Jonathan Kendrick. In LA? Do Not Give This Man a Dime!

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October 25, 2019
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October 27, 2019
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Jonathan Kendrick. In LA? Do Not Give This Man a Dime!

Today in my blog/diary I am writing about the bloated HEFTY man on the left in the picture above, with his fellow savages (including John Paul DeJoria), Jonathan Kendrick. As you know in telling my true abuse and defrauded story at the hands of my ex husband, Richard Zona Jr., it has taken me around the world and unfortunately, connected me to the world’s worst creatures. After I was harassed, terrorized legally and corruptly abused, blog hacked, and battling seven low life attorneys to WRITE THE TRUTH by John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates and Richard Zona Jr., I found BLOATED Jonathan Kendrick was connected to them all. I have written previous blogs about Jonathan Kendrick ROK/ROKIT as it appears to be very similar to a long line of accused frauds connected to John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates.

THIS IS AN UPDATE ON THE BLOATED JONATHAN KENDRICK. I do not take kindly that the duo Jonathan Kendrick/John Paul DeJoria, more than likely, sent in Michael Jones ROK 3D, to continue to harass and threaten me.

Jonathan Kendrick hails from England. However, I have it from several England sources (not one, not two, but three) that Jonathan Kendrick is in Los Angeles.


Supposedly he has left England, but sneaks into the country on occasion, because he owes SO MUCH MONEY to those he defrauded in his schemes. Apparently the cycle of FRAUD is extensive in England and he sneaks in and out of the country to avoid all those he has scammed.

He has become a FAT ENGLISH LEGEND, not for his successes, but for his failures. He purportedly has been involved in over two hundred businesses and bankrupted well near one hundred and fifty. All the while living off his investors money and eating and drinking to BLOAT.

Plus the FAT MAN owes me an apology for continued threats and harassment of me as I have a RIGHT TO TELL MY STORY.

And the road leads back to Richard Zona Jr……….who still coercively controls what is mine.

And supposedly Jonathan Kendrick has a nice wife, but I don’t believe it. Many of these woman hang on for the material ride with masks of their own. What kind of woman would condone her man sending in clowns, Michael Jones ROK 3D, to threaten me? (A survivor of abuse telling my true story and hoping the impossible that someday my story will be righted and JUSTICE SERVED.)

THANK YOU WORLD! I keep receiving thanks for my COURAGE to tell the TRUTH. Happy Saturday….have some FUN!


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    You’re not wrong

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