Prince Andrew – PLEASE – Shut the Fuck Up!

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August 23, 2019
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August 27, 2019
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Prince Andrew – PLEASE – Shut the Fuck Up!

Do we believe him world? Nah…we don’t. Not a damn thing can be done about it though, as he hides behind his ROYAL (hmmm) family and his public statements. THEY HAVE THE POWER…the grown ass man can get away with everything. Well almost. You can’t sway the PUBLIC COURT OF OPINION no matter how many statements you put out. Frauds, cons, abusers, and pedophiles are being outed like never before. It goes back to a lesson I learned in high school…”you are whom you hang out with” SO CHOOSE CAREFULLY. Prince Andrew did maintain his relationship with EVIL PEDOPHILE Jeffrey Epstein even after his first arrest. Should we believe the human toad, Prince Andrew, now? My opinion says, hell no! And let’s take it furthur, we all know your going to get away with what you really know and what you really did, legally, even if not in the court of public opinion. So PLEASE do the world a favor…Prince Andrew AND


A screenwriter friend of mine so eloquently explained to me the EVIL BINDING CONNECTION BETWEEN TWO COMPLETELY EVIL MEN. I have experienced it in my life with my EVIL ABUSIVE EX HUSBAND RICHARD ZONA JR. and his best friend of thirty years.

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