Does Geraldo Rivera Play Both Sides of the Fence? Pals with John Paul DeJoria.

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February 3, 2020
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Does Geraldo Rivera Play Both Sides of the Fence? Pals with John Paul DeJoria.

I respect those that STAND FOR SOMETHING, are loving, and caring to others, respectful, loyal and true!

I am not sure who Geraldo Rivera is as he often plays both sides of the fence?

For a moment you may think he is one of the good guys….. but then he switches it up before your eyes.

Is Geraldo Rivera another MEDIA FRAUD?

Does he get paid TO NOT REPORT A STORY…’s called CATCH AND KILL?

At one time, before I left my abusive relationship to Richard Zona Jr., Geraldo Rivera seemed sincere about domestic abuse, when Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered.

He appeared to fight for the TRUTH and help expose the abuse Nicole Brown Simpson endured being a victim in her relationship with O.J Simpson.

But then…..he pals around with the SCUMBAGS, JOHN PAUL DEJORIA and eloise (purposely uncapitalized.)

Who is Geraldo Rivera? He can not play both sides of the fence.

As a reporter you’d think he would know about John Paul DeJoria, and the purported BIG TIME FRAUDS. (Magreb Petroleum, Nordaq, Virtual Piggy/Rego, Latitude Solutions, DeJoria’s Diamonds, Five Star Entertainment and more…..?

As a reporter you’d think Geraldo Rivera would know the pattern of John Paul DeJoria’s partners dying, or suffering arrests, once the money is made and he has used them to work for him as a flying monkey?

As a reporter you’d think Geraldo Rivera, once exposing the domestic abuse of Nicole Brown Simpson, wouldn’t pal around an EVIL man like John Paul DeJoria/”GANG”/criminal affiliates, as they have harassed, threatened, terrorized, silenced, used corruption, legally abused, abused, and EVEN HACKED MY BLOG, TWO WOMAN THAT DID NOT NEED IT. (Myself, AND CARLY SINGER/LATITUDE SOLUTIONS)

Geraldo Rivera can not play both sides of the fence and if he does, we can call SELFIE GERALDO nothing but a FRAUD.


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Money talks for them

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