Tiffany (Pure Good) and Scott Woolley. Evil, John Paul DeJoria, Did Not Burn Their Wings!

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February 12, 2020
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Tiffany (Pure Good) and Scott Woolley. Evil, John Paul DeJoria, Did Not Burn Their Wings!

I have found, unfortunately, not a whole lot of justice or TRUTH is found in a courtroom. But I’m calling TRUTH as I know it.

Sometimes…as it has happened to me, VERY EVIL PEOPLE suck in good people. You end up playing with the devil without knowing it. It’s an unfair game because one side NEVER EXPECTS THE EVIL. Such is what happened to me with my ex abusive husband Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria/ CRIMINAL affiliates.

Many months back… I always push buttons to get to the TRUTH, I wrote a button pushing blog about Tiffany Woolley. Her husband Scott Woolley, was arrested, a former partner of John Paul DeJoria’s, just another one that has suffered a bad fate, after being USED UP by John Paul DeJoria. (Several have died, or gone to prison after they were USED UP.) It is a PATTERN that is UGLY AND EVIL.

“It looks like it was the sorriest day of my life,” William Woolley, Scott’s father, told Rosenberg. He insisted his son worked countless hours for DeJoria for free. “I asked him, ‘Why are you doing all these things for nothing for a billionaire?’ ” the senior Woolley testified. “He said, ‘I want to get ahead. I want to impress him.’”

It always seems to happen when it’s time for John Paul DeJoria to pay what he has promised.

The mother fucker is as GREEDY as he is EVIL.

I’ll bet he has USED every Hell’s Angel…..imaginable. FOOLS……..

Well I got my TRUTH! Straight from Tiffany Woolley, an amazing, kind, loving, principled woman that loves her family like I wanted to LOVE MINE. THE DEVIL GOT MINE:(

And whatever this scrawny, pathetic, ugly, old, shriveled, greedy EVIL, beyond words, man did to try to destroy a beautiful family (John Paul DeJoria and eloise, she’s disgusting)……… His SATANIC soul is corrupted.

It did not WORK…..

John Paul DeJoria and his rotten to the core family did not BURN THE WOOLLEY’S WINGS!!!!

And the devil, John Paul DeJoria, DID NOT BURN MY WINGS!!!!!

**** I am GRATEFUL for my blog, that I encountered on my journey, Tiffany Woolley, in my own battle between GOOD AND EVIL.

And there you have it…..TRUTH! I am ever so sorry the WOOLLEY’S were stung too!!


  1. TW says:

    Grateful to put this behind us and have encountered you and your blog along the way. You are strong, genuine and kind! I look forward to the continuation of making sure the truth stay told!

  2. Vyom SM says:

    I was reading an article whereby it says Scott himself pleaded guilty, am confused, if John Dejoria used him, why did he plead guilty?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      It’s complicated…courtrooms….the pressure to plead guilty to spend less time in jail. Even if your not. Once the charges are on you you have very few options for truth. And with the power of corruption as I was faced with to silence me…the Woolleys with children and an autistic daughter felt pressured to make choices that were the least detrimental to their family. If you don’t plead guilty, even if your not, you risk maximum jail time. However, I am told the presence of the video of John Paul DeJoria, he didn’t show up, in the courtroom was so telling of EVIL, that the Judge gave Scott Woolley an extremely light sentence. John Paul DeJoria was vying for an extremely hard sentence to do away with yet another partner. Several have died or been sent to prison. BUT HOLD ON…….the story is NOT OVER YET. In fact, it may be the beginning of the END for John Paul DeJoria. One anonymous former business partner of John Paul DeJoria’s once wrote to me “have you ever met someone you’d wished you never met?” Trust me that is how the Woolley family feels. Scott Woolley will do his brief time but it “AIN’T OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER.”:)

  3. Vyom SM says:

    Wished there were many more who could come and expose these bad billionaires.
    By the way have you heard of Peter Nygard? Was just reading some news when this guy’s name popped up.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      The world is changing….you will hear of more! As for Peter Nygard I will look into it……….you know me, point me into the direction of a TOTAL SCUMBAG and I’m on it!!!

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