Ghislaine Maxwell – Horrifying Details of Abuse. Evil in Perspective.

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December 14, 2019
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December 17, 2019
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Ghislaine Maxwell – Horrifying Details of Abuse. Evil in Perspective.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Fairchild Archive/Penske Media/Shutterstock (6049363af) Ghislaine Maxwell Calvin Klein Human Rights Campaign Event, New York

When I began my blog I decided I was going to speak of abuse the way it is. No holds barred. The world needs to know exactly what victims suffer, who the abusers are, and how they abuse. If an abusers secrets are exposed the power of their abuse disappears.

Besides….abusers should not get away with abuse. This is what these horrible humans are capable of. Why would anyone keep anything a secret for EVIL. An abuser will only continue to abuse.

My ex husband abuser Richard Zona Jr. would attempt to demand for me to “lick his ass” while he held my court appointed money. It was my money and his sexual abuse demands always escalated when family support was due. Richard Zona Jr. WANTED to make our children’s lives miserable when they with their mother. (Me.) He set out to make my life away from his abuse as difficult as he could possibly make it. And trust me, he succeeded, in prolonging my ability to begin again. Again, this was constant attempted abuse after I left my abusive marriage as he continued financial control for years. Richard Zona Jr. was Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde.

Sometimes, with all the amazing, kind, loving people in my rebuilt life, I still revert back to thoughts of his unmerciful abuse of me. It haunts my thoughts. But yet drives me to expose it no holds barred.

In an abusers mind they find some justification for their EVIL.

It makes me wonder how this disgusting human being, Ghislaine Maxwell, a grown devil woman, could justify putting on a strap-on and abusing a teenager girl. (It is reported)

How could one human being do this to another, let alone a child? Truthfully the answers do not matter.

Nothing on this planet can explain the horrific abuse being purged around the world. Except EVIL.


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