The OC, Is a Sick Toxic Haven of Affluence – I Called It Again!

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December 1, 2019
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December 4, 2019
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The OC, Is a Sick Toxic Haven of Affluence – I Called It Again!

I wrote a book about the darkness I experienced in Laguna Beach (OC). It is available on Amazon:) It was the day I began coming back to me after years of abuse at the hands of my ex Richard Zona Jr. Honestly, the book is far from perfect. The first words I had written in twenty five years because I was an abused zombie. It is not perfect…..the emotion flowing out of me of the darkness I saw and lived in Laguna Beach (THE OC) for fifteen years. I wrote it in one afternoon. I make no apologies for it’s imperfections because it was the first time, after years of secret abuse, I became brave and strong and wrote the TRUTH. It was at the beginning of my journey OUT OF HELL.

But I called it and called it right. I lost those closest to me because I wrote the book. I felt compelled even then to stand up for GOOD AND TRUTH in the midst of EVIL, no matter what.

I had angry friends, that were never friends, call me and threaten me about that book. Even though the names had been changed to save the non-innocent. Angry emails and messages bombarded me, just how did they know it was them? Ha! (They knew who they were)

And since I have been right over and over again, as those I have written about have been jailed and arrested. And emails and phone calls (from around the world) have been sent to me…..VALIDATING MY TRUTH from everywhere in the world.

I, Tracy Zona can say I CALLED IT AGAIN. I saw a darkness in the OC I refer to “as the unhappiest place I ever lived.” (Ironic, PEDOPHILE abuse central is there, Disneyland, which calls itself the “Happiest Place on Earth. As well as pedophile abuse central in the Orange County Catholic Diocese.”) Domestic abuse was rampant in the multi million dollar homes we all lived in. The lives women lived to stay there turns my stomach. I took the hard but rewarding road to leave abuse and HELL. Monsignor John Urell, an OC pedophile moving priest, unbeknownst to me at the time, infiltrated my home as well as my abusive ex husband. (leave it to your imagination.) Years later I am proved CORRECT again as this recent sick news story about the REAL OC is now exposed.

I was once again before my time folks………….

~ Women and Children Ordered ‘Like Pizza’—Human Trafficking in Orange County~

“Orange County, California, which boasts a median household income of $86,000, is often viewed as a relatively safe, wealthy, and conservative region, one unlikely to be associated with human trafficking. But research has revealed the county to be a destination for traffickers.”

“This is due in part to Orange County’s tourist attractions, sports venues, beach cities and affluent population,” states the report. “Traffickers bring their victims expecting to have an abundance of customers and higher profits.”

“Kelly Galindo, a professor of film and media arts at Chapman University’s Dodge College, directed an upcoming documentary series on sex trafficking called “26 Seconds.” She visited and filmed sex slave survivors around the globe, including in Thailand, Iraq, Cambodia, India, East Africa, Mexico, and the United States.”

“It may sound strange, but of all the places I have visited, I have been most afraid right here in Orange County — tough pimps and lots of guns,” Galindo said”

“She said local traffickers can quickly and easily earn more money selling young women in Orange County than in Riverside or San Bernardino counties. One can sell a girl here for an average range of between $800 to about $1000 a night,” Tran said. “That’s eight to ten different customers that the girl would be forced to solicit that night.”

Do ya think I care if the OC gets mad at me again for telling the TRUTH? I never wanted to be one of what I lived…I couldn’t sell my SOUL. THE OC HAS BEEN SICK/EVIL FOR A LONG LONG TIME.

My have I grown since the OC DEPLORABLES helped Richard Zona Jr., abuse me, steal from me, and defraud me.


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