Is It Game Over For Corrupt Atty Bonnie Zeldin Rosen? Operation Broken heart

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September 27, 2019
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September 30, 2019
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Is It Game Over For Corrupt Atty Bonnie Zeldin Rosen? Operation Broken heart

Attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rosen needs to go down! With her law license she has destroyed lives with life long impact. She has committed fraud with the abusive men that hire her to abuse more. (Richard Zona Jr.) She has negatively impacted children’s lives, destroyed relationships, and has no conscience about it. She uses the police force for her nefarious acts. She aids and abets FRAUD in a family court. Attorney Bonnie Zeldin Rosen and Judge Naughton were the corruption tag team for years in the Orange County Family Court. BUT…… IS IT GAME OVER?

The FBI has launched Operation Broken Heart and is asking for any information anyone may have concerning Family Court Corruption in Orange County.

Recently… Bonnie Zeldin Rosen removed herself from a case. Why would she do that? She loves destroying families in court. Hmmmm….Bonnie Zeldin Rosen is trying to RUN? Bonnie Zeldin Rosen can NEVER HIDE from her EVIL acts and the families she destroyed, with pleasure. Many of us have sent in all our information.

Bonnie Zeldin Rosen continues to tell her client Richard Zona Jr. to remain in contempt of court. Bonnie Zeldin Rosen advises him to break the law.


Let’s hope for JUSTICE!!!

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