Mike Meldman, I Am Worried about the Company He keeps (John Paul DeJoria)

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December 27, 2019
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December 31, 2019
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Mike Meldman, I Am Worried about the Company He keeps (John Paul DeJoria)

I’m a caring human being even though I am STRONG about fighting back against abuse, fraud, and the mistreatment of any human being.

I am worried about developer and tequila extraordinaire Mike Meldman. I know many developers, but, Mike Meldman runs with a very questionable crowd.

Somethings not right….. you see I have known many a men to go down when their egos did them in.

They call Mike Meldman “the party boy of developers.” (Kind of gross at his age) I am concerned he is running with the WORST crowd.

And I FEEL STRONGLY his VERY LARGE tequila sale is just fishy. It smells very bad. I’m not going to name it, in case Mike Meldman is a bad, bad, man too – as I don’t want to be Oprah and tout “MY FAVORITE BAD THINGS.” (John of God)

But what troubles me is I recently saw an image of Mike Meldman and John Paul DeJoria at a recent event together. And low and behold……they are attached in business as well.

~ β€œIn collaboration with the DeJoria family, Discovery Land Company/Mick Meldman will focus all of its resources to assist in the immediate rebuilding of infrastructure and to helping the people of Barbuda with the essential facilities and resources on which their lives depend. (Tracy Zona calls bullshit!)

The people of Barbuda are the core of our project, so their needs must come first,” said Michael S. Meldman, Chairman and CEO of Discovery Land Company. The partners will provide immediate aid, bringing heavy equipment to the island to assist in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts. ~

A CARIBBEAN ISLAND……one like Jeffrey Epstein’s? We should watch this close.

I feel Mike Meldman is unsmartly overlooking some of John Paul DeJoria’s imprisoned and DEAD business partners.

Dumb move…….Mikey! You can’t be so desperate for money to get involved with DeJoria TRASH.

Speaking of Mike Meldman just HOW DID he make so much money on a tequila with the savior of Sudan (LOL) George Clooney! (Just like Oprah, a savior, don’t believe it)

I certainly have more questions than answers but I’m running 100 percent folks….100 PERCENT!!!!

John Paul DeJoria, AND making bank on a sub par tequila? Like John Paul DeJoria did? Hmmmmmmmm…..

I’m worried about Mike Meldman as I feel he is IN DEEP and OVER HIS HEADπŸ™‚


  1. Vyom SM says:

    Just researched a bit on George Clooney. He also seems like a shady guy.

  2. Vyom SM says:

    I think this video will try explain what i meant

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Woweee, truly a bad bad egg……So many are just SHILLS. Can you IMAGINE being a nobody/somebody your whole one life to be a SHILL for another? Sick existence!!!! No excuse though……. Thank you for your research on George Clooney….I’d HATE to be AMAL Clooney. Shills are LOSERS.

  3. Vyom SM says:

    I dont think Amal is a saint,i think this is only a small part of a bigger picture.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Far from a Saint…..most of these wives are complicit in EVIL. Look at eloise DeJoria (purposely uncapitalized) touting fraudulent companies for her husband John Paul DeJoria!

  4. Chris says:

    Mike Meldman is a bad man all on his own. Slept w/ so many women that work for him. Ones he didn’t sleep with, he pimps out to his friends and clients. He is a misogynist through and through. Not to mention a shady businessman. when people want to sell to get out of his properties he makes it very difficult.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I figured that, that their bromance was based on EVIL. Truly, GROSS. Self benefiting for nefarious reasons. Very suspicious, TEQUILA FRAUD (?), and all……Thank you for reading my blog:) Welcome!!!

