VULGARIANS! Weinstein, Epstein, and Frumpy Maxwell.

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December 8, 2019
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December 10, 2019
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VULGARIANS! Weinstein, Epstein, and Frumpy Maxwell.

A picture tells a story. Seriously, at a royal birthday for Prince Andrew’s DAUGHTER, the “DOTARD” with a miserable existence (Prince Andrew), invited the SCUM OF THE WORLD.

I have been writing for YEARS about the HUMAN SCUM that attaches itself to an abuser. This picture is certainly proof of all I have been revealing and helped make my abuse horrific..

Imagine that, rapist Weinstein, Epstein, pedophile rapist abuser, and the frumpy desperate and EVIL Ghislaine Maxwell (She gives blow jobs in public toilets) attending Prince Andrew’s daughter’s birthday party.

“Thanks Daddy for inviting the WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH TO MY PARTY! And putting my chances of being raped at nearly 100 percent! What a DADDY!”

It was suggested Michael Jackson, another pedo, was there too! ROYAL TRASH.

I am so happy I am not wealthy, trashy, and EVIL. I would not want to be a royal princess for anything in the world. VULGARIANS.

This was a birthday party I AM GRATEFUL I wasn’t invited too…………..

This picture hits home as THE WORLD’S SCUM I have encountered that is connected to my ex abuser, (Richard Zona Jr.) too! (Felons, frauds, cons, satanic priestesses(?), and pedo moving accomplices)

Happy Monday World……

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