“Changing the World” – Bad Billionaires/Shills/ Frauds

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September 25, 2019
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September 27, 2019
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“Changing the World” – Bad Billionaires/Shills/ Frauds

I wish I had ONE DOLLAR for every John Paul DeJoria BULLSHIT video that he claimed his new business was going to “CHANGE THE WORLD.” LOL. The only way we the people can “CHANGE THE WORLD” is if many more of John Paul DeJoria’s criminal affiliates go to prison…or the PROUD “GANGMEMBER” himself! If I had one dollar for every word of bullshit out of John Paul DeJoria’s mouth……I may be able to HIRE HIS LAWYERS, to fight his red phone line to corruption. FRAUD has been the way of the world…corruption, abuse, chaos, cruelty, GREED, and worse. But it ALL is being exposed. Have you noticed? Abusers are being exposed and arrested. Pedophiles are being arrested. CEO’s that commit FRAUD are being taken down.

Slowly but surely JUSTICE IS CATCHING UP.

One by one the “BAD BILLIONAIRES” who say they are “CHANGING THE WORLD” are going down. (We do not WANT FAKE PHILANTHROPY from EVIL, JEFFREY EPSTEIN and MORE.) It is not soon enough for those, like myself, that have been robbed, abused, and defrauded.


Congratulations to the world of LOVE and TRUE PEACE…JUST THIS WEEK!!

EBAY CEO – Stepping Down
JUUL CEO – Stepping Down
WeWork CEO – Stepping Down
Volkswagon CEO – Indicted
Nissan CEO – charged with FRAUD
Comscore CEO – charged with FRAUD

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