John Paul DeJoria: Arrests and Very Strange Deaths (Irwin Jacob)(Martin Crowley)

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October 12, 2019
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October 15, 2019
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John Paul DeJoria: Arrests and Very Strange Deaths (Irwin Jacob)(Martin Crowley)

John Paul DeJoria and his wife eloise (purposely non-capitalized) leave a very dark black cloud of EVIL connected with all those they affiliate with. Besides the nearly unaccountable amount of stock frauds they have been accused of and in the case of the case of Latitude Solutions, (found guilty of FRAUD by a jury, later winning an appeal after a visit to the Governors mansion), and the numerous ARRESTS of several of their business affiliates over the last year, strangely TWO OF JOHN PAUL DEJORIA’s partners DIED UNDER STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCES. How can THREE ARRESTS of John Paul DeJoria/eloise AFFILIATES, MULTIPLE ACCUSED STOCK FRAUDS, and TWO MYSTERIOUS DEATHS OF PARTNERS be a coincidence?

1.) Martin Crowley, John Paul DeJoria’s partner in Patron was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in Antiqua. Within twenty four hours John Paul DeJoria’s legal abuse team soared in to pressure those grieving into signing documents in his favor of control. Later, John Paul DeJoria was made ambassador to Antiqua.

2.) Irwin Jacobs, pictured above, partner in Genmar, was found dead with his wife.

~Early this year, Jacobs teamed with a Genmar investor, John Paul DeJoria — co-founder of hair-care-products giant John Paul Mitchell Systems Inc. — to buy most of the assets of Minneapolis-based Genmar. They set up J&D Acquisitions LLC, also in Minneapolis.
~Police are investigating the deaths of two people found at a Lake Minnetonka home owned by well-known Twin Cities businessman Irwin Jacobs~

Evil coincidences? Maybe….but I can tell you what is NOT A COINCIDENCE….the terror, threats, harassment, blog hacking, legal abuse, and corruption of TWO WOMEN BY JOHN PAUL DEJORIA/AFFILIATES. Myself and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions.

Does billions buy lawlessness? It is apparent the DeJoria’s care for no one on this planet but themselves. The two believe their billions is all that matters. The two believe they can pounce on two victimized women. The DeJoria’s do not even care about their affiliates/flying monkeys.

Where is Richard Zona Jr. with my money, my jewelry, my car and my marital home?
Maybe someone can ask Cary Glenn/Main Beach Realty where Richard is with all that’s mine that he helped hide? Its a 90% chance the two were on the phone together just the other day…….

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