Of Course Gummy Tony Robbins is a Dirtbag. (Bromance with John Paul DeJoria)

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November 22, 2019
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November 26, 2019
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Of Course Gummy Tony Robbins is a Dirtbag. (Bromance with John Paul DeJoria)

Goodness I am a smart lady! I called this one several months back! The TRUTH is being exposed AGAIN that “GUMMY” Tony Robbins is a real true TOTAL DIRTBAG.

The clue in for me was John Paul DeJoria and Tony Robbins mutual FRAUD lovefest on Twitter. (A past blog.) FRAUDS OF A FEATHER STICK TOGETHER! “Bad billionaires” they are.

Rumour has it, Tony Robbins is such the despicable human being that he has been thrown out of many golf clubs for his disgusting, rude, behavior.

Most can’t stand the f**king guy. Money earned by FRAUD can not make one a happy decent human being.

Just a miserable f**K!

~ Two former counselors, both adults at the time, said they had spoken to the distraught high school girl (a minor) and reported her claims that Tony Robbins had forcefully kissed and touched her to the camp. The allegations reached cofounders Bobbi DePorter and Eric Jensen, and one of the counselors, Tamara Drean, said that she had told DePorter that the camp had to report the incident to the police.~

~Earlier this year, BuzzFeed News published a series of investigations revealing how multiple former staffers and fans have accused Robbins of sexual misconduct over three decades. Ten women have said Robbins groped them, exposed himself, or sexually harassed them while they were at his seminars or working for him, and nine of them said they were upset by his actions. Other records showed that he had berated victims of rape and domestic violence.~

Of course “GUMMY” Tony Robbins has vomited the words that he will SUE (legal abuse) for simply reporting a TRUE STORY.

That’s how “bad billionaires” keep their crimes on humanity SILENCED.

SUE, SUE, SUE Tony Robbins…. Spend all your FRAUD EARNED money on lawyers to SUE.

The world KNOWS….

Oh the pattern of these awful billionaires!!

Do they have a playbook?

BTW! I had a weekend like no other! Dynamic and F U N. My ONLY irritation was reading more about Tony Robbin’s CLASSLESS, ABUSIVE behavior.

And…I only swear in reference to abusers, frauds, and cons…I am swearing too much of late.

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