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September 11, 2019
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September 14, 2019
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While my abusive ex Richard Zona Jr. is on the run and is determined to leave a lifetime CURSE on his once family, I am at it day after day exposing horrific abuse, fraud, and cons. I have not seen enough of these monsters do their time. WE ARE IN A WAR ON ABUSE….and unbeknownst to some…we are in a fight for our souls. Abuse is fighting the ENEMY WITHIN and it’s the hardest war to fight. The GODLESS DISGUSTING Msgr. Urell is a personal one for me. You see while I was being abused behind closed doors, my ex husband abuser, Richard Zona Jr. and Msgr. Urell were developing a deep bond. I was naive to the evil presence in my home as Msgr. Urell was a frequent invited guest. This Catholic priest, devil worshipper, (no other explanation) came into my home disguised as a man of GOD but he was far from it. I am haunted to this day by this MONSTER whom would move pedophiles around, and deny victims validation to those that came to him with horrifying stories of abuse. Msgr. Urell, like Richard Zona Jr., is a master of deception. I know now their bond, trips to Vegas, nights in the rectory, gifts of expensive watches, was anything but GODLY. My mind races of what the two did together while I was the deceived, believing in good, fooled by evil, wife at home.

*** Interestingly the attempted daily sexual abuse of me, by Richard Zona Jr. escalated after his nights with Msgr. Urell at the rectory. His EVIL escalated when he bonded with Msgr. Urell. I will never know what these two masters of deception did together in Las Vegas and the rectory….and the two masters of deception will never reveal the TRUTH of their combined EVIL.


~Many of the still-alive monsignors, bishops and cardinals involved in California’s part of the pedophile priest problem have never faced prosecution.

The cover-up involved police. In 1984, Oliver O’Grady, an Irish priest working in Stockton, admitted to local detectives that he had molested children. But when lieutenants of Roger Mahony, who was then bishop of the Diocese of Stockton, promised to put O’Grady into therapy and keep him away from children, the detectives halted their investigation. O’Grady went on to assault dozens of children across the Central Valley before he was finally convicted in 1993. By then, Mahony was a cardinal for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, where he presided over more pedophile priests.

People like Mahony live in easy retirement. Rev. Msgr. John Urell, a clergy sex abuse investigator in the Orange diocese as priests were shuffled around and paid to leave the priesthood, sits comfy as pastor of St. Timothy Church in Laguna Niguel.


  1. Joon says:

    Monsignor John is a wonderful person and while he has made mistakes in the past, he is in no way a “devil worshiper.” While I understand your accusations, I believe you have been misinformed and are overreacting greatly. Please do not jump to conclusions regarding your ex’s increased abuse.

    • Tracy Zona says:

      He is NOT a wonderful person. He entered my home like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and was the beginning of the ruination of my family. Made mistakes? He KNOWINGLY moved pedophiles from church to church. And he covered for them. Which ALLOWED FOR MORE CHILDREN TO BE RAPED AND SEXUALLY ABUSED. I have talked to the victims, have you? And as well he went after their families when the families came to him for help. You are seriously in need of research for yourself. I am NOT OVER REACTING STRONGLY ENOUGH. YOU ARE UNDER REACTING. He was a MAJOR part of abuse of children within the church in the OC. And obviously you are clueless as to what has happened to the Vatican since April. I’m sorry to say you have a rude awakening coming. TIME TO WAKE UP and not understate what the CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS DONE TO CHILDREN. The devil doesn’t say “HEY! I am the Devil.” The DEVIL COMES DISQUISED. I know what happened in my own home. I am not angry with your response. I am SHOCKED that you have no idea about the Pope, the Vatican, and Priests like Monsignor Urell. It will be coming to LIGHT, if you refuse to research for yourself. Remember, Tracy told you. #SAVETHECHILDREN.

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