Tequila and FRAUD? We Should Ask Mahesh Madhavan/CEO Bacardi? George Clooney?

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December 6, 2019
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December 9, 2019
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Tequila and FRAUD? We Should Ask Mahesh Madhavan/CEO Bacardi? George Clooney?

Happy Sunday …folks. My weekend felt like PURE LOVE. Nothing or no one could stop my GLORIOUS WEEKEND…..never sell your soul!

Welcome Quintana Roo! And the Phillipines WOW! Such the readers of MY blog!!

Let’s talk about Tequila!

I’m going out on a limb because my instincts have been 100 percent thus far to say SOMETHING STINKS IN TEQUILA.

Why would Mahesh Madhavan give John Paul DeJoria billions for a has been tequila? Was he afraid of John Paul DeJoria who is reportedly a “GANGMEMBER” but also purportedly a Satanic High Priestess in Texas? Was Mahesh Madhavan covering for Bacardi after John Paul DeJoria’s partner was found DEAD at the bottom of a staircase in Antiqua, and Bacardi and John Paul DeJoria swooned in? It is definately interesting.

I have a bone to pick with the PUSSY, Mahesh Madhavan/CEO Bcacardi, because he knowingly ignored the terror, harassment, legal abuse and threats I have received from John Paul DeJoria/affiliates. I, personally, think he is ROTTEN for Bacardi.

Mahesh Madhavan/CEO Bacardi looked the other way on horrific abuse of a woman – me. And Mahesh Madhavan/CEO Bacardi looks the other way on India, his native land, that is the WORST in treatment of woman in the WORLD. Just the other day a woman was set on fire for reporting her tragic rape. (Horrific)

But let us not just single out Patron. I am here to mention something is fishy about George Clooney’s, Casamigo’s, too.

700 million…I don’t think so. I have done a lot of research…..something STINKS IN TEQUILA LAND!

Hate to break it to you but GEORGE CLOONEY IS A TOTAL SCUMBAG. Apparently, he gets pleasure from blow jobs from non other than Jeffrey Epstein’s flying monkey and fellow abuser,, Ghislaine Maxwell, in restrooms.

HOW COULD ONE STOOP SO LOW? You will have to trust me for now, George Clooney is bad bad news.

And last but not least….. Scott Woolley, written about MANY times on my blog, prior to his arrest. Scott Woolley has pleaded guilty. Remember, boy he spent years by John Paul DeJoria’s side.

~ While Woolley was indicted on three counts of wire fraud and nine counts of bank fraud in connection with $900,000 of transfers from Aubio, as part of the plea deal he admitted only to pocketing $500,000, court records show. Federal prosecutors are also in the process of seizing Woolley’s home on Bridlewood Circle.
Woolley, who counted Boston Red Sox owner John Henry as a friend and former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino/FIVE STAR ENTERTAINMENT (another fraud) as a business partner, teamed up with DeJoria on other ventures over the years.

More recently, he convinced Marino to be both a pitchman and a partner in Rock N Roll Tequila, alcohol served in guitar-shaped bottles.~

Rock and Roll Tequila, hmmmm……Another Tequila!!!!

What do you think it is folks, TEQUILA AND FRAUD?

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