Bluffs UPS Store – Jupiter, Fla, Little Richard Zona Jr. – Have You Seen Him?

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February 17, 2020
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February 18, 2020
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Bluffs UPS Store – Jupiter, Fla, Little Richard Zona Jr. – Have You Seen Him?

Back to ME! Only momentarily…… as I am an optimist and always hopeful for EVIL to break!

Has anyone seen little Richard Zona Jr. at the Bluffs, UPS Store, in Jupiter, Florida?

Little Richard Zona Jr., ALWAYS had a Post Office Box throughout our entire abusive marriage.

I never had a key as I was controlled, through coercive tactics…throughout.

I wish, to this day, I knew what was arriving in that Post Office Box that he didn’t want me to see?

Last effort to find this tiny monster…..I found he had ANOTHER POST OFFICE BOX at this UPS STORE in the Bluff’s Jupiter, Fla.

Has anyone seen him? As he has destroyed his family. Purposely, Because he is a MONSTER.

Most importantly, I would still desire for him to attempt to repair all the damage he has done to our lives. The scars he has left on innocent victims, and all his flying monkeys he has LEFT IN THE COLD? (THAT IS FUNNY, poor flying monkeys!)

Just like his partner in EVIL, connected through CRIMINALS, John Paul DeJoria. (Evil John Paul and eloise DeJoria do not care about their flying monkey’s either)

So much destruction has occurred in the PATH of TWO EVIL TINY MEN.

I would still desire to have what is mine, what I worked for, and what he STOLE BY FRAUD, FROM ME.

I would still desire to have what a court ordered that tiny Richard Zona Jr. is in contempt for.

And I would still desire to have my jewelry, and car that was stolen by his felon charged brother in law, John Paradise, of Paradise Automotive group, who took my car while I was sleeping late one night. (my jewelry was taken the same night)

If you see Little Richard Zona Jr… remember he told me the ONLY WAY I COULD GET IT IS “if I licked his asshole.” He truly is not charming like most abusers behind closed doors.

*****My blog has taken me on a journey around the world.

It has taken me to the most EVIL doors one can imagine. Not, that I set out to see……..nor was it my intention.

No doubt, Little Richard Zona Jr.’s, and John Paul DeJoria’s, determination to continue EVIL at all costs, against me, lead me through the matrix of a GIANT story, GOOD vs. EVIL, I am certain will one day be told.

I just kind of feel Little Richard Zona Jr. is running out of time for redemption. In case you see him at the Bluff’s UPS Store, Jupiter, Fla.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    What could be in there?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I have my ideas, none are legal, but I am running at 100 percent so this I am not quite sure of, as it was hidden from me for years. I am not going to guess as my 100 percent accuracy I am QUITE proud of 🙂

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