Yep! That’s Joi (Icky) Ito a Flying Monkey and A FRAUD

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September 7, 2019
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September 10, 2019
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Yep! That’s Joi (Icky) Ito a Flying Monkey and A FRAUD


Gosh I have to say it again. The most disturbing nightmare I lived through leaving domestic abuse at the hands of my ex Richard Zona Jr., was dealing with all the flying monkeys that helped him for a crumb. WHEN A VICTIM IS BEING ABUSED, OTHERS AID THE ABUSER. I have been hit by so many flying monkeys I almost believe it to be a lower form of SCUM than the abuser. (It is a tough call.) The MSM (Main Stream Media) treat LOWLIFE Ito kindly even in the expose’ of the SCUMBAG HE IS. Mr. Ito resigned from MIT…etc. etc. But what is he REALLY? I am glad I am not the MSM because I can say it.

* Joi Ito is the lowest form of humanity.
* He is a college dropout, a bar owner, a FRAUD, and an EVIL illusion.
* Full of bullshit.
* A scumbag beyond repair.
* Fraudulant to go so far as to corrupt donations.
* He aided and abetted a VERY EVIL PERSON, Jeffrey Epstein.
* A former bar owner onto MIT. (LOL)

“Of all the terrible details of the gross fraud that the former head of the M.I.T. Media Lab, Joichi Ito, and his minions perpetrated in trying to cover up donations by Jeffrey Epstein to the high-profile tech research lab, perhaps giving a pedophile a nickname of a character in a book aimed at children was the most awful.
The effort to conceal the lab’s contact with Epstein was so widely known that some staff in the office of the lab’s director, Joi Ito, referred to Epstein as Voldemort or ‘he who must not be named,’ ” wrote Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker, in his eviscerating account of the moral and leadership failings of one of the digital industry’s top figures.”

It’s a pattern of fraud. Low level, uneducated lowlifes, in the highest echelons of our society. Think John Paul DeJoria (Proud GANGMEMBER). Like Icky Ito. Illusions…..

And trust me I do not think an education always guarantees success nor does it decipher between EVIL OR GOOD…. but there is a pattern here folks. That’s important.

The abusers stick together. The scum stick together..and feed off one another like the bottom feeders they are.

And another one comes tumbling down!!!
Happy Sunday!!! Joyous Sunday…let’s call it! Welcome Brittany France… hiding visiting my website?????

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