  5. Mike says:

    Guys no shit…. The only reason men work and make money is to fuck girls. Where is the surprise here? Anyone that doesn’t know this is an idiot, sorry.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      No idiots here….just SMART PEOPLE THAT HAVE HIGHER STANDARDS….which you apparently don’t have. VERY SHALLOW…I don’t have much hope you can raise your vibration. P.S. I feel sad for you that, apparently, you’ve never experienced REAL LOVE. Some men, would want pure love from a woman, adoration, and respect, because they are a good man. IT REALLY EXISTS. AGAIN THINK HIGH STANDARDS….HELLO! You don’t PASS PEOPLE AROUND! P.S. NO CLASS IN SCOTTSDALE, I SEE…..NO IDIOTS HERE. I like Scottsdale…..I’ve only met nice people in SCOTTSDALE that value humans, unlike you.

  6. Mike says:

    The wives and girlfriends know this and get a lifestyle they could never earn. Fuck I would let my wife bang whomever she wants as long I knew that from the beginning and lived the life of a billionaire. The wives/girlfriends fuck around also.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Honestly this comment is disgusting. I once too lived in a million plus home over looking the Pacific ocean and I could NEVER go back and sell my SOUL. AND DIDN’T. Your sad……WHAT EVERYONE REALLY WANTS AND DESPERATELY NEEDS, is LOVE, CARE, KINDNESS, and RESPECT. Your a BI PRODUCT OF THIS EVIL. Sorry DUDE! Higher love feels better, and is better for your soul. Being a SELL OUT won’t fit in to the NEW WORLD….you’ll be left behind.

  7. Mike Williams says:

    Tracey, I didn’t mean EVERY woman that is married to a rich man. If you think these women didn’t have any idea the type of men they were marrying you are wrong.

    For example, Mike has two ex-wifes, do you think the next girl is not asking questions or is not going to find out about their lifestyles through newly obtained couples/friends.

    JPD has had many girlfriends in different states for years.

    Once these girls feel like it’s time and they get enough money they move on.


    Also, I am not one of these men, I am just stating facts and facts don’t have feelings.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Wow! Real conversation…I like this! I lived amongst this lifestyle in Laguna Beach. After growing up in a loving, happy, secure, family, and then living in Laguna Beach, being quite wealthy, was the unhappiest years of my life. Everyone around me SOLD THEIR SOUL. I agree men and women, both! But if EVERYONE, backs away from it, this trash level, and reaches for the stars……and doesn’t settle…..like me….maybe….we can have a more loving, kinder world! I wish for that. For everyone. P.S. My story? Most of it has been written on these pages. I made hard choices? Sacrificed the riches? And more? But I can tell you my blog journey has been very rewarding to my heart and soul! Honestly, the world is changing. Scum buckets will not thrive anymore. I just can not believe any depth or fulfillment can be obtained in an environment you describe.

  8. Mike Williams says:

    Please give me YOUR definition of “Sell Their Soul” so we can have an educated conversation. Do you mean rip people off or work 24/7 and not spend time hiking every day and enjoying life?

    • Tracy Zona says:

      Throughout my blog I have set forth examples of those whom have SOLD THEIR SOULS. Working hard is GREAT for the SOUL. Selling a piece of yourself for money is not. Ripping people off is soul selling and EVIL, you’d be a FRAUD….working HARD with integrity is not. Women selling their pussy to men they don’t LOVE is soul selling. Men that take advantage of women, fully knowing they pay for nothing, as they get no LOVE, or RESPECT, by doing so, sell their souls too. It’s a circle of FRAUD. NOBODY WINS! It’s disgusting and GROSS HUMAN BEHAVIOR. AND A GROSS EXISTENCE. You can be an utterly COOL HUMAN BEING :), ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST, HAVE FUN, WORK HARD….without selling your soul or selling yourself short. I could have stayed in my FRAUD MARRIAGE perched over the PACIFIC OCEAN, that was AWFUL, if I just played the GAME. My upbringing wouldn’t allow my heart to do it. I AM HAPPY AND FREE. Any man, billionaire, millionaire, or poor pauper, who thinks his wife can be passed around, and the women that agree to it, all tatted up, are TRASH….BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE. P.S. AND if you SIGN UP KNOWING SOMEONE IS A FRAUD, AND PURE EVIL, AND HAS DONE HORRIBLE ACTIONS, looking the other way to MAKE MONEY, is soul selling too! You can do business with GOOD PEOPLE instead of THUGS.

