Once Again Accused of Fraud – Maghreb Petroleum – John Paul Dejoria.

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August 25, 2019
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Once Again Accused of Fraud – Maghreb Petroleum – John Paul Dejoria.

I can’t even go into the legalities of John Paul DeJoria’s FRAUD in Morocco. I am not a lawyer. I do know it has been written about for years. John Paul DeJoria with his billions has leveled his legal abuse team to another victory. It is unfortunate actually…that the courts can not seem to apply justice to this man. (He has that direct line to Washington D.C.) This year, after John Paul DeJoria’s visit to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott he has had several victories justifying his frauds, anyway they can. Deal after deal after deal…..Virtual Piggy/REGO, Nordaq, Latitude Solutions, Five Star Entertainment….I am beginning to believe John Paul DeJoria thinks he can get away with murder. The Moroccans he defrauded were so angry with this low life, monkey, scum…..that he claims that they threatened his life. They sued him. He could not go back to Morocco (so he says) because he feared for his life. (IF TRUE or AN EXCUSE?) and then brought the case to Texas…..where he ALWAYS wins. Did the Moroccans REALLY threaten his life? Or is that a FRAUD as well. He’s squirmy and he’s slimy. They threatened his life hmmmmm….. People do not like it when you commit fraud and STEAL THEIR MONEY, for sure. People do not like it when you harass them, intimidate them, threaten them, or legally abuse them like John Paul DeJoria/criminal affiliates did to me and Carly Singer/Latitude Solutions.

~The case dates to 1999, when DeJoria, a resident of Austin, and Whitney, Texas, oilman Michael Gustin started Lone Star Energy Corp. in Morocco with the help of King Mohammed VI’s first cousin. The enterprise hoped to discover oil reserves in Morocco.

The project had so much promise that the king made a public announcement that the country would soon possess “copious and high-quality” oil that would allow Morocco to be self-sufficient for 30 years.

By 2002, however, the relationship soured: the promised reserves had not materialized. The renamed company, Maghreb Petroleum Exploration, and its primary funder, Mideast Fund for Morocco Limited, ousted and sued DeJoria in Moroccan court.

The lawsuit, which was supported by the Moroccan royal family, alleged DeJoria mismanaged the company and duped the Middle Eastern and Moroccan participants into investing in the venture.

In 2009, a Moroccan court awarded Maghreb the equivalent of $123 million.~

Although the Moroccan Court sued and won, the FRAUD, WEASEL, with an army of attorneys…… said. “I can’t go back there. They will kill me.” Let’s just move this case to the Texas Court.

That’s TWO FOR TWO IN TEXAS! ( THE TEXAS TWO STEP) Latitude Solutions (found GUILTY OF FRAUD BY JURY) and Maghreb Petroleum!

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