Morally Bankrupt/Equally Evil – Harvey Weinstein and Lisa Bloom

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September 8, 2019
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September 11, 2019
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Morally Bankrupt/Equally Evil – Harvey Weinstein and Lisa Bloom

As painful as it is to hear the epidemic of abuse in our world…IT MUST BE EXPOSED. It is the fastest way to healing and reclaiming your soul. And stopping the EVIL act of future abuse. I am not surprised these two sickos are back in the news on multiple levels today. They belong together, they really do. In a new book out Harvey Weinstein and Lisa Bloom plotted to destroy HIS ABUSE VICTIMS FURTHUR:

~ The book outlines Bloom’s pitch to Weinstein – that she could use her own familiarity with victims to help him discredit women who had made claims against him, including Rose McGowan, according to the report.~

That’s what happened to me already an abuse victim, Atty. Bonnie Zeldin Rosen piled on more abuse and fraud in a court of law, and then ate my kids. (legally. of course, not literally) Victims are re-abused in court, it is a fact

And then the EVIL WITCH charged him OVER $800.00 dollars an hour for her MORALLY BANKRUPT EXPERTISE/PUKE!!

She played both sides with myself and John Paul DeJoria/ affiliates even though she knew I FEARED FOR MY LIFE. And then…she chose to tout John Paul DeJoria’s contaminated products Paul Mitchell/Bocchi labs. Regardless of the possibility of making humans sick. She is ONE SICK WOMAN.

Rose McGowan, I agree with…LISA BLOOM SHOULD BE DISBARRED….ethical standards Lisa Bloom does not exemplify.

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