Vistaprint – Victoria Clifford – In Cahoots With Criminals.

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November 12, 2019
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November 14, 2019
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Vistaprint – Victoria Clifford – In Cahoots With Criminals.

It’s been awhile, although not forgotten or forgiven, of all I have been through as A WOMAN WITH A BLOG. My voice has nine lives! Many degenerates have attempted to shut down my blog about abusers, frauds, cons, and criminals for my ex husband Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria/Criminal Affiliates. My blog has been hacked. Shut down. I have been threatened. I have been harassed, legally abused, corruptly gagged, and terrorized. But my blog is very alive! And as I continue to tell my true story of a life of abuse, many more are telling their own story. It’s changed since my blog began five years ago…..the abusers are getting theirs. The world isn’t keeping secrets anymore.

One of the degenerates is a flying monkey WOMAN Victoria Clifford – Vistaprint. Take a good look at her face because she was in cahoots with criminals. She is owned by Vistaprint, who sadly I am to report (LOL), isn’t doing so well. Its called KARMA BITCH……

Several years back when my website was on Vistaprint, the criminals had her remove my website. Not only was she in cahoots with the criminals but Victoria Clifford and the company Vistaprint treated me like shit. Victoria Clifford and Vistaprint violated MY FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT and broke the laws in the U.S. but worse yet, SHE HELD MY MATERIAL HOSTAGE. SHE HELD MY MATERIAL HOSTAGE FOR THE CRIMINALS. Victoria Clifford is truly a greasy haired piece of work. It took me several weeks, as she ignored my communication, and illegally held my material, to have my voice returned to me. CEO Robert Keane refused to answer my communications….indicating the entire company VISTAPRINT was in cahoots with criminals.

Now that many women flying monkeys, or as I call them flying idiots, have been revealed, (Ghislaine Maxwell, Caryn Zucker, Bonnie Zeldin Rosen, Judy Blossom, Patricia Zona, and more….let’s add Victoria Clifford, VISTAPRINT, to the list of EVIL.

Vistaprint is a BAD BAD COMPANY that is in trouble…….THE COMPANY IS AWFUL. Too bad so sad. (I have reported their antics)

~CEO Keane said those issues were poor customer experience that “lacks personalization and segmentation,” a poor mobile experience, insufficient analytics (for marketing, merchandising and pricing) and outdated “decision-making processes and tools” that led to “decisions that are inconsistent with the creation of intrinsic value.” Keane said~

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