Illustrated Properties -Palm Beach Gardens Hired Richard Zona Jr. (ABUSIVE MONSTER)

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August 27, 2019
August 29, 2019
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Illustrated Properties -Palm Beach Gardens Hired Richard Zona Jr. (ABUSIVE MONSTER)

I decided to circle back a bit today and again explain how began. I was a horrifically abused (sexual,financial, and emotional) wife and mother. MY MONSTER WAS MY EX HUSBAND RICHARD ZONA JR. As I was attempting to escape abuse, the abuse escalated and the little madman went into full blown rage. I played dead for a number of years because I had to rebuild my life…..HE STOLE EVERYTHING FRAUDULENTLY. While rebuilding my life, it took years, I left the role of victim and became a SURVIVOR. I remembered all the times I spoke to the police about my abuse…and their answer was keep a diary. THIS IS MY DIARY. Otherwise, my voice went unheard for nearly fourteen years. When I began to journal online, all of the abuse Richard Zona Jr. inflicted on me, I also wrote about his criminal affiliates as they helped him abuse me too. It turns out the criminal affiliates were involved with an entire GANG of very bad criminal associates… my diary is still a diary, but now also exposes ABUSERS, CONS, and FRAUDS. Since 2017 it has been a nightmare….as scores of men and woman from this GANG/criminals have done everything they could to silence my voice. My abuser Richard Zona Jr. has done NOTHING to repair the pure EVIL he has done. He fled California as his true character was now for the world to see. And thank you world for reading and supporting my voice. I am so GRATEFUL. Recently I found out ILLUSTRATED PROPERTIES – PALM BEACH GARDENS HIRED MY MONSTER, RICHARD ZONA JR., as a realtor. I know his flying monkeys, Bob Lynch (Bob knows waterfront and his scumbag wife, Karen Poindexter, previous blog) helped him get hired. But as far as I am concerned ILLUSTRATED PROPERTIES is now a flying monkey to Richard Zona Jr.s theft, contempt of court, abuse, terror, harassment, intimidation, and blog hacking.(a federal offense which occurred in Ardmore Pa.) Some involved have gone to prison, others recently arrested.

ARDMORE, PA. was on my blog today!

Illustrated Properties – Palm Beach Gardens, hired Richard Zona Jr. ABUSER. The company apparently has no problem hiring a man (Richard Zona Jr.) that:

*** Forced sex on his wife, me daily. I was told I could not read a book or watch t.v. after a long day. I HAD TO HAVE FORCED SEX. If I did not, belongings that were mine were taken away, nights out were taken away, holes were punched in walls in our bedroom. He demanded sex acts such as ….”YOU HAVE TO LICK MY ASS”. And when I refused the unraveling of my marriage began.
***Sold my marital home fraudulently with the realtor neighbor next door, Judy Blossom, and signed my name. Just as he did on corporate business papers and other documents. WATCH HIM CLOSE ILLUSTRATED PROPERTIES IF YOU HAD TO HAVE AN ABUSER WORK FOR YOU. He not only defrauded his wife and mother of his two children but he DEFRAUDED TWO BLOOD BROTHERS.
*** Is in contempt of court for our judgement and calculated and dwindled his court ordered payments to me with the demand I GET NOTHING UNLESS HE GETS SEX IN A PARKING GARAGE. Even though his children while with me, their mother, suffered for him not relinquishing MY MONEY. He still owes me seven figures today that he STOPPED PAYING when forced sex was refused.
*** After twenty years together he stole my jewelry, admittedly, and sold it for $3200.00, stole my car in the middle of the night…..and tried to kill me without killing me. FOR YEARS, WHICH HAS CONTINUED UNTIL TODAY.
***He involved multiple people to try to silence me with intimidation, terror, harassment, and blog hacking….criminals, as some are now in jail.
***He is a Mansonlike Master Manipulator and loves to pretend he is a man of GOD…..he used to frequent the pedophile moving priest Msgr. John Urell many a night in the rectory and took trips with him to Las Vegas.

Gosh…I could go on and on…… Richard Zona Jr. has never attempted to correct any of his past evil deeds he just moves from state to state without a conscience.

And BTW I would love to heal my family, BUT……

~Before we can foster healing, we must have truth and justice.~

I have TRUTH just not any JUSTICE. YET.

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