Abuser/Rapist Harvey WHINE-STEIN (Weinstein) is Whining Again.

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December 16, 2019
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December 17, 2019
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Abuser/Rapist Harvey WHINE-STEIN (Weinstein) is Whining Again.

A few weeks back I blogged that Prince Andrew needs to “shut the fuck up” and now I must say the same to growing uglier by the day, Harvey Weinstein.

The abuser/rapist needs to UNDERSTAND he destroyed his legacy…YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK. You will die, someday, disgraced forever. No one cares about your career legacy. Your a MONSTER.

I have found from my ex abuser ex husband Richard Zona Jr. a MONSTER of this type will NEVER accept responsibility or apologize to a victim. Richard Zona Jr. didn’t, Bill Cosby didn’t, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t, and Prince Andrew didn’t. How can we expect a MONSTER to stop being a MONSTER, even for a moment? Pure EVIL will never have a moment of humanity. EVER. As someone once said to me “Tracy, Richard Zona Jr. will never do the right thing.”

And that is one reason I will never STOP WRITING ABOUT IT. EVER. I, Tracy Zona, will NEVER LET YOU OFF THE HOOK.

So here we have UGLY Harvey complaining about how far he has fallen. OMG! It is very predictable behavior. (A pattern exists among MONSTERS)

~ In his first interview in over a year, the disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein called himself a “forgotten man,” saying that he should be remembered for the opportunities he provided to female actors and directors, rather than for the allegations of sexual assault lodged against him. He added: “My work has been forgotten.~

However, since atypical abusers can only think as a narcissist for themselves and not for the women they scar for life, an immediate response was countered by the victims. No GASLIGHTING HARVEY, we now see right through it.

~ On Sunday night, 23 women who have accused Mr. Weinstein of sexual misconduct — among them, the actresses Rosanna Arquette and Ashley Judd — released a statement saying that he was “trying to gaslight society again.”

Mr. Weinstein “says in a new interview he doesn’t want to be forgotten,” the statement added. “Well, he won’t be. He will be remembered as an unrepentant abuser who took everything and deserves nothing.~

WHINE, WHINE, WHINE WHINE-STEIN (Weinstein) as it is exhilarating and rewarding to watch EVIL lose it all.

KARMA”S A BITCH!! So they say…..

Who is next to lose their legacy.

Mmmmmmm maybe John Paul DeJoria?

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