Main Beach Realty – Cary Glenn – If It Looks Sketchy….It Is! LAGUNA BEACH

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September 22, 2019
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Main Beach Realty – Cary Glenn – If It Looks Sketchy….It Is! LAGUNA BEACH

I’ve been so very focused on the whole world purging epidemic horrendous abuse, (keep it coming), that I thought I would reflect back on my own abuse story and one of the ORIGINAL FLYING MONKEYS for my ex abusive husband, Richard Zona Jr. BAD BAD MAN. You see Cary Glenn is NOTORIOUS for being the divorce money launderer in the creepy seaside town of Laguna Beach. Cary Glenn was my ex-husbands business partner, two shady abusers, at the time. The cockroach, Cary Glenn, lies in wait for a divorce and then helps the male in the divorce HIDE THE MONEY. He then uses the money to build/remodel homes in Laguna Beach and prosper off of families in demise. I am aware of two families he prospered from and injected himself into, fully contributing to abuse, during divorce in Laguna Beach:

1.) Ralph and Kathleen Balcof divorce
2.) Zona divorce (mine)

But what distinquishes him into being even more a HORRIFIC HUMAN BEING is the enjoyment he received watching Richard Zona Jr. abuse me. At one point he sat in his office laughing and jeering at the abuse of a woman (me).

And, his AWFUL HAIR DYE JOB. Gotta look good to flirt with all those Laguna Beach bank tellers, ya know!! Another act Cary Glenn is notorious for on a daily basis. (Hourly, excuse me!)

An oldy that needed resurrected as Cary Glenn continues to slime his way through life and Laguna!! I have NOT FORGIVEN OR FORGOTTEN.

If Cary has a problem with this very true post maybe he can find Richard Zona Jr., but I doubt it:)

I want what’s mine and was stolen from me! MY MONEY. MY JEWELRY. MY MARITAL HOME. AND MY CAR (stolen by felon charged, used car dirt bag, John Paradise/ Paradise Automotive, San Juan Capistrano.

*Back up to 94 attempts today to try to illegally hack into my blog. ~TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE~

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