Is John Paul DeJoria Exploiting Barbuda? Is He Building a Runway?

September 13, 2019
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September 15, 2019
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Is John Paul DeJoria Exploiting Barbuda? Is He Building a Runway?

As usual if you see FRAUD and CORRUPTION you see John Paul DeJoria! He’s there!!

~ Earlier this month, with almost no international news coverage and with the majority of Barbudans still displaced from the storm, an amendment to the law in question was quietly pushed through the Senate of Antigua and Barbuda — a body dominated by politicians from the wealthier and more populous island of Antigua. If the amendment stands, a tradition of communal land rights that dates back to the abolition of slavery in 1834 — and which has protected Barbuda as a rare beacon of sustainable development in the Caribbean — will be extinguished.

But as news of the change trickles out, Barbudans are fighting back, challenging the legality of the amendment to the Barbuda Land Act. And they say the island’s highest-profile investor, Robert De Niro, stands to benefit most.

“It’s just a scam to take away the land from the Barbudans so they can give it to people like Robert de Niro,” said Mackenzie Frank, a former senator from the island. “Anyone who has beach land is laughing all the way to the bank.”

Members of the Barbuda People’s Movement once again challenged the Paradise Found Act, wary that this one development was a harbinger of a future for their island that would be all about catering to the global yacht-owning set. (Indeed several other high-end developers have pursued similar projects, including John Paul DeJoria, the billionaire creator of Paul Mitchell hair products and Patron tequila, and Peter Virdee, a British real estate developer and solar energy investor, who was arrested last year for allegedly leading a carbon credit fraud scheme.) It did not escape their notice that buried in Browne’s memorandum of agreement with De Niro was a troubling clause, stating that should Barbudan land become available to own privately at any point in the future, the government of Antigua and Barbuda would “facilitate the immediate conversion” of leased Barbudan land to private title.~

Looks like another criminal is exploiting Barbuda too! A fraudster…GO FIGURE! An arrested one.

~ 43-year-old British businessman, Peter Virdee, who was given 1,000-acres of land on Barbuda has been held under a European Arrest Warrant on behalf of German authorities and detained at London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday, in connection with a £100 million VAT scam. Virdee, who is fighting extradition, is expected to face several charges.~


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