How To Spot A Fraud – Jeffrey Epstein – John Paul DeJoria – Richard Zona Jr.

Rich Zona Jr., John Paul DeJoria, Ghislaine Maxwell – They Don’t Care
August 17, 2019
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August 20, 2019
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How To Spot A Fraud – Jeffrey Epstein – John Paul DeJoria – Richard Zona Jr.

FRAUD CAN MAKE BIG MONEY! FRAUD CAN MAKE MILLIONS AND BILLIONS. Especially if it is well crafted. In the last decade FRAUD has been rampant among some of the biggest, carefully crafted, BIG TIME PLAYERS. (“BAD BILLIONAIRES”) In fact, it has been organized. FRAUDS are bad people, BUT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE THEY ARE GOOD. In fact..the hardest job a FRAUD has is making you believe. THEY WILL MAKE YOU BELIEVE. Except FRAUDS make one BIG mistake, as eventually they are EXPOSED. Do not BELIEVE what anyone tells you about themselves, do your research. I HAVE. After being defrauded and abused by Richard Zona Jr. and John Paul DeJoria/affiliates I’m pretty good at this. Several of those I exposed as FRAUDS have now been deemed CRIMINALS. I believe, with the Jeffrey Epstein case in clear focus, many of these BIG TIME ORGANIZED FRAUDS will be exposed. Here are a few tips so you do not worship or fall victim to a FAKE/CRIMINAL

1. The person exhibits exorbitant spending...jets, islands, choo choo trains, multiple homes, ferraris, botox, plastic surgery, THEY JUST KEEP SPENDING!
2. He or she has shady friends and/or family.. I have written extensively about all the FRAUDS/CRIMINALS/ and SHADY CHARACTERS connected to these horrible men. And family……FRAUD runs in families, they teach their KIDS. Gislaine Maxwell’s family DNA is rifed with FRAUD.
3. The person avoids face-to-face conversations and says “fantastic,” instead of just, “good. FRAUDS tell people what they want to hear, or reveal little.
4. He or she thinks they are above the rules Oh boy is this the TRUTH. Epstein, John Paul DeJoria, and Richard Zona Jr. THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT ALL. THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW especially with BIG MONEY because they can buy corruption. Even in Jeffrey Epstein’s final days he was working the system.
5. The person thinks TOO creatively The urge to create something new and different is an urge that can also mutate very easily into fraud if left unchecked.
6. A carefully sculpted image designed to impress beyond reproach. OMG! See through their SHIT! Check out John Paul DeJoria’s Horatio Alger’s BS!

I’m going to take it one step furthur and associate FRAUDS with ABUSE. The stories are unfolding daily. Jeffrey Epstein, John Paul DeJoria/affiliates, and Richard Zona JR. have all participated in ABUSE.

And last but not least a new man with a BIG MONEY company came into the news this weekend. Scott Borgorson/CARGO METRICS. He is connected to FRAUD, ABUSER GHISLAINE MAXWELL, as BIG frauds run their scams with others. I’d bet a million dollars, if I had it, (Richard Zona Jr. defrauded me of all) that CARGO METRICS IS A FRAUD. Probably organized FRAUD….BIG ORGANIZED FRAUD. And you know what else SCOTT BORGESON is…an ABUSER. (Yes, Scott abused his wife unmercifully.) FRAUD. ABUSE. FRAUD. ABUSE. FRAUD. ABUSE. It goes hand in hand.

****SHELL COMPANIES. And more…….can be used for criminal activity and money laundering.


  1. Gary Brandes says:

    Wow,guess you must have been married to that creep. Fraud is ramped in this country, and they are not even looked at until they get caught by the IRS for not paying taxes. There have been many times when I have been approached by one or more of these shady individuals. My heart goes out to you . What goes around comes around. The universe as a whole will see to in the end. They will get their just desserts.

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