A Ghislaine Maxwell Type (Grossly Desperate) – She Went Down.

Enjoy the Weekend! Live A Little! Love the World A Lot!
January 17, 2020
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January 21, 2020
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A Ghislaine Maxwell Type (Grossly Desperate) – She Went Down.

What a weekend!! Have I survived abuse and recovered in the most excellent of ways…..I have!

To the amazing people in my life that bring me so much JOY!! I LOVE YOU (Very grateful). Trust me…I lived to the MAX this weekend:)

And although, for the most part I put the worst people in the world…..the cons, frauds, and abusers out of my world this weekend…some how, some way, the reminders come streaming back.

Unfortunately I encountered a Ghislaine Maxwell type this weekend .

Yes, I encountered, a low class, trashy woman, that is so DESPERATE for a man’s attention that the woman will commit trashy, disrespectful, and abusive acts just to cozy up to an EVIL MAN.

It happened to me this weekend….I recognized her as a Ghislaine Maxwell type and TRUST ME PEOPLE SHE WENT DOWN.

Did I STOOP to her level. No I did not.

Instead I handled it and my amazing friends handled it. JUST LIKE THAT! She was OUTTA THERE.


Here I was at a FINE ESTABLISHMENT with my great group of friends. Champagne, a beautiful dinner, dancing, it was a fun fun night. Now I am an empath, probably due to the abuse I have survived, but I noticed the table next to ours and I just FELT DARK ENERGY. My eyes are ALWAYS AWARE of my surroundings. The table next to mine WERE NOT LIFE HAPPY PEOPLE. I WAS AWARE OF IT. I observed ONE INTOXICATED BLOATED FEMALE at this table of ALL MALE DARKNESS.

I often wonder how any trash/evil would be attracted by my light…but it is almost like a magnet to me.

This drunken, bloated, Ghislaine Maxwell type, without any conversation with me, whom I never met, or had ever given attention of any sort….got up from her table, came over to me, and quickly buried her face in my cleavage.

Truthfully, she assaulted me…she touched me without my permission, my SPACE IS MY SPACE, attempted to abuse me, and the EVIL part was she did it to get the attention of the fellow TRASH/EVIL all men group she was with. She did it, her attempt to abuse me, to make them laugh or get a rise out of them… to get attention for herself.


I don’t think she had much time to think about her abusive acts as within thirty seconds she was being escorted out of the FINE ESTABLISHMENT by security, drunken and bloated, and trying to explain her assault of me.

At one point, being THROWN OUT by security, I heard her drunkenly attempt to justify and say “I would put my head in the cleavage of my best friend.”

Abusers always try to justify their evil actions. Remember Ghislaine Maxwell saying “These girls are nothing.”

It was the ONLY WORDS I uttered out of my mouth ” Lady, your not my friend and NEVER will be.”

THE WORLD, INCLUDING THE FINE ESTABLISHMENT, has ZERO TOLERATION, for trashy, low level, disrespectful to humanity, women or men that are GHISLAINE MAXWELL TYPES.

Tossed out on the curb she was!!!!


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Seems like you had a great time! Life is better when you have a great group of friends, isn’t it?
    I’ve been a frequent visitor of your blog lately, definitely waiting for your next one.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      When you leave abuse you feel very alone. Gaining, after leaving, tight knit friendships have been a gift. The happiness I feel to be surrounded by loving, caring, compassionate human beings that are truly amazing friends that love and protect me and yet are FUN is overwelming. It is a far cry from being in bed with an EVIL husband at night, (Richard Zona Jr.) and having him attempt to abuse me ….every night without fail. Thank you for reading my blog/diary as I have noticed your loyalty….and I have also noticed your compassion for the world:) If you have compassion we need more of you!!:)

  2. Vyom SM says:

    Thank you, for fighting justice against these abusers and evil doers and for exposing these people, where many tend to sit back watching these abuse, not many have the courage to expose these corrupt people knowing this also involve risking their own life. Once again, thank you and stay strong.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      No way could I look the other way….When you look the other way you invoke EVIL and become part of it. I can not sit still and have others hurt like I have been. I never want anyone to live my life. No one should have abuse in their life, ever, as the effects are life long. If I can stop it with my limited resources, as they have stolen everything from me……I WILL!

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