  9. Mike Williams says:

    I completely agree….. and I have never read your blog. BUT as I was saying THESE women know what they are getting into. THEY are selling their SOULS. The evil as you say was already present and I hardly believe these women are so stupid they didn’t know. If you suggested they didn’t you are not giving women enough credit.

    The real question is why do these women marry these men after they know what is apparent. BLAME the women NOT the men. These men are not hiding anything. It would be like a man marrying an escort and then acting surprised by her future actions.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      I have EVIL women through out my blog! I am not soft on women, at all. Because I am one, probably even harder on women. I wrote a book, the first time I had written in years, when I left Laguna Beach. What I saw was disgusting….one woman, my neighbor, in THREE ARCH BAY, in Laguna Beach, had the police at her home, twice a week. Her WEALTHY/NOT WEALTHY FRAUD HUSBAND would beat her every time the two took a drink. (NIGHTLY) I asked her once why she stayed…her answer was “WELL, I HAVE TO LIVE IN LAGUNA BEACH.” Know…..I HATE hypocrisy coming out of male and FEMALE. I’m just calling it out…..hoping people see the devastation they are causing on their own souls and the world….it’s like a giant cancer or tumour. Just because a woman will sell her pussy to a man doesn’t mean a man without integrity, or regard for humanity, should run and put it in!

  10. Mike Williams says:

    So I think we might be saying the same thing. The women are to blame here not the men. Women put out the bait and they know men will bite. Women know they have the power of the P., let’s be honest. I think you might be trying to solve an issue that is not solvable. If these women had THEIR own money they would NEVER marry or date these men. Most likely would NEVER marry and just play with young studs as you have seen in plenty of examples of women with money.

    Women are to blame because they hold the power and they engage in the GAME. If they didn’t play there would be no game to be played but they sell their pussy for money and to be honest I would maybe do the same. You can marry more money in one day than make in a women’s 100 lifetimes and most men and women are about themselves when it comes down to brass tax.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      No we are not saying the same thing. Women are not to blame. Both are, at times. Men can make their own choices. To be a scumbag or not? To be a man of honorable integrity or not? To hold out for true love, caring, and respect or not, from a woman that truly loves them? All I will agree on is EVIL is a two way street. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you eat it. Sorry…sleazy men do not get off that easy. Either way it’s a soulless, unhappy, connection. Instead of a higher love…and if sex is all that matters to you, then higher love sex feels better than that sleazy shit. Too bad if you don’t know that. It’s lower vibrational. You may not be able to see it, but after I left abuse, I have the ability to see someone’s soul. Soul less humans are lost souls…looking for a refill of a hole never fillable. It’s disgusting…male or female. It occurs in both sexes. REAL LOVE RULES!

  11. Mike Williams says:

    Tracy unfortunately not EVERYONE can be in the perfect loving relationship. I would go as far as saying maybe 10% are happy, considering the divorce rate, etc. Love is messed up just like politics, crime, and anything else you can think of.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      That is because many have chosen to be COMPLETE TRASH APPLES, instead of choosing to be a class act, full of love, and to just be DECENT, to everyone! And do not say it is hard to do. I do it everyday. I STAND UP TO THE TRASH APPLES and treat all the rest like GOLD! I’m doing my darndest to CHANGE THAT HORRIBLE TREND. I will keep at it until the end……:) ANYONE can make their life what they want it to be. I am rather curious….how you found my blog? Why your set on the world being garbage? I know you have justified married wealthy men and women to treat one another as if they don’t matter…..I hope you find your way out of the dark world….I have.

  12. Mike says:

    I have done business with one of the two men you mention on this blog.

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