THE BIG CHEESE! Donna Rotunno – Has Found Her Niche to be Rich!! Defending Rapists.

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February 6, 2020
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THE BIG CHEESE! Donna Rotunno – Has Found Her Niche to be Rich!! Defending Rapists.

Like Attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, whom fraudulantly defends abusers in a family court, Attorney Donna Rotunno has found her niche!

She has repeatedly defended rapists. Donna Rotunno LOVES to defend rapists.

Donna Rotunno is complicit in rape.

She LOVES to hold the victim responsible for TRUSTING another human being. As if good people shouldn’t TRUST there is GOODNESS in the world?

Maybe… Donna Rotunno has NEVER been invited anywhere by a man so she just doesn’t understand that women NEVER EXPECT TO BE RAPED. Women never CONSENT to RAPE.

Her CHEESY argument is ridiculous folks……

She believes women put themselves in positions to be RAPED AND VIOLATED. So she says….too justify representing THE SCUM OF THE EARTH.

Donna Rotunno, who’s found her niche….to be rich!

I for one think Donna Rotunno LOVES walking into to court next to her victim, poor hobbling penis/vagina Harvey Whine-stein.

~”He wanted a woman,” Rotunno told Insider, unbothered. “The optics of it are just different, a woman walking in with him.” Every day since the beginning of the trial on January 6, she’s been photographed in designer heels towering over her client, who trudges in and out of the courthouse hunched over his walker.~

I think UGLY Donna, walking in with HOBBLED HARVEY, whom we ALL KNOW raped hundreds of women whom he had POWER OVER, is just fine with committing fraud making HARVEY LOOK LIKE A FRAIL SOUL.


Donna Rotunno’s FREAK SHOW!

I’m guessing her designer heels she can now afford are SIZE 12. But SHE CAN AFFORD THEM!!!

Donna Rotunno has it ALL JUSTIFIED in her head…………..


  1. Vyom SM says:

    She is definitely being paid big. Seems like money can get her say anything one would want to.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Donna Rotunno is a GROSS woman filled with resentment for what she is, a women. She looks HARD AS NAILS and I am so happy I am not her. All the money in the world wouldn’t put me in a courtroom defending the WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH. We know where Donna Rotunno stands on this worldwide battle of GOOD vs. EVIL.

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