Haddon, Morgan, Foreman PC are TAKING THE MONEY? FOLLOW THE MONEY?

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January 11, 2020
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January 14, 2020
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Haddon, Morgan, Foreman PC are TAKING THE MONEY? FOLLOW THE MONEY?

Oh boy DO I KNOW THIS STORY! A victim of abuse being run over by SCUM attorneys to silence them. Legal abuse, harassment, and legal terror is what these lawyers get paid for.

Since I left my abusive marriage to Richard Zona Jr., along with John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates, FIVE ATTORNEYS HAVE BEEN PAID TO SILENCE ME. Obviously, BIG MONEY has been paid to legally abuse, silence, and harass me as EVIL has sent in FIVE! We are talking FIVE RETAINER FEES TO BEGIN WITH and countless overpaid hours to the biggest scumbag lawyers on earth to silence me!

~ Maxwell remains firmly in hiding, being protected by a number of pals, but still retains a number of high-paid lawyers doing her bidding in court. As prosecutors weigh criminal proceedings against Jeffrey Epstein’s former alleged madam, a legal fight wages on. Her team will appear before Judge Loretta Preska on Thursday and go up against a lawyer for Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who claims she was recruited by Maxwell to be Epstein’s sex slave and trafficked to Prince Andrew and other high-profile men.

McCawley said: “Ghislaine Maxwell might be MIA, but her lawyers know where to find her. For five years her lawyers have worked aggressively to conceal the central role we maintain Maxwell played as Epstein’s co-conspirator and the devastation they brought upon the lives of countless young girls and women. Much of the story remains untold.” Sources close to Giuffre say she’s “very hopeful” the government has expressed ­interest “in pursuing those who helped facilitate Epstein’s crimes.” ~

“WORKED AGGRESSIVELY” are key words for the scum bag lawyers of the world, who CHOOSE to protect the scum of the world. (Ghislaine Maxwell)

But wait a minute! Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t have a job! She gives FREE blow jobs to George Clooney in public bathroom stalls and has lived off promoting sexual abuse of children and Jeffrey Epstein for years.

Where DOES ALL THIS money come from to hire these EVIL CHOOSING attorneys?

Who is paying Haddon, Morgan, Foreman PC for Ghislaine Maxwell?

Trust me, EVIL lawyers WILL NOT CHOOSE EVIL FOR FREE. And they will not help the GOOD, TRUTHFUL, and RIGHT for FREE.



  1. Vyom Sm says:

    Wow that was fast! But the sad part is that we might never get to know those who are paying these attorneys to save this evil woman! Maybe relatives, partners in crimes or even something bigger!

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Partners in crime for sure! Something BIG for sure! Maybe, some family members are even partners in CRIME? Sometimes, CRIME AND ABUSE RUN RAMPANT IN FAMILIES. Quite a bit information is out there on her siblings and father. Actually, ANYONE helping this woman is COMPLICIT with PURE EVIL on this earth. However, I have my suspicions as to who and why these SCUMBAG ATTORNEYS are doing all they can to protect EVIL. FOLLOW THE $$$$.

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