and Michelle Obama, have not uttered an apology to the world for touting Harvey Weinstein, A CONVICTED MONSTER RAPIST IN THIS WORLD. In fact they seem to be hiding. It is NOT GOING AWAY. Flying monkeys are grotesque creatures.

Donna Rotunno Harvey Weinstein’s LOSER attorney is sputtering her client “has not given up”……OMG! GO AWAY!

At Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing THE GOOD PROSECUTOR, JOAN ILLUZZI-ORBON, THE WINNER, told the Judge the years of horrible treatment of humanity by Harvey Weinstein. It wasn’t just RAPE folks, this man is PURE EVIL.

And of course, Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria ARE VERY ROTTEN EGGS!! Let’s not FORGET or downplay their SMELL!!!

All in all today’s post contains a bunch of smelly (SULPHUR LIKE), ROTTEN EGGS!!!!!

Everyday…the world becomes a bit more beautiful!!!

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