Bye Bye Prince Andrew – What A Miserable Existence

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Bye Bye Prince Andrew – What A Miserable Existence

Bye bye Prince Andrew it is PAST TIME for you to COMPLETELY GO AWAY.

Hopefully it is not just for the “Foreseeable future” but FOREVER.

Prince Andrew’s MISERABLE EXISTENCE is not welcome in a world of love, care, compassion, and kindness.

Prince Andrew…..You are dismissed.

~ LONDON — Prince Andrew announced on Wednesday that he would step back from public life, seeking to contain a firestorm over his ties to the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein that threatened to scorch the entire British royal family.~

~ Viewers expressed shock and anger at Prince Andrew’s lack of sympathy for Mr. Epstein’s victims, as well as his unpersuasive denials of sexual misconduct, which included peculiar assertions, such as that he has been medically unable to perspire since his combat tour in the Falklands War.~

Whatever will Prince Andrew do now with his grotesque weenie and the future of a PRINCE’S MISERABLE EXISTENCE?


It is a day of CHEER!

Another abuser and flying monkey Prince Andrew down the shoot to HELL. BOOM! BYE! BYE!:)

*Where is Richard Zona Jr.?

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