John Paul DeJoria – More Questions? EVIL Questions.

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John Paul DeJoria – More Questions? EVIL Questions.

As my readers know this is my day to day diary that began with horrific domestic abuse by my ex husband Richard Zona Jr. It has evolved into more than I bargained for….more abuse, terror, legal abuse, horror, threats, and concerned emails and phone calls from around the world.

As my readers know John Paul DeJoria is connected to my abusive ex husband Richard Zona Jr. through mutual criminal affiliates.

My research on John Paul DeJoria has proved to me he is BEYOND EVIL. It is ALL out there even though GOOGLE attempts to hide it from all of us. You can find it if you search the significant keywords. All of it…..more EVIL than myself or anyone would want to know.

Yet, I have had those tell me, those that have done their own research, they would rather know the EVIL that exists and deal with it, and be aware of it, than not.

I had one woman say after she did her own research that she could not get out of bed for three days as the distraught was overwelming.

Yesterday…since this is MY DIARY that has somehow survived multiple attempts of shutdown due to the EVIL FORCES…I figured I would share my latest incoming email about JOHN PAUL DEJORIA.

~ Ok I’m new to all of this..Are you talking about Paul John Dejoria? The hairdresser? The reason why I am here I guess to get the truth my son is in his school right now, and I watched a video the other day about Paul being a satanic pedophile, is there any truth to that? I’m curious ~

I have not seen the video myself.

Ardmore, Pennsylvania? Back again? Yeah, I guess it’s your TRUTH too. Lived off of pure EVIL…

Interesting, as it would not be the first time my ex abusive husband, Richard Zona Jr., would be entwined with pedophiles, as he had a love fest, literally, with the pedophile enabling priest Monsignor John Urell.

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