The Forever Repulsive Richard Zona Jr. (My Ex Abusive Husband)

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November 3, 2019
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The Forever Repulsive Richard Zona Jr. (My Ex Abusive Husband)

It has been awhile since I have written solely on the REPULSIVE RICHARD ZONA JR. (My abusive ex husband). Many years have passed since I succeeded in escaping with my life intact, even though he STOLE everything that was mine.

I left with nothing to save my life and the life of my children. It was bad. It continued for years….and even today the coercive control is ongoing.

He can no longer financially control me.

He can no longer force me to have unwanted sex.

He can no longer demand REPULSIVE sexual acts and torture me as I refused to “lick his asshole.”

He can no longer tell me I can not read a book at night because I was required to have forced sex.

He can no longer punch holes in walls because I mismatched a pair of socks. I was perfect out of fear, as the instance of mismatched socks was rare.

He can no longer record every phone call I made to my mother, my brother, or my few friends as my life mostly revolved around his constant needs.

I am FREE of his control, even though he refuses to return what he has of mine. He has destroyed and permanently scarred his family. Only when I die, I believe, that scar will be lifted and not until. Besides the permanent scars he inflicted in his determination to abuse he still owes me what is mine, what he stole, and what he is in contempt of court for.

He has scarred his own family, his flying monkeys, and quite frankly, we all know, he doesn’t care about anyone but the repulsive Richard Zona Jr. He may pretend to care about you but only while you are giving to him more than he will ever give back. He will never ever do the right thing and attempt to right his EVIL wrongs……I know that.

And so, I will continue writing about abuse, frauds, and cons because I am an expert on it due to my many years as his wife.

I will never stop.

Just yesterday I read Denise Brown , Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister say ” we need to talk about abuse everyday.”

And I agree. And I am going to do just that. The effects of abuse on a life is forever. The effects are generational.

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