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November 13, 2019
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What Is Real? And What Is Not?

~ Always Seek Truth and Transparency~

What is real and what is not?

WOW! My journey, worldwide, via my blog, has deciphered for me what is REAL and what is not. During my abusive marriage to Richard Zona Jr. NOT MUCH was REAL. I was living life as a ghost every single day. I stopped “seeking truth and transparency” during those years. Abuse has a tendency to deaden you. I’m pretty sure that’s what abuse is intended for.

My blog journey has uncovered it ALL. In fact my journey has uncovered more than I bargained for or even knew I could handle. I know more than I ever wanted to know. My marriage to an awful abusive man was a lie…but worse than that was connected to a world that was not REAL. And thank GOD it isn’t REAL because what I discovered was PURE EVIL. I learned, someone else can not seek your own “truth and transparency.” You have to get off your ass and find it yourself.

What was real in those abusive years was the LOVE for my children and the LOVE for my parents.

I was living in the matrix. Not overstated.

That’s not a life….living in the matrix.

My husbands love was not REAL. I was there to be controlled , to be manipulated, to be used, to be abused.
The EVIL priest, Msgr. John Urell that infiltrated my family, wasn’t REAL. Pure evil.
My ex husbands friends were not REAL. Many are criminals. Frauds. Charlatans.
The corrupt attorneys and judges were not REAL. REAL justice meant nothing.
Our money, which was kept from me, wasn’t REAL. (Still today, where is Richard Zona Jr.?)
John Paul DeJoria and ALL his criminal affiliates are not REAL. “Changing the world.” Not.

I could go on forever as it is ALL in my blog. I now know what is REAL and what is not. Do you? Have you done your own homework so that the one life you have isn’t wasted living in the matrix, but rather in REAL LOVE, compassion, and kindness.

Make sure your life is not surrounded with abusers, frauds, and cons like mine once was. I have super powers now…..nothing gets past me. And if you do discover your own matrix? Do not look the other way and be an enabler.

A charlatan is TRAINED to FOOL you.

I am in the REAL. And I still have REAL LOVE for my children, and my parents. But I have REAL LOVE for so much more!:) BIG LOVE! BIG HEART! BIG SOUL!

Thanks for reading! Tel Aviv, Greece, Dusseldorf, Budapest and the WORLD!


  1. Tina Riley says:

    Ok I’m new to all of this..Are you talking about Paul John Dejoria?the hairdresser? The reason why iam here I guess to get the truth my son is in his school right now, and I watched a video the other day about Paul being a satanic pedo, is there any truth to that? I’m curious

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